Chronic inflammation - any tips?

Hi all, I've had my latest blood tests back and although I feel quite well (actually better than I've felt in decades), I still have high levels of inflammation and my TGO ab is also high. Any tips on how to reduce?

I'm taking 1.5 grain Armour, 200mg selenium, 1000 mcg sea iodine, 25 mg DHEA and 50 mg pregnenalone daily. I also supplement with zinc 15mg, Vit D3 500mg ,Vit C 1000 mg and turmeric 800mg daily.

TSH is 0.02, free thyroxine 12.9 (range 12.0 - 22.0), free t3 4.7 (range 3.1 - 6.8). All other areas tested are normal - ferretin, etc. but ESR is 20 (range 1-20) and TPO antibodies 371.4 (range 0-34). ESR and antibodies have come down slightly since starting on armour, but there's a lot of room for improvement! My free levels also seem to be bottom of ranges - but I can't increase NDT as I get hyper I think I need to concentrate on reducing the inflammation and antibodies now... Anyone else with this issue? And how have you tackled? Thanks in advance :) M

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  • I don't have antibodies, so can't comment from personal experience, only from what I've read. Two things I know others try are the auto-immune paleo diet and Low Dose Naltrexone. There's an LDN group on Facebook if you are a FB user.

  • It has often been found that people with thyroid antibodies do well to stop eating Gluten which is an an inflammatory agent. Prof Shoenfeld the Godfather of autoimmune diseases will tell you to check first to see if there is a possibility you may have Celiac Disease and if not to then stop eating Gluten and then make sure your Vit D levels are in there highest levels but to also supplement anyway because Vit D is an anti-inflammatory agent which will help to reduce antibodies.

  • Couldnt agree more with APsnotFab - gluten caused a lot of inflamation in the body but unfortunately there are not many doctors who will be able to advise you on this, although my endo was pleased when he found out I had gone gluten free off my own back.

    Moggie x

  • My ABs did not change on a year-long gf diet but I didn't know about vit d being anti-inflammatory. I learn so many helpful things on this forum.

  • I have been G/F for 6 months now and my anti bodies have increased from 800 to over a 1000!!! I also have almost toxic levels of Vit D 148 and have not taken any for a good few months, so I do not have a clue what to do!! :-S

    But would like to point out that after going G/F my stomach is much more settled, I feel less aches and pains and sometimes have a bit more energy!

  • Oh wow... It's clearly not always the answer then. I'm also considering having deep tissue massage as that has helped me in the past when I had tendonitis. It's so hard to know what to do for the best, but suppose we have to try various things to see what works! I don't know if different labs have different ranges for Vit D, but my last test put me at 140 and the range as 50-200and to only consider reducing dose if over 200. So by that I'd say you're okay at 148...

  • Hi yes this with illness we are all very different and respond differently to various treatments...I knew I had read it somewhere on a site called the Vitamin D council that over 150 is classed as toxic, but between a 100 and 150 is thought to be too high, also a rheumy told me this last week...Its just strange that I have not taken any Vit D for months now and my storage is still so high, and its not like we have been basking in sunshine...

    Deep tissue massage sounds great, let us know how you get on...

  • Will do. It's worth a try. Hurts like hell though - I ended up black and blue last time! The problem is not knowing WHERE the inflammation is! I have general aches but nothing specific :-) I think I'd know about it if I had Celiac disease or Crohns - but I guess I can't rule out a wheat intolerance just yet...

    Interesting re Vit D. I might cut back a bit as I'm about to go to Australia where I will be basking in sunshine!

  • I think its normally recommended that you ease off if you are going to be getting some real sunshine, sounds good though :-)

    Ha ha yes I know they can hurt, but apparently can also work wonders...I always go a bit trippy after an all over body massage but have not had one in years...

  • Just to say - i am 'Non Coeliac Gluten intolerant' but most of my symptoms are non gut related - don't rule it out!

    Gluten for me causes aches, pains , constipation, brain fog, increase in Asthma and Excema symptoms, fatigue, I also have osteoporosis and anaemia(now treated)

    If you have inflammation markers you should ask for a Coeliac test and even if it is negative it is worth considering a Gluten Free diet for a few weeks.

  • Thanks jessiepup - I've been swinging between being a bit bunged up, to going to the loo 5-6 times in a day (sorry folks - not a pleasant subject!) I figured it was likely as my body adjusts to the Armour - but I shall def try the GF route as a test. Maybe not til I'm back from my holiday though!

  • I was severely deficient and struggled for months to get my levels up to 50 (took a loading dose, etc) but like you I had a test well after I had stopped supplementing and it was optimum. Mysterious vit d.

  • My GP advised me to take a high dose for 3 months and then drop to half quantity... I then saw the private Dr (just after 3 months later) who did a barrage of tests and recommended that I stick on the high dose as I was still low. It's only just come into the normal range. It is most mysterious!

  • I suspect there are a lot of people with this problem. I'm supposed to be on 2000iu per day. but it has been so long since my last test I have no idea if it sticks or not. I'm going to ask for a test today.

    Your gp is on the ball. Mine knew nothing - told me to go to Holland and Barrett like she did and buy some supplements.

  • My supplements come from the USA (life extension) I've no idea if they are better than holland and Barrett ! They're more expensive!

  • Important to know what measurement your lab uses for Vit D. If it is nmol/L, then 148 is nowhere near toxic (see Vit D Council site) in fact it is comfortably within the optimal range (125-175). However, if the lab measures in ng/ml, it is indeed a toxic level.

  • The lab did use nmol/L for my last test. It also said deficient <25, insufficient 25 - 49, normal range 50 - 200, consider reducing dose > 200...

  • I will check out my ranges, blood paperwork under other piles of other medical paperwork!! Oh for the days of just taking the odd painkiller for a headache now and again :-((

  • Hi missdove - I've just replied to your comment about vitD levels, but seem to have hit the wrong reply button, so you'll find it further down - sorry!

  • missdove is it possible the gf diet has allowed you to absorb your supplements better so suddenly you've had a surge of vit d? Gf did nothing for me - symptoms/well-being unaffected - but was worth doing to see how I felt, and I think it is meant to be better in the long term for people with Hashi's.

  • Yes it could well be that my absorption is better, I am sticking with G/F as I do feel better on it than worse, which is always a plus!! ;-)

  • The jury is still out on iodine being added to your regime when you have Hashimotos. Some say it can add flame to the fire. I have Crohns and Hashimotos and take 10,000 IU's of VitD. Not sure how your dose of 500mg relates to IU's.... I would certainly take the advice of others and address the diet - one that heals the gut. Have you read Izabella Wentz's book - Hashimotos The Root Cause. She also has a website where you can sign up for a Newsletter. Lots of good advice on diet and lifestyle.....

  • exact phrase I was going to say about iodine too Marz, agree that Vit D is an anti-inflammatory (and many avoid gluten too) 50 micrograms is 2000iu - so milligrams is x 1000 - that's a lot! can't be right...must be mcg (or µg) J :D

  • Agreed.

    Doses in IUs tend to go 100, 200, 400, 400 then in multiples of 1000.

  • Yes, it's mcg. Typo!

  • Phew! xx

  • :-)

  • Thanks everyone for your advice - this site really is invaluable. The iodine supplement is on my drs orders... And my Vit D levels are good. I think going GF really is the next step! A bit scary but I'll do it :-)

  • You may wish to type Iodine into the Search Box on the Green Bar at the top of the page..... going gluten free is fine - different but fine :-)

  • Has your doctor done any form of iodine testing? That is, do you know you are deficient?

    That dose is 667% of the usual RDA. We can disagree about exactly what RDA should be, but that is quite large dose to be told to take without any proof of need.

    Do bear in mind that your Armour already supplies at least a fair proportion of your thyroid hormone. On that basis, there is less need for iodine than in someone who is not taking any thyroid hormone supplementation.


  • Yes, he did test me in Nov last year. My level of iodine (in urine) was 37.10 L and the thyroid optimal range was listed as 150-300 in the total range of 100-1100 ug/L - so I was deficient. I get that too much iodine is bad... But too little is also bad!

  • Indeed it is. We see iodine being ignored so often, and so few people actually being tested, it is good to read of someone who has been tested and given what now sounds to be reasonable advice.

  • As Marz says going gf is fine and I didn't miss the things I thought I would. Genius gf bread is great, Dove's Farm gf flour can be used in most baking. I never got the hang of gf pastry or bread but everything else was great. I actually prefer my gf genoise to the usual kind.

    I missed having a beer in the pub, but that's all. :-)

  • I would look at and research Low Dose Naltrexone

    It is worth researching :)

    The NHS currently use and prescribe for various conditions :)

  • I did look online and it seems to be a wonder drug - but clearly only available on prescription. Not sure if my Dr would consider but will suggest at next visit if I don't manage to reduce inflammation by going GF :-)

  • Do you have root canals &/or amalgam fillings &/or gum inflammation/infection?

  • I have had root canals and amalgam fillings done... But not recently. And I don't have gum inflammation... The only things I can think of are that my arms and lower back are a bit sore ( maybe over did the exercise ) as I have had problems in the past and there is undoubtedly a fair bit of scar tissue in those areas. Or the gut from wheat.... Maybe!

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