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Thyroid blood results, can anyone interpret? I have included DRs notes

Thyroid Function Test

TSH - 1.04 - mU/L (0.35 - 5.50)

Free T4 - 11.7 - pmol/L (7.0 - 17.0) I'm guessing this is where the optimal/low levels range are?

Thyroid peroxidase IgG Ab *

Anti TPO Antibodies - 13.3 U/ml <9.0 (She said this was high?)

Cortisol - 246 - nmol/L

Ferritin - 42 ug/L (15-300)

25OH vitamin D - 64 nmol/L

Vitamin B12 - 373

(B12 deficiency unlikely, seek further advice if suggestive features present eg neuropathy) May I add I was taking vitamin b12 supplements at the time this blood test was taken

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Ok, I'll go first. :)

Are you already on thyroid replacement medication? That makes quite a difference to the interpretation. If you're already on levothyroxine (if so, how much?) then there's room for improvement - an increase in dose ought to be in the cards. If you aren't, then things aren't quite so clear cut, as your FT4, though low, isn't awful, and your TSH is rather normal looking. It's a pity there's no FT3 result as that would tell us how well your body is converting T4 to T3, but it can be difficult to get labs to test FT3 when the other tests are "normal".

Your antibodies are over range, but not tremendously high. It's likely there's some autoimmune issues there.

But your B12 is interesting, given you were supplementing. On how much were you supplementing? What were you taking?

Ferritin could be higher - more than 70 is a better place to be. You might want to consider supplementing iron.


You do not give a range for vit D and you will know lab ranges differ but my test recently gave ranges as 25-75 borderline to insufficient, 75-200 optimally replete. On the face of it you need more .

The B12 range in my case was 211-911. If your range is similar it suggests you need to supplement more as posters here reckon you need to be in the upper quarter of the range.In any case unlike D you cannot overdose B12 as it excess is excreted in urine.


You have Hashimotos Disease.


Faith how can you tell this?


Maybe i am reading it incorrectly, but it looks like this result..Anti TPO Antibodies - 13.3 U/ml <9.0, should be less than 9, right? Your result is above 9, this means you tested positive for thyroid antibodies, which is Hashimotos Disease. It would explain any symptoms, with so called "normal" labs.


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