How much of NAC (N - ACETYL CYSTEINE) should I take for mucin?

I am taking only T3 for a few years and it gave me my life back. I am almost completely healthy now and I am slim as I was before I got sick but the only problem I still have is mucin + water retention. I just ordered NAC since reading here and elsewhere that it can cause a reduction in mucin but I am not sure how much I should take daily and also how many times a day. Can anyone please advise? I also don't understand the mechanism of NAC on myxedema mucin, since I know it's for lungs, but I am willing to try anything. I also have insulin resistance and since beginning of this year I am on Metformin as well (planning to switch to Berberine) but neither mucin or water retention situation changed on it. Thanks


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  • miriamm, 

    It is great you are feeling so much better but if are still suffering mucin, then health is not optimal.

    Interesting re NAC. I haven’t heard of it being used or the mechanism of NAC on myxedema mucin. NAC is a brilliant antioxidant as the precursor of the magical glutathione so I guess supplementing will decongest the liver, increasing toxin clearance and the metabolism and function of thyroid hormones. Maybe others will know more.

    Other things to try re eliminating mucin could be increasing protein and eating with every meal to ensure your body utilises amino acids properly, or add a little T4 as perhaps your body requires the extra deiodinase 2 activity that occurs during the conversion process. Also oestrogens alter tissue water content as seen in PMS. Although edema is caused by increased deposition of connective tissue, it can still hold water within the extracellular space.

    I supplement 500 mg of NAC a day. I hope you have success.

  • I tried NDT long time ago and a year ago or so I tried to add a bit of T4 to T3 for the reason you mentioned but I didn't feel well on any of those combinations. Mucin is all that is left to me, otherwise I feel healthy. I tried taking higher dose of T3 (I am on 100 mcg now) but I don't feel well then either. I wonder is this because I was very sick and untreated for 6 years. They say the longer you stay untreated or not properly treated it is harder to get rid of mucin. I just started Whole30 diet recently, it's sort of Paleo, you are not allowed to eat grains, legumes, any sugar of sugar substitutes (well I am pre-diabetic anyway), milk and dairy products, so basically just protein, vegetables, fruits and nuts (not peanuts) and no alcohol (although except a glass of wine sometimes, I don't drink anyway). And still nothing is happening, I am still retaining water as usual.

  • Yes, I saw this post too. It's a pity that info how much to take is not shared.

  • My Naturopath has given me NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) for liver support and at the moment I have to take 1 after breakfast.

  • Yes, it is used for many things, still don't understand how it works on mucin but as I said I am willing to try anything.

  • As far as the lungs go, NAC thins mucus making it easier to cough up. It also reduces the amount of mucus produced.

    Whether NAC has a similar effect on mucin throughout the body, I wouldn't know.

  • Thank you. I wish those who were taking it for body mucin and were writing about it were more generous with info in their posts. On this way what I can gather is only that some people had improvement in mucin caused by hypothyroidism by taking NAC but how and why remains unexplained.


    There has been some discussion on this forum of NAC in connection with mucin and hypothyroidism before.

    Someone gave a dosage on this link :

    I wonder if someone, somewhere, at some time, has made the connection between NAC helping reduce mucus/mucin in the lungs and has jumped to the conclusion it might help with mucin in muscle. I can't find anything which backs up the idea scientifically.

  • Thanks for this. So it seems that 900 mg should be taken twice a day. Yes, somebody obviously thought that if it works on one kind of mucin it can work on another as well. Wish there was some study, but it is impossible to find it, if it exists at all.

  • I would also like to hear how NAC works on mucin in hypothyroidism. I tried to get info on the internet but results are very limited. In fact nobody explains it. Does anyone have some good link to share in that matter?

  • I was advised by a hospital chest consultant to take NAC three separate times per day for lungs.  He was surprised that I had already been taking it prior to him saying it.  I was getting it on prescription from another hospital, but the hospital pharmacy has since stopped providing that and many other things to patients. I had also been taking MSM (sulfur). 

    As far as I am aware, NAC &/or MSM Sulfur is best taken away from proteins and meals - not soon after protein or food.

    As far as I am aware, if you have amalgam mercury dental fillings it is not good to take a huge amount of NAC in one large dose as the toxic mercury can cross the blood brain barrier.  There are free lectures and podcasts of highly qualified professionals regarding this issue.

  • Thank you. I don't have any amalgam mercury dental filling, so than it's not a problem. So, I won't take it with food. Well I am already used to this with other meds, one more on empty stomach, I can do that :) How many mg were you taking?

  • I was taking 600 mg capsule NAC, 1 - 3 per day. Also look into organic MSM Sulfur.  

  • Thank you.

  • I have been wondering if MSM would help decrease or increase myxedema. Since it is sulfur, I thought it might be anti-thyroid and so exacerbate edema. But it also makes cell membranes more permeable, allowing 'things' to flow in and out more easily.

    My understanding of myxedema is that cell membranes get 'stiff' and moisture collects outside the cells. Hypothyroid = dry & stiff joints, and accumulation of moisture outside the cells.

    Do you know if MSM would help myxedeam? Appreciate your insight!

  • I tried taking MSM few years ago but in my case unfortunately it caused no change at all.

  • And just a small update about my experience with NAC - absolutely nothing happened, so I stopped with it after a month or so.

  • She lists how much to take half way down this post.

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