Do normal results from a coeliac/autoimmune profile appear on a blood test report?

I have had 5 phials of my blood taken during my last blood test to be tested for folate, ferritin, vitamin d, vitamin b12, TSH, FT4, plasma viscosity, glucose and Anti TPO antibodies, which have come back, however 2 other tests, namely an autoimmune profile and coeliac profile which were also ordered, do not appear on the printout of the report with everything else. Anyone know why this is? I had this blood test done over 2 weeks ago and I'm a bit lost as to why these 2 do not show up, even if they were normal, as the plasma viscosity was normal and showed up in this report.

I'm still awaiting a referral letter from one of my local hospitals since my GP agreed to refer me - any chance that the results for these 2 tests have gone there? The manager at my practice said for me to take the copy of the report with me to my endo appointment so I really don't know what's going on.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Jo xxx

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  • Coeliac and auto immune profiles often take time or may even have to have been sent off to a different path lab depending on facilities at your local hospital

    its also possible the pathlab decided to overrule the gps request

    they certainly did that where my grandaughter was concerned

    you can try phoning the hospital and directly asking the path lab what timescales are and if they have a protocol for not doing certain tests

  • Hi, thanks for your reply.

    One question: why would the local hospital overrule the gp's request? It just seems daft for them to do that when the gp requested it.

    Jo xxx

  • they do it all the time

    My grandaughter would not be so ill now if the lab had not decided that because her TSH was 2.8 they would not do T4 and Thyroid Antibodies despite the GP putting strong familiy history of Hashimotos

  • Doesn't seem right that they do it all the time. If the hospital labs overrule the GPs request I take it that means the test doesn't get done. It then raises the question as to what else can the GP do about it or who else can request the same tests. Would an endo test for these?


    Jo xxx

  • Hi Jo, Some blood test do take longer. Always ask what is being tested at the time of the test, sometimes things omitted.The Caeliac test is not always reliable, so if negative but you think you have caeliac disease, then the best way (according to my Endo and others) is to have the horrible diet for 6 weeks and see if it helps. of course, not before any Caeliac test etc.


  • Hi Jackie, thanks. The nurse taking my blood at the time for these tests said I was being tested for things "across the board" - Her words exactly. But my GP who posted them did say autoimmune profile and coeliac profile.

    Jo xxx

  • Hi The NHS Labs save them up until they have a lot to test at the same time, D at my NHS is the worst, as no GP seems to want them!!¬! That is 3 weeks. privately it is different and normally tests done for the next day. Still worth having from NHS if pos. rather than pay twice.


  • Hi Jackie, maybe the GPs would have heard back about them by now. Vitamin D came back 4 days after everything else so you could be right.


    Jo xxx

  • Good, quicker than my NHS Lab. If low,be sure to have a corrected calcium test before any treatment. The it should be a script, ideally under the Endo, retests for both after 3 months, it takes that long for the d to be at maximum.


  • I found the antibodies test can take over two weeks my sister just had Coeliac antibody test it took 5 weeks mine took about 3 hope this helps all others come back within dayss

  • Hi, thanks, you've helped a lot. I didn't realise a coeliac test could take so long to come back. I presumed it would come back the same time as everything else as that would have made sense. But yes, all other tests have come back.


    Jo xxx

  • If the test comes back positive make sure you carry on eating gluten until you have endoscopy I had really cut down as felt so ill not knowing as my Dr didn't know the procedure. Now a year on after being diagnosed my older sister has tested positive with blood test. Have you thyroid probs too, I have both Hashi and Coeliac

  • Hi, I have hashis only but possibly coeliac as I've been eating lots lately and not gaining any weight.

    Endoscopy hasn't been suggested to me as an option yet.


    Jo xxx

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