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Could someone please help me interpret my blood test results?

I have having blood tests every 6 weeks since last June when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and each time my gp says all my levels are fine. I have been on 50g eltroxin since my diagnosis. I asked the health nurse in October to do a B12 test and my level was 114, so I received 4 injections of 1000mg B12 for 4 weeks. In November, I told my GP that I would like to return to work, but that I can't function at all.

I feel exhausted all the time, but am unable to sleep. I have anxiety, this was diagnosed at 23 yrs. I feel nervous and on edge all the time, but this may have more to do with constant bullying by my sister who is also living at home. I have daily headaches and pains in my eyes. I feel nauseous and weak and am constantly crying. Sometimes I feel overwhelming bursts of anger. I can't stop worrying about everything all the time. I am on cymbalta for anxiety for the anxiety and panic attacks and stilnoct for sleep for many years. I have lost my eyebrows and my hair is growing white.

I have read loads and recounted it all to my doctor especially about the adrenal glands, but she said it is not possible to treat adrenal issues which Im convinced I have, from many years working in very stressful IT jobs. I also suffer from Rosacea for the last 13 yrs. The week before my period begins, I get blackouts. Sometimes it feels like there is an electric charge in my brain, then I hear a loud bang inside my head, everything goes black, a second later Im gasping for breath, thinking Im going to die. The few days before my period begins, my anxiety levels are insane. I literally cant leave the house for a few days. I also get severe period pain for about 4 days along with blinding headaches, weakness, eye pain. This lasts at least a week and my period goes on for about 10 days.

I have completely changed my diet and do not eat any sugar or processed foods and eat a large amount of foods to support the thyroid daily. My 2 main fears of holding down a job are my memory and exhaustion. My memory has effectively been wiped out. Its so scary. My last job was as an IT project manager and it was in the last few months of that job that I knew something was seriously wrong with my health. I could barely function with the anxiety, tiredness, exhaustion and stress. I know that my managers expected too much of me and piled on the work because after a few months in that job, I found out that my colleagues joked to themselves of when I would have a nervous breakdown. I last visited my GP 2 weeks ago to get the results of a full blood test she suggested as she made an appointment for me to see and endocrinologist. I received a letter 6 weeks ago to say Im on a waiting list and am yet to receive an appointment. As I am not currently working, I can not afford to see a private endocrinologist. I told her I was worried about the crying, worrying and feeling sad and down all the time. She said my blood tests were fine, it was not the thyroid which she said was stable and suggested I see a counsellor.

I rang a few days ago for a print out of my blood tests. My GP will not do any kind of test involving T3. I do not have antibodies for Hashimotos

Free T4 - 14.6

TSH - 1.96

LH - 7.5

FSH - 4.8

Folate - 4.5

Ferritin - 15

B12 - 590 (Due to injections)

I am a bit worried about the lymphocytes, calcium and potassium as there was an asterix next to these

Lymphocites - 3.52

Potassium - 5.5

Calcium - 2.46

Magnesium or Vit D was not tested

Apologies for the length of the post and the rambling that occurs. I would be grateful if anyone could help

Thank you

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Oh, some GPs make me want to scream! Your blood tests aren't fine - for a start, your ferritin is way too low. You desperately need some more iron in your system. Without it, your body's going to struggle to convert T4 to T3. You haven't got a T3 result there I see, but even without a range for that FT4, it's clear that you're under medicated thyroxine-wise.

You say you have B12 injections - how did those come about?


Hi Jazzw,

Thank you for your reply

My doctor will do not do a FT3 test

I was reading about the symptoms of low B12 and felt I had many of them,so I asked for the test. My level was 114, so I got 4 injections of 1000mg

I was wondering if I could up my intake myself to 75mg of eltroxin or take something natural along with the 50mg of eltroxin. I asked the people health store, but they said they couldnt advise me as I was already taking eltroxin


Hypo-hell, Undertreated hypothyroidism can cause significant anxiety, depression, moodswings and anger. I think you are a little undermedicated and need a dose increase to 75mcg. Most people on thyroid replacement are more comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0 and with higher FT4. Read the comments Dr. A.Toft, ex-president of the BTA, in this link If you want a full copy of the article to show your GP email

Your ferritin is very low and needs improving. Optimal is 70-90 or halfway through range. Get Ferrous Fumarate and take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and mitigate constipation.

Folate is also low and needs to be higher as it works with B12. Buy some folic acid or methylfolate and take it for 3 months before asking your GP to retest it. It's generally best half-way through to the top of the range. Take a B complex vitamin too to keep the other B vitamins balanced while you're having B12 injections.

It's not possible to interpret lymphocytes, potassium and calcium without the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results). Calcium looks as if it may be slightly high though and you may want to check this with your GP.


Thanks very much clutter. I finished the 4 injections, so I am thinking I might need B12 vitamins too


Hypo-hell, Don't supplement B12 yet. If your B12 is 590 after 4 injections it's not very high. Wait 4 months, the time it takes red blood cells to die off and renew, and ask for another B12 test to check levels. If you aren't 'holding' the B12 you should be tested for Pernicious Anaemia to see whether that is causing your B12 deficiency. If you are a vegetarian, ignore all that and supplement methylcobalamin 1000mcg sublingual lozenges, spray or patches.


Change your doctor fast

without the ranges it hard to tell about ferritin but it looks very low

your free t4 is low it should be nearer 20 than 14

and without ferritin halfway in the range your body cannot use the miniscile dose of 50mcg levo

You are supposed to be tested every 6 weeks and the dosage raised till you feel well ...............



Hi there, welcome to the forum. So sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. You said in your post you've had four B12 injections, are they going to continue giving you these regularly? It sounds to me as though you need them, as well as having your thyroid medication adjusted. Do hope you get an appointment for an endocrinologist soon, and that they are sympathetic and listen to you. It horrifies me how ill people seem to be, and yet, still can't get the medication they so obviously need! Wishing you well. MariLiz


Thanks very much. I am going to change my doctor, hopefully the next one will be more knowledgeable

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