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Please help me with my new results!

tsh 0.24 (0.34-5.6) noted low

ca125 level 7 u/ml tumour markers are not diagnostic and their main use is in monitoring response to treatement detection of early relapse (0-35)

serum free triiodothyronine 5.4

serum free T4 12.6 no ref range

total cholesterol 2.8 no range

gfr calculated abbreviated MDRD 90MMIN ()M L/

corrected calcium serum 2.41 no ref range

serum creatine kinase level 54 U/L(25-165)

plasma c reactive protein 1mg/l no range

rheumatoid factor 5iu/ml (0-18)

serum LDL cholesterol level 2.4 no range

serum HDL cholesterol level 1.6 no range

serum triglycerides 1mmol/l (0.6-2.0)

serum cholesterol 4.5 mmol/l

ALT/SGPT serum level 13 u/l (0-40)

serum alkaline 101 u/l (25-92) high

serum bilirubin 5 umol/l no range

serum creatinine 56 umol/l noted low

serum urea level 2.3 noted low

serum potassium 3.7 mmol/l no range

serum sodium 141 no range

serum calcium 2.41 no range

serum albumin 45 g/l no range

blood glucose 6.6 mmol/l no range

large unstained cells 0.12 10*9/l

basophil count 0.01 10*9/l

eosinophil count 0.13 10*9/l

monocyte count 0.36 10*9/l

lymphocyte count 2.15 10*9/l

neutrophil count 3.25 10*9/l

red blood cell disrubution 11.9 no range

platelet count 245 10*9/l

mean corpusc 328 no range

mcv 92.6 no rane

haemocrit 0.468 no range

haeomoglobulin estimation 153 no range

red blood cell count 5.5 10*12/l

total white cell count 602 10*9/l

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Hi Nichola,

Most of them are fine, FT3 ranges vary so much, but that is probably OK Glucose is high, top is 5, ask for a Hb1Ac test , more accurate, also was that fasting,? Glucose really needs 12 hours water only, unless Diabetic,If that is right you need tablets for treatment. creatinine about 50-98 urea about 2.5-7-8 slightly different different Labs, Sodium near the top, in range but better a little lower, Potassium to ideal is 4 huge range but OK. GFR good, I would say for the U`s and E`s, you are probably not drinking enough, water best. The creatinine and urea are the production of urine White count if that is the right figure/ then high for infections, very, may be temporary does fluctuate. I would go back and ask for the ranges Unless I have missed some .but those are the ones that stand out to me.

Best wishes,



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