Blood test results - help please!

Is anyone able to help me understand my blood test?

TSH 0.87mIU/L

FT4 19.3 pmol/l

T3 1.3 nmol/L

Vit D 71 nmol/L

Iron 9.4 umol/L

Transferrrin saturation 18%

Ferritin 138 ug/L

I've been showing signs of hypothyroidism - fatigue, swollen joints, CTS. I take 125 mcg levothyroxine. If I'm not converting T4 to T3, how can this be improved?

I look forward to any informed feedback.

Best wishes,


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  • Have you got any ranges for those figures Toby? They vary quite a bit depending on the lab that runs the tests.

  • Ranges:

    TSH 0.87mIU/L 0.27-4.2

    FT4 19.3 pmol/l 12.0-22.0

    T3 1.3 nmol/L 1.3-3.1

    Vit D 71 nmol/L 50-200

    Iron 9.4 umol/L 10.6-28.3

    Transferrrin saturation 18% 20-55

    Ferritin 138 ug/L 30-400

  • iron


    vit d all way too low hence inability to convert t4 into t3 your cells are screaming for

    cholesterol is likely high and LFTs could be strange

    probable central /2ndary hypothyroid due to pituarity failure is indicated by LOW TSH

  • would the tsh not be that low due to the amount of levothyroxine being taken? just trying to get my head round how all these things work together :-)

  • Toby's TSH isn't low, his FT3 is. As his FT4 is good, being in the top 75% of range, this indicates he isn't converting T4>T3 in his liver.

    His low iron and ferritin are almost certainly preventing proper absorption and conversion.

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