Blood test results

Hiya, As previously stated here are my blood test results from 4/05/17:

Serum TSH 15.22 mu/L (0.35 - 5.00)

Serum free T4 7 pmol/L (9 - 19)

Serum vit B12 1343 ng/L (187 - 883)

Serum folate 10.2 ug/L (3.1 - 20.5)

Serum ferritin 67 ug/L (22 - 275)

I stopped taking levothyroxine in feb and started NDT early March. I've just increased NDT to 3 grains (65mg).

I saw a different GP than usual today. He showed a lot of interest and wanted to continue to moniter me. He admitted that the CCG had "advised" GPs not to prescribe T3.

On a negative, I received the results of my DEXA scan and I've slipped back to osteoporosis status and have been referred back to a specialist for further treatment. I'm 53, so post menopausal. This is very worrying as I've previously had 3 lumbar vertebrae fractures in succession (20 years ago, after the birth of my son, so before hypothyroidism) and really don't want to go through that again.

Any feedback would be welcome. Do members think I need to top up with T3?

Thanks xx


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  • Were the above blood tests taken before your increased your dose or afterwards?

    I am sorry you have osteo and I think NDT will help you as NDT contains all of the thyriod hormones.

  • Blood tests were taken 04/05, I increased dose to 3 grains yesterday. I would have been in first days of 2.5 grains when tests done x

  • I, personally, would only increase by 1/4 tablet each time. It is easier to adjust if necessary and taking note of your symptoms. You can increase about every couple of weeks. If you feel it's too much, drop to previous dose. and stay on that one and if you have symptoms get a blood test, particularly with FT3 and you can get a private blood test if lab wont do it.

  • Did you not have your FT3 tested?

  • They refuse to do it. Say it's not possible! However Dr I saw today said he'd look into it, see if he could get it done separately from standard thyroid function test :-/ x

  • Well, depends on your definition of 'possible'. Of course, it is possible in the general sense of the word, such a test exists, but they don't want to do it because a) it's too expensive, and b) they don't understand it. But, when you're taking T3 - as in NDT - it's the only number to go by. TSH and FT4 are totally irrelevant. So, you will be dosing by symptoms.

    Having said that, that TSH is rediculously high for someone on 2.5 grains. But, then you increased. So, to be honest, as of today, you have absolutely no idea where you are! Impossible to say if you should increase your T3. Can you not get your FT3 done privately? If it's just that, it shouldn't be too expensive.

  • I'll have to seriously consider trying to find the money to get it tested. What a terrible state of affairs it is! It's morally wrong. What about 'Do no harm'? Isn't denying someone treatment that's available and necessary 'doing harm'? :-(

  • Well, the problem is, they don't believe in the disease, and they don't believe in the treatment. They have a very simplistic view of hypo - easy to diagnose, easy to treat. You wait until the TSH is ten, then give a daily pill - T4 only - until the TSH comes down to somewhere in the range, and bob's your uncle! Your job is done. If the patient is still complaining, she must be mad! Send her to a psy. What could be easier! And, they don't know any better than that, so they don't see that they are doing any harm.

    They don't learn anything other than that. They learn that the TSH is all you need to test, and T4 is all you need to give. They do not understand FT4s and FT3s and they think T3 is very dangerous! And, they know nothing about symptoms. They are just going by what they were taught in med school. And what they're taught in med school is scared, and cannot be otherwise. You cannot reason with them, or tell them otherwise. It is all set in stone, as far as they are concerned. And they learn in med school that all patients are stupid and liars, so they don't even have to listen to us.

    Of course, what they learn in med school is wrong, but we have Big Pharma to thank for that. And Big Pharma did not swear a Hippocratic Oath!

  • But you need it done at the same time as free T4 - it's the most important test if you are on NDT. Often if the doctor writes "on T3" or "secondary hypo" on the test form the lab will deign to test T3. If not, you'l have to get test done privately through Blue Horizon or Medichecks.

    How's your vit D and are you taking K2 and magnesium to encourage calcium into your bones?

  • I've ordered fT3 finger prick test from Blue Horizon, it's only £29, expected to pay more. GP didn't check my D3, even though I asked for it! But it's usually low. I'm taking magnesium at night. I find it difficult during the day to take around other meds. I'm not taking K2, I need to find out more about it. Thanks x

  • Thanks for all your help. I've now ordered a fT3 finger prick test, which I can afford. Though this is all getting very expensive. I'm wondering if I would have been better off staying on lower dose levo (I was on 300mcg) and topping up with T3... S'pose I need to persevere with current NDT for a while yet and see how I go xx

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