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Latest doctor's appointment

Just got back from my latest doctor's appointment and once again I feel the doctor is still convinced that I am only depressed. This is despite me telling her about the physical symptoms I have been experiencing:


increased loss of hair

pain in joints

cold extremities most of the time (including when it was 30C outside this summer)

pins and needles/tingling in my hands and feet that comes and goes

slightly higher temperature (37.1-37.4)than normal (35.8-36.5)which she dismissed because it is normal...although not normal for me.

I also stressed that today I don't feel depressed at all... a week ago I had a black cloud over me and during the course of last week it pretty much lifted like a switch had been flicked. I also pointed out that there is no way this is PMS because this is the time of month when I should be at my worst and instead I'm fine.

So after a lot of talking I managed to get her to begrudgingly click some boxes to do some more tests and this is what she is testing for:




vitamin d

The test list also said something about a bone test and celiac.

She would not really accept that my thyroid might be a problem as my TSH and FT4 are normal. Somehow though she agreed to check TPO Antibodies but nothing else.

I tried to ask to check cortisol but she really didn't want to (I suspect it is more expensive?) and no luck with checking estrogen, progesterone, testosterone etc because my LH and FSH were fine...elevated but that could be because of ovulation or cysts on my ovaries. She is also sending me for a scan of my ovaries.

This is just so frustrating.I guess it's a start but I feel that if they all come back fine I will not be able to convince to do any more testing. The nurse was more compassionate and understanding than the doctor. She did suggest I see the other doctor if I am not happy so I might have to do that.

Anyway just wanted to vent and see what everyone thought about the tests that are being done.

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Hi Chihiro,

I think you did really really well, you've actually convinced her to check quite a lot of things that other doctors would refuse. She may be begrudging, and still insisting that you're depressed, but it speaks volumes that she's doing the blood tests anyway (i.e. she knows you've got a point).

Just take it one step at a time. See if anything comes up with these tests. And remember to get copies, even if they say they are normal.

H x


Hi Hampster

Thank you. I feel actually quite proud of myself for going in there and insisting on more testing. I had a list as long as my arm of things to check but as you say it is a start.

Do you know what a blood test for bones does? I presume she is doing it because I said pain in my joints.

Will most certainly get copies of the tests thanks for reminding me =)


Blood test for the bones, probably check your calcium, pth, especially having vitamin d test. Osteroprosis and other bone d, can show up in blood test. To be perfectly honest calcium, b12, are useless test. Xx


Hi Merissa

You say calcium and b12 are useless tests.Any reason why you think that? Do you think they are inaccurate?


The B12 test is not ideal, but I wouldn't call it useless - it will pick up severe deficiencies if you are below range. Just bear in mind that even if the result is normal you can still be deficient, there's a big grey area. That's why you need to know the actual result, rather than relying on the doc saying you're normal.


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