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How much iron should I take. Should I take Copper


I am hypo. currently taking 100/125mcg. levo. alternatively.

My most recent results are

TSH 0.10 range 0.35 - 4.70

T4 14 range 7.80 - 21.0

T3 4.4 range 3.8 - 6.0

I am taking Spatone iron which contains 5 mg iron but wonder if this is enough as my Iron level is 16 range 8 - 34

Ferritin level is 65 range 15.0 - 300.0

I also take Vit B12 spray, B Complex, Vit D Vit C Apple Cider Vinegar, Celtic Sea Salt and two Probiotics.

My Adrenal Saliva test shows O.Kish Cortisol but very low DHEA

I have ordered Magnesium, Vit K with A and E, Selenium

I have just read low Copper can be associated with low White blood count and my count is

4.4 range 4.00 - 11.00

My present symptoms are fatigue, anxiety (racing thoughts) internal trembling sometimes, palpitations sometimes, cold feet, pins and needles (tingling) in hands and feet and sometimes on face, a numbish pulling feeling on one side of face, general aches and pains and hip bursitis and flaking finger nails. I have also started experiencing odd twitches in my legs.

My morning temp. is between 36.1 and 36.5

Can anyone please advise if I need more iron, and if I should take Copper or any other supplements I have not mention.

I am seeing a second endo. in three weeks so want to try and get my supplements sorted before then.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you browny



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Have you had a recent Vitamin B12 test? pins and needles in hands and feet can be a symptom of Pernicious anaemia. I am not trying to scare you, just worth ruling out. If your do have PA it needs treatment sooner rather than later because if you leave it untreated you can get permanent nerve damage. Your TSH level is low but your FT4 and FT3 levels are not very high. Most people feel better with their FT4 in the top quarter of the range. You may benefit from taking some T3 as well as T4. Have you been tested for Vitamin D? It doesn't help if you are low in that, and my doctor says most people in the UK are low. Do you take Vitamin C with your iron to help absorption? Hope you feel better soon.



Many thanks for your reply, I was tested for Vit B12 in February result 394

range 180 -1130 I am taking 1200ug sub lingual spray daily but have been advised to take Jarrow's 5000 so will order some. I am also taking Vit D3.

I am seeing a second endo. next month so will ask about T3 then.

Best Wishes browny


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