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Ultra scan results

Hello, this is my second attempt of posting. Hope it goes through this time. I have recently had a Thyroid Ultra scan, and it has been revealed to me that my thyroid has shrunk, is small and more or less given up the ghost. This is the conclusion that myself and my Consultant Radiographer (superb man) came to the agreement about. He said that judging by my history of 20 years hypo and on T4 that my thyroid was now more or less relying on that medication to keep it going. There was nothing untoward in the adjacent lymph nodes, other than it was a smaller shrunk thyroid. He is also sending me for a Barium meal as I said that I had had some choking, swallowing issues, so this is to rule out anything else. Since my last bloods I have started on NDT Natur throid and feeling a lot better. I started on 1 grain and I have now worked up to 2 1/2 grains. I did a blood test with the Endo the day before starting and these are my results:-

TSH 0.35 mU/L (0.35-4.7)

free T4 7.4 pmol/L (7.8-21)

free T3 3.3 pmol/L (3.8-6.00)

Bothe the free T4 and T3 had warning written next to them, but my doctor simply wrote tests organized by Dr .......... Look ok to me and signed it. Right!!!!!!

Then I have received a letter to me via my doctor saying simply ;- I have received the results of your thyroid function test and these indicate that you requirre a higher dose of Levo. Please see your doctor to collect a prescription of 100mcg daily. We will seyou you as planned in 5 months.

Right I was already on 100mcgs!!!! Unbeknown to the Endo as he had lowered me to 50mcgs then upped to 75mcgs but I upped it myself to 100mcgs after feeling dreadful, as I have been taking that dosage for 20 years and lower than that I feel awful. No mention of the low T3.

Judging by results of my Ultra Scan, small shrunk thyroid and the upping and downing of synthetic T4 and T3 I took the bull by the horn and started NDT. Now the scare I have is that I go it without prescription, and I need to reorder but this time 3 grains, and the site says it is out of stock until November 2015. I then was intending to do my bloods after 6 weeks. Been on NDT since 25 February. I would welcome all advise and help. Like I say feeling ok on NDT and looking after all my Vits and Minerals, all checked and will ask for recheck. I need to know (within posing rules) help for my Nature throid 3 grains please. Any information would be gratefully appreciated.

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As stated above, information by Private Message please.

No wonder they said to increase as both Free T4 and Free T3 are 'below' range. As so many doctors do, they only go by the TSH and yours looks o.k. so if someone presented with the same as you they would have been told that any symptoms had nothing to do with the thyroid gland. Yet, here we are both Frees done and both below range. That must happen very frequently.

I hope you feel well soon and hope you can get the hormones which are making you feel much better. You may have to order a selection of grains to make up your 3., i.e. 1 or 2 grains. Hopefully they are in stock.


Many thanks Shaws unfortunately on this particular sight they only have the 1 grain, so will have to do my homework.


Hi Marm, have they never done any antibody tests? Usually that is the reason your thyroid is shrinking as they attack the gland.

Here are videos that explain TPO and thyroglobulin antibodies. Just 5 minutes each.


Hello Heloise my Endo keeps on insisting that I do not have the antibodies (although shown up once for 4 then 6), he said it has to be above 75. He does not even test for them. I have always had my doubts.


I wonder what else would cause your thyroid to shrink without some other force. Cortisol is another idea so maybe this video will offer something since the others didn't.


Hello thank you very much for this Heloise. I can relate to this and I am doing a parasite cleanse at the moment as I have long suspected things with my gut. I have also had a lot of stress in my life which is another factor. Also on one of the previous videos of this same doctor that you sent me, he mentions the thyroid binding globules and estrogens. I have recently stopped taking HRT. Been on it now for 8 years the patches were the ones I got on better with, and although I asked my Gyno whether it would interfere with my thyroid she said no, because it passed through the skin and not the liver. Once again I have always had my doubts. All that I know is that I feel better on Nature throid and I will continue, checking all my vits, eliminating things that I am learning about more and more each day. As you well know we are all different, and what works for one does not work for another. Thanks again. Dianex


Diane, have you watched the videos by the chiropractor who is also brilliant? He talks a lot about estrogen. Pesticides are estrogen based, meat that you eat has hormones and it is so pervasive. Progesterone can be a big help and he calls that a cancer fighter. I'll post it if you haven't seen it yet.

Are you rotating different herbs for parasites like oregano oil, grapefruit seed, etc. and caprylic acid? Seems that works a little better.


I have started on an advance Parasie Cleanse by elle belle Uk. Has lots of herbs etc. Will let you know how I get on. Many thanks.


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