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Ideas on blood test results

Grateful for help understanding my latest results which are

1. TSH: 0.45 (range 0.3-4.2). Previous results were: 5.28, 25.94, 2.79, 0.017, 1.09, 4.44.

2. FT3: 4.6 (2.8-6.8). Previous 3.9, 3.5, 5.76, 3.96

3. FT4: 17.13 (12-22). Previous 9.16, 10.46, 20.3, 14.86

4. TG: 152 (0-115). Previous results were 475, 501, 240

5. TPO: 229 (0-34). Previous 273, 175, 117

6. D3: 94 (sufficiency 75-250). Previous 87, 42

7. B12: 626 (211-946). Previous 861, 1134

8. Iron: not tested this time. (6-35). Previous 21, 11, 9

9. Cholesterol 5.69 (3-5.2). Previous 6.16, 5.78, 5.92

10. LDL -C: 3.8 (0-3.3). Previous 4.2, 3.7, 4

11. HDLD: 1.52 (1-1.6). previous 1.65

12. Ferritin: not tested this time. previous was 68 and 69 (20-250)

13. Homocystein: not tested this time, previous was 11.1 (4.3-15.3)

14 Folic: was 33 (7-45)

The above results were taken over the past 12 months about every 2 months.

Am on 125 mcg daily Levo Eltroxin. Previous was 100, 75, 50, 25.

Was diagnosed with Hasimoto's last May 2014. Felt good last summer then in October hit bad patch for 4 months. In last month, March 2015, have felt better. Libido has vanished though. Have been on gluten-free diet for two months.

What do you think the test results show? Will much appreciate any thoughts.

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To add to my question above, I have been supplementing daily with vitamin D3 at 3,000 international units and K2 MK-7 at 135 mcg daily


Adam, Tg and TPO antibodies have come down considerably. Probably due to higher dose Levothyroxine and gluten-free diet.

TSH 0.45 looks good. FT3 4.6 and FT4 17.3 are around halfway through range but will hopefully increase when you are on 125mcg longer.

B12 is dropping but >500 you are unlikely to have neurological symptoms. Supplement 500-1,000mcg daily methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches.

Previous ferritin was low. Halfway throuh range is optimal. Supplement Ferrous Fumarate and take each tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.

Folate (Folic) is good.

Cholesterol is dropping which is also good.

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Thank you very much Clutter. I shall analyse your comments and follow each one carefully, as always. I shall visit my pharmacy for the supplements in the morning. i appreciate your ideas.


Ferritin way too low should be halfway in its range

, whenever your free t3 was 5.76 would have been correct dosage etc

Must be something causing such wild swings


Hi reallyfedup, I shall supplement for low ferritin. Thank you for pointing this out. My kindly doctor accepts test figures if they are within range.

When my FT3 was 5.76, in August 2014, my TSH was 0.017, FT4 was 20.3, D3 was 87, B12 was 861 and iron was 11.

My Eltroxin dosage at that time was only 25 mcg daily but I was supplementing heavily with Thyroid PX (iodine 24 mg and selenemium 400 mcg ) daily, reducing to half that after a few weeks of commencement, and Wyeth TriHemic (Fumarate USP 350 mg and Ascorbic acid 600 mg) daily.


Why did they test homocysteine? It's usually either for Pernicious Anemia or heart disease. Is there some sort of concern about your ticker? Blood pressure okay? Pulse rate? Are you physically active or did this all knock you for a loop?


Hi Gabkad.......I have Homocysteine checked annually and through good treatment with B12 etc it has come down to 8 - best to be around 5 I believe. A better indicator than cholesterol for long-term health I once read....

Glad you are feeling better....


Hi gabkad, I asked for homocysteine test after reading about it here on this website. Glad to hear test result for that is ok. After reading Marz's comment I too shall have an annual test.

My blood pressure is 116 / 80 with pulse of 65. I've had low pressure for some years now. Before it used to be 120-140 / 60-70.

I exercise by fast walking and jogging for 30-45 minutes daily. But this is recent. While always a sporting person in the past and prior to middle age I slipped some years ago into a seditary lifestyle at office and home.


Adam, seeing as how you've been feeling better, probably with more sunshine and outdoors stuff, it should help.


How long have you been on 125?


Hi grey goose, I've been on 125 mcg daily Eltroxin since 14 January 2015, so about 10 weeks. Doctor said 100 mcg and 125 mcg alternate days but I read here to go higher than doctor dosage and went 125 mcg daily.


I would say that the thyroid results show that your thyroid has been failing and you have been increasing your dose of levothyroxine as your thyroid produced less hormone. I am assuming the last one of each series is the oldest? And the TSH result of 25.94 was last October? (no wonder you felt dire). Eventually you should get to the point where your thyroid gives out altogether and your dose of Levothyroxine stabilises. I read somewhere that the dose for a thyroidless person is typically 125-175mcg a day, although it does depend on the individual's weight and probably also on their activity level. (There is a large variation in this figure - some people take as much as 300mcg).

Here's an interesting question - going gluten-free helps reduce the TPO antibodies and therefore slow the destruction of the thyroid tissue, but once the thyroid is dead is there any particular value in continuing it? I have heard that the TPO antibodies then disappear.


Thank you eeng. Yes the last result was the oldest. The 25.94 TSH result was 14 Dec 2014 when I was on 50 mcg Eltroxin which doctor raised to 75 mcg. I had suffered virulent flu for 2-3 weeks in October 2014 and much stress at work. On 14 January 2014 doctor raised it again to 125 mcg upon seeing my 5.28 TSH result and hearing of my ongoing extreme fatigue. My weight is 89 kg or 14 stone or 196 pounds. I exercise average 30-45 minutes daily usually fast walking and a little jogging.

Do TPO antibodies cause sickness, fatigue or the brain fog?

Is there any hope or is the end of my thyroid a foregone conclusion? I have read the results of others who follow gluten-free and lactose free etc and who retain their thyroid or avoid the worst symptoms (I am new to all this, am non-medical, and searching for the truth). I am in my fifties and prepared to change my lifestyle to mitigate the Hashimoto's. I suffer stress at the office and am thinking of semi retirement to avoid ill health.

Does supplementing with D3, B12, and other vitamins stave off the worst effects of Hasimoto's (I am so hoping it might).


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