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My Doctor's Appointment Yesterday - (Wednesday)

Hello all. I am sorry for my late reply but I a on heavy medication which is making me sleepy and very drowsy. This is because I had dark and bad thoughts the night before last night. I am glad I do not feel like that now and that the extra medication is helping. These bad thoughts - they don't happen every time I am suffering from PMS but when I do have those thoughts they are horrible. I think of nothing else but those bad thoughts. And I think there is no way out of them. They are horrible because I am in deep deep thought and I clench my hands and be really uneasy. So, these tablets that I am taking now takes away that strong feeling and makes you relax more.

So, when I was with the doctor yesterday I asked about her increasing the thyroide medication as I am taking the cycle every two weeks. She said no. I said that I thought it may help me with it being increased. She said no, my thyroide is fine and thats that! She said that my thyroide is normal.

When I was with Dr M in December of last year she said she would refer me to Gynae. When I saw a locom doctor just a few weeks ago, it was a lady doctor, very nice girl I said that Dr M was for sending me to Gynae but that I have heard nothing yet.

The appointment for Gynae was only sent on the 19th of March. This was the time when I went to the doctors with very sore arms and that I couldn't wear a bra and couldn't use the vacuum cleaner. I wanted to know if these was something I could take for these lumps under my arms. The locom doctor said there was nothing that the NHS could give me or do that I'd have to but Oil of Evening Primrose. I asked if there was something else because I don't only get one lump under my arms but two or three under both my arms at the same time and they are killing me. She gave me an anti-inflamotory as well. She told me not to be taking the anti inflamotory all the time. It was this doctor , the locom that reffered me to Gynae because Dr M did no such thing. And I remember when I went in December she walked me out of her room.

Yesterday she got me in touch with the mental health team and that was all she did for me.....and told me the letter went to Gynae in March. I said it should've been December. She said nothing. In fact, when I went to the doctor's yesterday she told me her mum had just died two weeks prior and that it was hard on all their family because one stayed with her mum each night, taking turns. I apologised by saying I was sorry to hear that.

So, as always when I go to the doctors I get nowhere. What do I do now?

The only thing I don't want to do is become ignorant with the Portadown Health centre and become forceful about this issue with the thyroid. I wouldn't have the guts to ask for a meeting or to say to Dr M, your wrong with my thyroid results.

However, you all know what is right out there, I don't. I don't even know what the letter T stands for and its all confusing.

I could read about now any because of the extra medication I am on. My head is all fuzzy!

In December when I was with Dr M I asked to be sent to Gynae and to the thyroid specialist. She said one of the other, I cannot have both!

Anyway, I am glad that I have been reffered to Gyane. At least I am getting somewhere....4 months later!!!!! And I will be seeing my psychiatrist again too as I have been reffered to him as well.

Thank you Moggie for calling me last night. I am sorry I had to rush off the phone in the way I did. I was going to have an accident - pee myself! My friend Willliam was just leaving. He calls around to see the dog after his day of work every evening. The both of us spoil the dog rotten.

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Oooops, I've just read a message here about not naming your docotr. I did but I did it without thinking but it was not done in haste. I never thought. sorry.

I hope I get some responses to this today. I would really like some help.

I was wanting to ask about medication could I buy or take or if there is some certain creams I could use on my knee and foot. Just as I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid gland my knees ached and my left foot aches. They ache so bad. My knees are the worst. I've noticed that my left foot swells up.

Can you advise me on what I could do?

Thanks, I'd really appreciate that.

I'd like maybe for someone to help me with writing a list for the Gynaecologist too. Maybe I am in the wrong forum for that? Now that I have started to post in here and talk to a few people I'd love the help from you guys. My doctor thinks that the doctor at the hospital will not remove them but I want the darn things out because of what they are doing to my body at the moment.



It may be worth asking those questions as a new question! :-)




Okay, thanks for letting me know. :)


Hi Sorry but so many questions, I will try and answer a few. The first thing is you are probably under treated, essential to have tSH, T4 and Free T3 tests,You need the results and ranges, post them here. No good without ranges as all different, ask the receptionist for them , they check with a GP but routine. most psyches realise that hypo thyroid often causes these problems and normally test for it and at least look at the treatment. Be sure to always have copies of any consultants letters and bloods with ranges, ask their sec. Then if trying to see an endo, do the research first, it must be a good one, like everything else they vary. Then hone their sec and see what their policy is on T3.Most endos like T4 and T3, depending on how you are and the bloods.An endo deals with all endocrine things, ie menopause, production, thyroid and lots more. If they think they should they will recommend a gynae, or refer you themselves. usually GP`s do as consultants tell them as afraid of being sued!I hope that is some help.

" things can I suggest you post your blood tests WITH ranges on this site. Also make a simple list of your questions, one after another.

Then may be we can help you further.

Best wishes,


Not sure if you know but to reply to a persons post click on "reply to this" or we will not know,


Hello Jackie, thank you for your reply. Yes, everyone here seems to say that I am under treated but I have a doctor that says that my thyroid is normal. So, I am stuck. When I was with the doctor on Tuesday of this week I asked could I get the dose increased and she sadi no, my thyroid is normal.

I am having the cycle every two weeks, Jackie, and this has been happening now to me for over a year now. And on Monday of this week, Monday night I had to call 'Lifeline' because I was having very bad and disturbing thoughts. I felt that life was not worth living for but I did not do anything silly because my dog needs me. If I was not here my dog would be dumped into some old horrible, cold kennel. I was also told that my dog would die of a broken heart because Ciárna (prounced as 'Keer na') is treated like royalty here.

I put one of my blood results in here the other day. It was just the one I got, although, I have quite a few bloods done testing my thyroid.

I am being referred to Gynae as I speak Jackie, thank God! I went last December and she said she would refer me to Gynae. Jackie, I have only been referred to Gynae by a locom doctor on the 19th March. I went not too long abo because I was complaining about the lumps under my arms, that I cannot wear a bra and cannot use the vacuum that under my arms are extremely sore.

I know exactly what my body is doing. I know when I am ovulating....I know when I am going through the cycle even though I do not bleed. I had a hysterectomy in April 2005. I had a partial hysterectomy with only my womb being removed leaving behind the trouble makers!!!! I want the trouble makers out now because I am suffering from the cycle every two weeks now and it is taking its toll on me. However, the doctor is doubting me because she keeps asking how do I know when I don't bleed. I can tell what my body is doing. I get the fluid retention, sore chest, lumps under my arms, acne, depression, sucilde thoughts, though, not every month but when I do have them they are horrible, and I do not eat nor sleep.

I cannot take the contraceptive pill because I have tried everyone under the sun and not one works. They make me sick.

So, I am not leaving myself with much options but I am hoping to god the doctor at Gynae will remove the ovaries because I am 41 this April, on the 20th.


Hi Lots of things spring to endo knows more about all endocrine problems and more. However, if you want surgery then,yes a gynae is better as all surgeons.However, many years ago when I had a hysterectomy, they took out the cervix and left the ovaries if they looked OK. This meant that you did have the menopause gradually but not abruptly, just a little earlier than usual. if ovaries taken out, then it also means you are more likely to suffer from the bad effects of menopause and to also be more at risk of heart disease. as much younger than naturally.

I believe you GP is only treating on TSH results, a common problem.Can you pay for the 3 basic tests, All to you on line. I use Blue Horizon on that site or their main site, very well known and well used Lab if you want some one to treat on those results. If you quote TUK 10 then you get a £10 discount, 3 tests for £61. Finger prick tests just as good, I think may be slightly easier. Do them before having any thyroid drugs ( or Beta blockers ) am. Only post Mon to Thurs, results on line to you. Their Doc, Harley St., checks them and lets you know if anything dangerous.Take the results to GP if bad and to Gynae. Also I think you need other tests at a later date. However if possible have the vit D one, (hormonal) if GP will not test, NHS one on site at City Hospital, same test, £25, better one at Blue Horizon but that is £55. If below range ( e mail to you) then ask GP to do a calcium test as must be in range for treatment. If you see an endo they should do all tests needed. However, vital you choose your own, not GP ,then ask for a referral.Louisewarvill@tuk has a list. If nothing suitable then investigate on line and phone the secretaries to ask about treatment, a lot have CV`s on line under their name ,or at local private hospitals. Most consultants work NHS and a little private work.Personally i would not take the contraceptive pill in your situation, not as if you need it to prevent pregnancy.

That is just a start. Lots can be done, it does all take time. A good idea to phone Samaritans etc if struggling, no shame in admitting you need help.

You can get back to me or some one else in TUK any time, or PM if you prefer, click on name.

I hope this helps, lots can be done.

Best wishes,



Hello Jackie, a girl by the name of Moggie called me on Tuesday evening, on the same day I saw the doctor. It was very nice of her to call me but I had to rush off the phone because I was going to pee myself!!

I have been looking out for Moggie since we talked on the phone but I don't think she has been on since as I started this thread yesterday, Thursday.

No, I wouldn't be able to pay for anything private because I do not work. I am on sickness benefits since I was 18 years old. I will be 41 on the 20th April.

Jackie, at the moment my head is very fuzzy and when I am reading what you said I am half asleep. It is because I am on sleepy medication at the moment because of the bad thoughts I had on the early hours of Tuesday morning.

I want to ask you again, are you advicing me to have the ovaries removed or should I wait? You mentioned heart disease if my ovaries are removed.

I don't know what I will be like if I do get the little trouble makers removed and I am slightly scared of that because I am bad as it is with the ovaries. So, I don't know what I will be like in the menopause.

No, I don't need the pill to prevent pregancy. That is the least of my troubles right now. No way on this earth do I want screaming little babies. I did all that when I was 9 years old until I was 12. No way am I gonna be a parent again! I'm a doggy parent and one dog is enough! I can barely look after the two of us at the moment!


To find Moggie, click on Directory (top of page) then members A-Z, click M scroll down till you find Moggie


Thanks, I got her right away....


Hi Yes I was afraid of that, re tests. you will just have to push the GP to do them. re ovaries, I can only base my advice on what some very good consultants have told me, it is a very personal decision. Effectively you are bringing on an early menopause. After the menopause, when ever, woman are more at risk of heart disease, as with out the hormones concerned there is no protection and then we are level with men`s risk. I would ,if it was me, see and endo first, make sure they are very good and one that you feel comfortable with, there are some good ones but be careful who you choose,ask Louise for her list as a start. Also thyroid disease usually worse after the menopause, in fact common to start then.

I used to have the pill many years ago as it was the new wonder drug for terrible periods. I was not happy on it, although I know it is more refined now.

I would say find a really good endo , then take it from there. an endo is the widest branch of medicine and a good one is wonderful.

To find Maggie, click on the main TUK site and then M, and find her name, send her a message, that is a PM.

You may have to insist to the GP that you need the correct treatment. However, if you see a good endo they will sort out your treatment with the GP and do any tests themselves. Always make sure that you have a copy of all letters from consultants to your GP and also any bloods + ranges ( all different). They check with a doc but you are allowed, your blood etc. GP ask the receptionist, consultant ask him/her or their secretary.Some do it automatically.

I hope this helps. Try to think that it can all be sorted, it just will take a while.

Best wishes,



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