Can the thyroid heal itself?

Hello, I'm new on here and looking for a little advice (hopefully I'm not wasting anyone's time or asking a stupid question). I was placed on 25mcg of Levothyroxine toward the end of 2011 for an underactive thyroid. I didn't feel well with the medication and in Jan 2012 was put on 50mcg and still didn't feel well. In about May 2012 I saw another GP in the surgery who told me that I did not have a thyroid problem and that I should stop the medication. I still had symptoms but was glad, at that time, to stop the medication (i didn't know much about thyroid conditions at this time). The GP referred to me an endocrinologist in September 2012 and after tests said that I was Euthyroid. I sitll have symptoms of weight gain, hair thinning on head, legs, pubic area, eyebrows balding in the middle, fatigue, bouts of constipation etc. After finding this sight and doing research I went back to the GP's who ran some blood tests - he, again, told me that I do not have a thyroid issue. I also managed to have a look at some of my older tests and noticed that in 2011 my TSH was 4.11 (0.35-5.50) and in June 2012 TSH was 3.16, Free T4 13.3 (9.0-22.7). My latest test as of end of March is TSH 1.87 (0.35-5.50), Free T4 14.2 (9.0-22.7), Free T3 4.8 (3.5-6.5). I'm confused that my TSH levels have gone down and seem to have levelled. I have got it convinced in my head that I have a thyroid issue but now I questioning that and wondering if it something else completely. Is it possible that the thyroid can heal itself?? Or does it look like I may still have thyroid condition? Or did I never have a thyroid problem?? I have posted my results below. Sorry for the long question - thank you in advance for any responses/advice/thoughts. P.s. I should add that my ferritin is 105 (10-291), vitamin D 60 but do not have the range, serum FSH and LH seem in normal range and told that I am not pre-menapausal.

Latest results (March 2014)

TSH 1.87 (0.35-5.50)

Free T4 14.2 (9.0-22.7)

Free T3 4.8 (3.5-6.5)

Sept 2012 results

TSH 1.90 (0.35-5.50)

Free T4 15.1 (9.0-22.7)

June 2012 results

TSH 3.16 (0.35-5.50)

Free T4 13.3 (9.0-22.7)

2011 result (don't know the month)

TSH 4.11 (0.35-5.50)

Thanks again.

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  • Do you have hypo conditions? Your tests certainly look a lot better.

  • You don't say how old you are but when I was 42 I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid as my TSH was 15 even though my T4 was in range. I felt tired all the time. I was put on 50mcg levo but it made me feel very ill and shaky. I went to see a Naturopath who said that an acceptable T4 changed as you age but mine was too low even though it was in range (I assume that the range is an average for all ages). He reduced my levo to 25mcg and told me to take Nutri Thryroid and Thyro Complex; within a year I was off the Levo and only taking NT and TC.

    I was fine for a year but the symptoms returned so went back on Levo but only 25mcg on alternate days as I couldn't tolerate anymore. This continued for about 8 years most days I ws OK but I had some bad days.

    The bad days then started to overtake the good days and in the end I went to see Dr Peatfield who said I had adrenal fatigue. This has been treated and I am now on Armour Thyroid and NT. I still have many bad days but I do have good days as well and feel things are improving again.

    The reason for telling you all this is to show you that thyroid health can range depending on various things and perhaps your thyroid is not performing as well as it should but perhaps something like Nutri Thyroid or Thyro Complex may be all you need at the moment but things may change in the future.

  • That's interesting. I'm wondering if treating the adrenals will improve my thyroid problems too. If only it were black and white, without all the different shades of grey - it'd be so much easier to treat!!! (And if doctors were aware of the grey shades, life would be so much less stressful! ;) )

  • I agree, it's the grey areas that cause the problems because too often GP's don't listen. My GP keeps taking blood results as gospel.

  • It took my doctor several visits, and several tests later to even ask what my SYMPTOMS were!! Surely, they should ask first and blood test later...

    I think there is more of a chance of pooing in the Queens handbag than a doctor looking at ones symptoms first.... ;-)

  • I totally agree sip! Although I had never actually thought about pooing in the Queen's handbag! :-)

  • Sip/HarryEI don't know how to reply because I am giggling at the poo comment

  • No? Just me then...... lol I think I probably have mental issues.

  • It's a thyroid thing! ;-)

  • I try to keep a sense of humour, even though sometimes I just want to sit in a darkened corner and rock back and forth...

  • This has brighten up my day.

  • Were these tests all done at the same time of day? Your TSH level changes throughout the day, being highest in the early morning. When you say you felt worse on Levothyroxine what were your symptoms? If you had a fast heartbeat and were sweating and felt jittery, possibly with insomnia, then this would mean you never had a thyroid problem and the levothyroxine made you hyper. If you felt even more tired, constipated, cold, hair falling out etc then it's possible that you never reached a high enough level of medication to help you - sometimes people find their thyroid, having been struggling to do its job without medication, takes a break when you start the pills so you feel worse. Alternatively some people find the fillers in the Levothyroxine pills make them ill (I don't know whether there are a standard set of symptoms for that). Your ferritin level looks good. Hope you find the answer to your health issues!

  • Thanks for getting back...Sallypg, I do still have symptoms but not as bad as they were a few years ago. For instance I am still overweight but not as overweight as a few years back. I have thinning hair on my head, patchy hair on legs, thinning pubic hair, thinning patchy eyebrows (balding patches in the middle), I still feel tired and suffer with bouts of constipation. Mouse, I am 46. I didn't realise that thyroid health could depend on age - maybe that has something to do with it. I haven't done too much research into adrenal fatigue, but I did have a lot of stress from 2008 onwards which I don't have now. I have looked at Nutri Thyroid/Thyro Complex but started thinking along the lines of NDT (purchasing it myself) because I am fed up of not feeling like myself. eeng, because I didn't know much about thryoid health issues a few years ago I think most of the tests were do at different times. I know that the last test in 2014 was a fasting blood test just before 9 am in the morning. The Levothryoxine made me feel more tired, constipated, ringing in ears, no weight change. Ironically, I have lost more hair since being told not to take the medication and it is drier on my head. I am confused because my ferritin does seem okay. I keep thinking somethings being missed. I have been topping up vitamins D3, super vit B complex plus a multi vitamin for a while because I thought it might be my vitamins. But I don't know anymore.

  • I can totally recommend Dr Peatfield's book 'Your thyroid & how to keep it healthy'. It is avaible on kindle & in hard copy. I have followed it religiously & have successfully treated myself. Your age is implicated inasmuch that any hormonal changes affect other hormones (i.e. thyroid) such as menarche, pregnancy, coming up to menopuase. I'm 47 & not menopausal yet, but changes will be going on in the background in preparation.

  • Thank you HarryE, I will check Dr Peatfield's book out. I have been saying to the GP's for years (since about 2009) that as soon as I am pre-menopausal/menopausal then they will push all the blame on that, and that's what I didn't want to happen. It's good that you've managed to successfully treat yourself, I think that's the path i shall be going down.

  • yep very good info ,,, this site and that one saved my sanity!!




    I started feeling better when I started taking a multi WITH iron.

  • Pinkythecat thanks for the link. I have never had my iron tested but am wondering if it might be that. In 2012 on my full blood count result it says that MCHC is low, if i'm correct (don't quote me) low MCHC can be a sign of low iron. I've only just found the low MCHC because i have begun to scour through old results.

  • Did your GP/Endo ever check your TPO antibodies to check whether you have Hashimoto's? MyTSH, FT3 and 4 were always in range, but my antibodies were sky high when I got my diagnosis.

  • Pink_Bear the GP/Endo has never checked my TPO antibodies. That's interesting to know. The GP has decided to refer me to another endocrinologist (to shut me and get rid of me from the surgery,i think) so i will try and persuade them to check my antibodies. Not quite sure what Hashimoto's is so will check it out. Did you have any symptoms, if so what were they? Thanks.

  • Another possiblity....I was wondering if there might be a conversion problem with FT3 and FT4 Free T4 14.2 (9.0-22.7) Free T3 4.8 (3.5-6.5) after looking Dr Myhill's website

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