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Doctor's appointment

Thanks again for the brilliant advice given to me yesterday.

I went back and saw a different GP who agreed to me having a blood test tomorrow so that I can increase the Levothyroxine from 50mcg rather than wait for the three months the first GP suggested!

As advised, I asked about testing for Vit D, ferritin, Vitamin B12 and folates. It turns out that I had two of these tests 6 weeks ago with results as follows:

Serum ferritin - 21.4

Serum vitamin D - 46 (< 50=deficiency)

TSH - 135.96

T4 - 3.6

Thank goodness I asked as the first GP didn't even mention these results were out of range. I have now been given ferritin and vitamin D and will be tested for the B12 and folates as part of my blood test tomorrow.

To be honest - I am thinking of increasing my Levothyroxine myself after I have my blood test tomorrow as I am sure that is what the doctor will do anyway and it will mean I feel better quicker as it gains me a few days! Has anyone else done that?

Also, are there any other vitamins anyone recommends me taking?

Many thanks

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Great news. I would increase my dose too by 25mcg, as your TSH was exceptionally high.

This is a link re vitamins/minerals.


Link is missing?


Much obliged humanbean.


The first GP should be sacked! You had a TSH of over 135 and he expected you to wait 3 months for another test!!! Obviously the next GP could see you were very hypo. The ideal is to increase meds by 25mcg and take TSH test every 6 weeks until you feel better and your TSH is around 1 Your Vit D needs to be over 70 It is likely that you will have some other low results such as folate and B12. Until all other readings are optimal your body will not be able to make best use of the levo meds. Let us see your next test results and you will get good advice on here.


I was diagnosed with a TSH of 240 and was told to take 25mcg for 2 weeks, 50 mcg for 2 weeks and then increase to 75mcg and continue on that until my next endo appointment (when it was increased again to 100mcg, and I now actually feel WELL!!).


I will definately increase to 75mcg after the blood test!

Thank you for the vitamin info - will your GP prescribe any of these or do you have to buy them? Would like to make the most of the free prescriptions as it's the only 'perk' of this illness and I would imagine that lot will cost a small fortune!


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