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Blood test results

Hi everyone, posted a few weeks ago about possible Hypo I was asked for results.

Haemoglobin Alc (DCCT). 5.4 % total 4.0 - 6.0 Hb

Heamoglobin Alc (IFCC). 36. mmol/mol 20 - 42 Hb

Magnesium 0.93 mmol/L 0.70 - 1.05

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone TFT 4.44 mIU/L 0.27 - 4.20

Free Thyroxine 14.0 pmol/L 12.0 - 22.0

Vitamin D (25 Hydroxy) 14 nmol/L Difficient

Catecholamines (Plasma)

Plasma Noradrenaline 2750 pmol/L 0-2293

Plasma Adrenaline 223 pmol/L 0-459

Plasma Dopamine <196 pmol/L 0-464

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Abs 223.2 Iu/ml 0-34

Metanephrines (Plasma) 11 ng/L 0-99

Normetanephrine 17 ng/L 0-169

I have been told by my Endo that I have Autoimmune Disease Hashimotos, he has suggested monitoring every six months and it won't be treated with Levo until the level reaches 8-10.

I have now got Vitamin D3 at 40,000ui per week for 8 weeks then retest level with an expected maintenance of 800iu weekly thereafter.

My other blood tests done at my GP have come back normal, but not sure if the VD3 was tested as the above results were done at the hospital.

I tested positive for H.Pylori treated successfully with abtibiotics now negative and had a normal Endoscopy.

I am on 20-40mg of Lansoprazole daily recently changed from Omeprazole as they didn't agree with me, treated for acid reflux that is not in stomach or chest area just mucos/fluid feeling in throat, they say post nasal drip.

Not sure if I am getting anywhere though as still have same symptoms a year on.

Thank you to anyone that can explain these results to me.

Would be most grateful.

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I don't know where to start....

You need to go back to your doctor and request that you are given a trial of levo. Your Hashimotos will not go away so they may as well start treating asap. It will not harm you and in fact save your bones and protect you from heart disease in the long term. The problem with your stomach acid is very highly likely caused by your thyroid hormones and will go away if adequately medicated on levo. Many posters on here point out their stomach issues are decreased when their thyroid is properly medicated.

In regards to the maintenance dose of vitamin D that is completely a waste of time. You need to take the equivalent minimum of 1,000IU daily in summer but only once your level is above 75nmol/L. I suggest you Google the vitamin D council or grass roots health and start reading about how to properly treat a vitamin D deficiency. If you aren't good with sums get your calculator out as you may have to divide values by 2.5 to convert into ng/l. You can treat vitamin D deficiency yourself by buying your own supplements on Amazon - don't waste time on the high street as you will be told rubbish- and personally I would do your own research and treat yourself. Vitamin D deficiency makes thyroid conditions and in fact any illness much worse. (Get the NHS to test you were possible but sort out the supplements yourself so you get that issue sorted out asap.)

Finally you want your vitamin B12 level, folate level and ferritin level tested. You should point out to your GP that you are aware that those with Hashimotos are often vitamin B12 and iron deficient. In addition proton-pump inhibitors stop people absorbing vitamin B12 from food.


Thank you so much bluebug, all this sounds like a long road to recovery ahead, I have made an appointment with my GP, I am going to take my results and ask questions, is there anything specific I need to ask besides the blood tests, it's a few months since the normal ones were done so may ask for repeats and request results. Not sure if she would treat me on a trial of Levo. Would this medication help with fatigue and weight gain please, just learning about all this.


Oh and one thing I should have said if you don't sort out your Hashimotos you risk becoming type 2 diabetic your HB1Ac levels are too high in the range they should be much lower.

It is recommended here that you eat a gluten free diet as it improves gut bacteria. The advantage of this is that you end up cooking more for yourself and so stop eating food that is more prone to make people have spikes in insulin levels.


Hi again Christine.

In these results you've given your Plasma Noradrenaline is HIGH

ie 2750 pmol/L ( 0 - 2293).

Could this be the reason your Endo has not commenced your Levothyroxine yet? I am not qualified and don't know enough about the adrenals, just that it seemed important to check that mine were OK with the SST before starting my Levo.

Your Endo has diagnosed you with Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis hasn't he. Usually TSH is prefered to be much lower in Hashimoto's patients , 2 at the most. Your Free Thyroxine is low end of range , however just within range.

Have you considered phoning Endo's secretary and asking for a phone call back from Endo.

Three things I would ask Endo would be

1) What is the significance of this High result;

2) Is this the reason you haven't been started on Levothyroxine yet? If not then what is; - and

3) What about my symptoms? When and how can I expect to get better?

A year is too long to be left with all the symptoms isn't it?

And another six months too long to be left waiting. Perhaps you could be retested sooner for Thyroid and Adrenals .

Have you had the Short Synacthen Test?




Hi Mary, the Plasma was high that is why he did further blood tests to check Adrenals then it came back ok so he told me.

Are you now well on Levo, do you still have symptoms of acid, I have a spray for post nasal drip. I feel better than I did due to iron tablets and Vit d tablets, but still have the issues with acid, stopped taking my blood pressure meds as well, they make me feel worse but pressure not controlled now. There seems to be many people here suffering with very similar symptoms .

What causes Hashi then, is this simply that the thyroid is not producing hormones as it should. I think I will ask for a Thyroid Scan, it may be that if there was an issue with it it would show in blood tests that's why they didn't suggest it.

All feels like a roller coaster ride though, never getting to the bottom of the problem, I thought they could try me on Levo and see if the other symptoms then clear up on there own.

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