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My Doctor's Appointment

Well, I went to my Indiana doctor on Friday and she wants me to go up to five Nature Thyroid. I am currently taking three now. She also told me to get some iron supplements as I am a little low on my iron. She also gave me some iodine and told me how vital that is to take. She said to not stop taking it.

I take my Nature Thyroid in the morning when I first wake up. Should I take the iron and iodine at night before bed to separate it?

I told her how the doctor had told me to come off my Nature Thyroid. She said, "Why would they ask you to come off of it when you are low?" I told her, "That's what I thought, too." I don't get why one says to come off of it and another tells me to raise my dose. I don't understand. All I know is my Indiana doctor had me feeling my best and I have to go with what makes me feel better. I am not leveled yet and I am going to drop my prescription off to get filled and start taking four and then raise to five in a few weeks. I am hoping that my symtoms that have been occurring will go away soon. She told me that she has been on her thyroid medicine for her entire life and I will be, too, and to never come off my medicine again. She told me I should have called her when I didn't get my medicine through the mail. She said she had a lot of problems with the canadian pharmacy and told me she no longer uses them. Let it be a lesson to me to ever go without again. I have paid dearly and I still am as I'm struggling to get back where I was. Hopefully, I will get there soon.

Have a GREAT day you guys!!!! Debber :))

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I'm glad you've been given an increase but I would only go up by 1/2 gr every two weeks. 2 grains is equal 'in effect' to 200mcg levo so I think straight off it might be too much. On 3 gr it is equal 'in effect' to around 300mcg of levo. Maybe she thinks each grain is actually 60mcg but it is the 'effect' because it has T3 -the active hormone. You certainly don't want to be so overstimulated.

It's great you are being prescribed but gradual is best, believe me.

Supplements etc can be taken 4 hours after thyroid hormones but night-time is fine.

Hope you feel better soon.


Thank you, Shaws. I will do that. I am hoping too that I will be feeling better and my symptoms go away. I will take it a 1/2 at a time. My body cannot handle any more jolts, that's for sure. And wow, I didn't know it was 200 mg equal to Levo. She told me the Nature Thyroid is 65 mg a grain. I was taking five before of Armour. Yes, I'm still feeling tired. It seems I have the energy in the morning and then I can feel myself in the afternoon just drop. And yes, I'm still having the shedding and the dry skin. The peeling on the nose really bad. I hope that stops too.



Debbers, that's good news, sounds like it was worth the long drive. If you increase by half a grain every 2 weeks and symptoms resolve you can stop before you get to 5 grains. I

ron needs to be taken at least 4 hours away from thyroid meds. Not sure about iodine as I'm of the impression we should get the iodine we require from our thyroid meds.


Hi debber,

I take iodine and it's had a wonderful effect on my skin. It's much softer and healthier looking so I hope it works well for you. Since taking iodine I've found I need less NDT so you might have to factor that in at some point.

The iodine has also reduced tiredness and provided more energy.

Good luck with your new regime,


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Hey LuckyKat,

Thank you for sharing that. I had ran out of my doc's iodine and she told me even if I run out of that, to go get health store kind but I will have to use more of it. I ran out of it and stopped taking it. I just started back on it this week. She put a drop of it on my arm and my body absorbed it right up. Yeah, I will see how it does and I might not need so much NDT either. I've been trying to get my levels back up again. I've added B-12 and the Iodine along with Nature Throid and I can feel myself getting stronger. My doc also said to get some iron tabs too, so I still need to do that. I have to be honest with you, it's been rough the last six months since I stopped taking my meds and I will never do it again. It all came back with avengance. Let it be a lesson to me! Never again!!!

Yeah, I'll keep you posted on how I"m doing with it too. Thank you Katy!!!!



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