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Blood test results

Hi there, blood test results are now in for anyone who wishes to look - they came back to me much sooner than I thought as well! :)

13 Feb 2013 results:

Serum TSH - 0.69 with normal range 0.27 --> 4.2

Thyroid autoantibodies TPO - 84KIU/L with normal range below 34 KIU/L

23 May 2013 results:

Serum TSH - 22 with normal range 0.27 --> 4.2

Serum Free T4 - 10.9 with normal range 10 --> 23

Thyroid autoantibodies were not included second time - I guess mainly because the TSH was high?

One other thing that did come back raised was plasma viscosity, whether that could be connected with thyroid problems or not I'm not sure but it could explain the circulation issues I've been getting, i.e. the Raynauds attacks:

Plasma viscosity - 1.90000 p/mol (elevated)

Everything else seems to check out ok.

Is this looking more like Hashimoto's or is there something else going on here?

Thanks xx

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Hi Blossom,

with the PV , I expect GP will do further blood tests.You could well have Hashi, but so long as you have the correct thyroid treatment and an ultra scan if needed, it does not really make any fundamental difference., You do not say what treatment you are on? Your T4 is still much too low. ,if on treatment. You also need a Free T3 tests, when T4 higher, about top third, if FT3 still low, then you will need some t3 in addition. Blood tests and how you feel really the only way of being sure, also tomake sure the FT3 does not go over range on treatment.

I hope that helps.



Hi Jackie, thanks for your response.

Apologies for not mentioning what treatment I'm on -- as of Saturday (1st June) I've been started on 25mcg Levothyroxine once a day for two weeks, then onto 50 mcg for another two weeks after that and then 75mcg for two months onwards.

The doctor would like me retested in August so that would explain being put on the 75mcg for two months. Onwards I take means I have to take it pretty much forever?

I had an ultrasound scan done on my thyroid back in February 2012 and although the ultrasound person said it looked bulky they wrote down that it was normal in the report that was sent back to my previous GP, which i don't understand.

Free T3 wasn't measured at this blood test but when I go back to my GP, which may be before the next blood test is due in case anything flags up from taking the T4, I will ask to be tested for that. I just don't want to seem as though I'm telling them to do their job! :)

Thanks xx


Onwards does mean forever and that is the easy bit. Take care.

Jo xx


Hi Jo

I only ask that as I read that some patients do stop taking thyroid meds and don't have to take them again.

Thanks for your response! :) xx


You seem to be in good hands as the GP realizes that as your TSH goes down you will need to increase your T4. Hopefully you will come to an optimal level for both. Best wishes.


Hi Heloise

Thanks for your response and the link - page is quite informative actually. When it comes to the doctors checking my thyroid levels whilst on the T4 are they likely to do a complete blood test at the same time?

Thanks xx


I often read that the lab will not do an FT3 test for a GP request. Maybe they would for an endo. This is especially if your TSH is what they consider normal, which is often higher than you want. And YOURS is TERRIBLY high. If your T4 is also what they consider "normal" which is often lower than you want, they won't do further testing. Some people use Blue Horizon or Genova Europe and get the tests you really need for an accurate diagnosis. And even with that, the GP will not always act on those results. You need to have a GP that at least will act on a TSH that is as high as 22!!!!! Terrible. I think this one NEEDS to be told how to do his job. But so many do.


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