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Overactive Thyroid

Help please! At the moment I seem incapable of making decisions! And would really appreciate some guidance.

My husband died late last year after a long illness and I am now on my own and so talking over stuff - well it's just me and my head!

My thyroid has 'spiked' again and the endo is talking about RAI/removal again. He has raised the Carbimazole to 5mgs. I had reduced it to 1.25 every other day and was doing fine. However, I have had some AF attacks (again attributed to stress concerning my husband - as the thyroid results were always within range.). My mother had AF and no thyroid problems.

I have an enlarged multi-noduled goitre - although nobody would know! That for decades (I am 68).

So - my question is - do I have RAI first and see what happens. Endo says 50% of patients will go hypo. Or go straight for surgery and have the thyroid removed.

Endo wants to see me in February. He wants T3 lower - I will feel better and be better able to handle my grieving process!

I have posted recent thyroid history below.

Many thanks.


Thyroid went hyper in March 2012. Probably as a result of prolonged stress concerning my mother aand her death. Prior to that I was monitored because of the goitre - but no medication.

Under control by October 2012. And Carbimazole reduced and on low dose. Some increase in 2014 when my husband first became ill.

30.11.2016 (Blue horizon). TSH 0.005 (0.27-4.20); T4 100.6 (64.5-142.0);

Free T4 17.28 (12-22); Free T3 6.42 (3.1-6.8); Reverse T3 26.0 (10-24)

Anti-thyroidperoxidase 9.3 (<34); Anti-thyroglobulin 18.5 (<115)

I increased the Carbimazole to 1.25mgs every day after these results.

29.6.17. TSH 0.03 miu/Lg (0.35-5.0); Free T4 16.1pmo/L (9.0-19.0);

Free T3 6.4 pmo/L (2.9-6.1)

Carbimazole increased to 5mgs daily.

24.7.17. TSH suppressed. T4 16.1 (9-24); T3 5.7 (3.5-6.5)

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First, I am very sorry you've lost your husband after a long illness and your health hasn't been tip-top so with some support from the members you will be able to improve it slowly.

As I am hypothyroid others who've had hyper will give you their experiences and advice.


Thank you! In the past I have had support here. B12 advice - good now! Gluten-free! However, I now feel my wonky thyroid will have to go - I have resisted for years the constant advice from the endo!

Let's see what others say.



Carole, no wonder you have this problem with the stress you are enduring. The thyroid is a sensory gland but it's not the glands fault you have the symptoms. Please don't remove it until you look at other avenues. These links will help. stopthethyroidmadness.com/s...

Have you done anything to support your thyroid/adrenals in the meantime? It's really unfortunate that we only see a doctor when the problems occur but there are many preventive measures that might have helped and even now could help you. Your cortisol is usually very high when we face stress and when your adrenals are trying to handle all this stress they really need assistance with nutrients that are probably used up in your case. Magnesium, vitamin C, selenium could help enormously. Your blood tests are not so out of line and your carbimazole seems lower than most people need. I think you can get through this without intervention with surgery. You don't have thyroid antibodies which is a little surprising but you may have other antibodies.

There are people here who have undergone RAI, etc. who may speak up.


Hi Heloise!

I have read/tried so much - especially in trying to manage stress. It has rather been ongoing.

Tried herbs, natural endocrine, see Dr P, tried homeopathy.

Vitamin C, magnesium. I don't take Selenium - but eat brazil nuts! I have just again the adrenal cortex. Have been using Macca. My body is very sensitive an so herbs don't do so well.

Improving gut health. You name it - I've tried or am trying!

Only drink water, gluten-free...

My husband's death has had a major impact on me - far greater than I had imagined. Fortunately, my gp is in agreement with me - just to let things be for a while and take some time to recover. However, I do wonder if I would have a better quality of life as an underactive...

Thanks for replying. It will be interesting if anybody has undergo removal who can advise.



oooh, I see you made a major commitment. I'm not quite ready to give up:)

I've watched The Thyroid Series 9 episodes, The SIBO Summit, about 24 hours, ha, and realize you need to find the right combinations. I do understand if you no longer want to fight. You should concentrate on your grief and you will know when you are ready to move on. I'm glad you are holding off on the surgery until Feb.

I'm not sure if being hyperactive has the same loss of nutrition that hypo does but I think they are comparable. Some of the comments from these seminars were, "until I added thiamine" or "until I added manganese" so I'm thinking minerals are KEY and I know as we age and we are close in age, you just don't receive those difficult to absorb and metabolize minerals. I'd use every enzyme and additional acid you can for a few weeks.

Beyond nutrition, is it possible to try acupuncture, visceral and lymph massage, etc. sometimes a manual therapy is helpful. I've also since learned how emphatically your body relies on the vagus nerve. That's how the brain transmits messages to all your organs.

I've almost learned too much lately and it does make you wonder where to start but whatever you decide to do, I hope it helps and you can still find joy and peace.


Thyroid Summits.....gluten-free summits....EFT...reflexology/qigong....!

Asked the Universe to stop sending me stressful situations...even that doesn't seem to work!

Might go back to the Naturopath and have more tests - minerals/heavy metals etc. More tests/more money - any answers though?

Thanks for replying.



I had an overactive thyroid but unlike you, mine did not settle with Carbimazole and after a year of trying and feeling constantly ill, I had a thyroidectomy. I have always regretted that step and have not had many "normal" days since I was first diagnosed. It is for me a life sentence of constantly checking doses, remembering to order medication,, take medication, worry that it will be deprescribed, feeling either up or down and always wondering how I can make myself feel better.

My advice, if you feel okay on Carbimazole, is to keep your thyroid. Your endo naturally would prefer you to have it out. It is easier all round them but not for you.

Sorry to paint a bleak picture and I am sure many others will tell you it will be fine. It's just my experience but Carbimazole seems to work well for you and it is quite possible to stay on for ever, if it suits you.

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Thanks Hennerton for replying - I do appreciate your advice and taking the time to post.

I hope you will be able to find some answers that work for you. Wonky thyroids are a nightmare!

Take care.


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