thyroid function test results

serum tsh level 15.71 (0.35-5.50) it was 14.41 mu/L on the 13/042015

serum free t4 level 7.8 pmol/L (7.0 - 17.0)

serum free t3 level 4.8 pmol/L (3.5 ---6.5 )

can anybody please explain what these mean , I got them to day well my t3 was done 5/5/2015 but others today thanks .

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  • Hello lollipop3,

    Your TSH is too high and your T3 & T4 too low.

    Have you been offered other medication yet? Liquid Levothyroxine again?


  • got to see the doctor again tomorrow im still not anything awaiting to see a endo my doc doesn't know what to do as he will only give me levothyroxine .well my t3 came back satisfactory no action needed

    what levels should they be

    also my serum free t4 level was 11.4 pmol/L 13/04/2015

  • Actually they are both in range, although T4 is only just.

    Sorry lollipop, I was thinking you were medicated.

    Your TSH is high which indicates a failing thyroid gland. How do you feel?

  • I feel ok , but got symptoms like my hair failing out ringing in my ears and high blood pressure , have a bit of breathlessness but seem ok in self , im due to have laser on my throat in 4 weeks will I be ok to have surgery while im not on anything

  • Oh poor you. Your symptoms do sound like a result of being hypothyroid. What a shame you can't tolerate the Levothyroxine.

    Sorry lollipop but I haven't a clue. I have Hashimotos and am medicated on Levothyroxine so am only clued up on that.

    I expect someone more knowledgable will be able to answer. If you don't get another answer, just repost as a new question as I've rather hijacked this post.


  • ok thank you , yea cant tolerate the levothyroxine I wish I could I would be a bit better I think by now , don't know what is taking the time for me to see a endo they are not rushing , I think my doctor will be trying again to make me take levo , do you know any lactose free and gluten free armour , that maybe I could ask him for .

  • No. Repost as new question lollipop.

  • Lollipop, your GP can write lactose-free Levothyroxine on the prescription and your pharmacist can source it from Aliud or Henning.

  • is the lactose free levothyroxine have the same things in it as the tablet as im not sure if its the actual levothyroxine or the fillers , as it was the worst time of my life on that tablet

  • Lollipop, I really don't know but if you're lactose intolerant it has to be worth trying the l-f Levothyroxine to see whether it was the lactose causing problems. You need some hormone replacement and your GP should either prescribe l-f or liquid thyroxine.

  • lollipop, I thought you had tried a lactose free liquid Levothyroxine already.

  • No was going to be prescribed it then my doctors said as it was so expensive and Icould just be the same on it he said wait until i have seen a endo ...In which im still waiting

  • What is the liquid thyroxine

  • Liquid thyroxine is simply levothyroxine dissolved in a thick liquid.

    As it has different ingredients, those intolerant of standard levothyroxine sometimes find it beneficial. It is very much more expensive and that is a big reason that medics are often unwilling to prescribe it.

  • Can you still get the same side effects on that the same as the tablet

  • It depends on why you are getting the side effects. If they are due to the excipients (the ingredients other than the active ingredient), then you might do better. If it is due to the levothyroxine itself, it is less likely to help.

  • Lollipop, it's liquid Levothyroxine therefore it doesn't contain fillers which tablets do.

  • I will ask for it but am so scared I will have the bad side effects from last time I had loads of thyroid symptoms with the tablet felt I was dying just getting over some of the symptoms it caused in just healing a bit now nasal drip ..blood pressure 212/114 .asthma symptoms but wasn't asthma ..bad breathlessness was going to be fitted with a tracheostomy because of breathing ..lost 2 stone in just over 2weeks The list goes on that's why it so scared

  • Lollipop, I can offer no further real advice, just my sympathy. I have had my share of being really scared and frightened (read my previous posts).

    To face the unknown without support & guidance can be terrifying and I feel your pain.

    Perhaps it's worth investigating why you can't tolerate Levothyroxine.

    What about your adrenals? When considering thyroid & adrenals, a major hormone imbalance could be catastrophic. I had a psychotic episode and looking back I still can't believe that was me. Cortisol is extremely powerful and I believe could easily be responsible for a weird reaction to an added T4 medication.

    Have you done a Genova saliva stress test?


  • have not done the saliva test but had blood test for cortisol it says it low so they asked me to do again but 9am in morning results came back 285 nmol/L

    comments from lab

    satisfactory 9 am sample and patient on dexemethason ...I was on 1mg a day of dexamethasone at the time

  • Lollipop, you really need some thyroid replacement. Without it you will become very ill eventually.

    If you have adverse effects stop taking the lactose-free Levothyroxine and try liquid Levothyroxine. Alternatives are Liothyronine (T3). UK T3 contains lactose but there is a lactose-free brand in the link I provided above. Armour NDT appears to be the only NDT not to contain lactose. Unless your GP is prepared to prescribe Armour on a named patient basis you'll have to buy it online as it isn't licensed for UK use.

  • Just an idea. A friend has not been well for sometime. Now improving. She also suffers with asthma and after Christmas went gluten free. She has not had to use her inhaler at all this year! You could try going gluten free, not a difficult thing to do. Try searching asthma/gluten - there is a connection.

  • i am gluten and dairy free anyway have only the asthma symptoms when I was on the levothyroxine one of the bad side effects

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