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My story and blood test results. please help

I was diagnosed after severe joint paint in my shoulders back and legs that was unbeareable, i felt cold and tired, i new something was on as i always been vey active. The only diagnosis was depression in 2010 in spain as i had to go back to my family t be looked after. I always checked my thyroid as my sister has hashimotos and my mum as well but her story is following years of depression. There was nothing no presense of antibodys (TPO) or TGI until august 2011 when i had TPO normal and TGI 100'2 UI7ml (0-4.11).

I was put on a trial of 25 thryroine and diagnose with initial autoinmune thyroditis but i was already on antidepressants. I tried to give them up twice but i feel terrible.I went to see DR skinner who increased my thryroxine and decreased my antidepressants. two months after finishing them i started to feel very unwell and depressed as i was decreasing them i feel myslef following into the no motivation and antisocial corner.

A week ago i had to decide to be back on the citalopram i am currency on 15mg to be revised i used to be very well on them when i was on 30mg. it helped me with the pain i hardly noticed it and fell well but never 100 %. i was doing my normal live and sometimes i even went back to dancing. I used to dance.

AT the moment i am on 100 of thyroxine and i dont know if i am having too much or not,

I have decided to take the matters and investigate why i started to feel like this when i was a very healthy person and i dont seem to be able to leave the antidepressants.

i have done a saliva test that is being posted tomorrow. the B12 i had it done recently in the NHS. Are those valid or i have to do the Active B12 Test i the private. I am ging to supplemtn this with somthing it was recommended here.

My results are 378ng/l(180-900). I have bought B12 , methyl B12.5000mcg.

The next one i have got is the vitamin D from the place recomended here. The test come back as Insufficiency: I have bought 5000iu vitamin d3 to start taken them

Total Vitamin D :48.7nmol/L

25-hydroxyvitaminD3:44.7 nmol/l

25-hydroxyvitaminD2:4.0 nmol/L

Here are my results:

I am under the care of Dr skinner but i feel worse then when i was on the antidepressants.He took me off as it was increasing the dosage and he does not think i am taken too much. i have test for tsh. ft4 and ft3 everytime my dosage is increased as requested by him.

Here are the results for 25mg when:(19.8.11)

Antibodys TGI =100.2 (0-4.11)


FT4=18.2 (12-22)

FT3=4.9 (3.9-6.7)

I went up 50mg and 75mg did another blodd test:(27.9.12) wen to see doctor s july 2012. this test is not valid as i had the medication before. all this time still on citalopram


FT4=23.8 (12-22)


I went up 100mg (10.12.12)


FT4=17.7 (12-22)

I went up to 125mg. (25.02.13)

TSH=0.03 (0.27-4-20)


FT3=4.8 (3.9-6.7)

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Hi Anuska,

Your situation seems very complicated and I'm not medically qualified to comment but on reading your recent blood tests they are within the range. Perhaps a holistic practitioner could help?

I'm sorry I cannot help but good luck with your endeavours.


Hi Anuska,

I was treated for depression for many years before I was diagnosed as being hypo. In my case I didn't get any better with antidepressants. When you cut down you can feel much worse because of a withdrawal. This can go on for many months, some would argue years. Also you must be aware that some antidepressants actually affect your absorbtion of Levo. The mix of levo and antidepressants can give you horrible symptoms too.

Would it be a good idea to get some T3 in? I know this has helped many patients with low mood. I am a patient of Dr S too, and I know he likes to see how you are doing on higher doses of levo. A lot of patients are under medicated by their GP's, so this is the best/ cheapest option. If you are not making progress other treatments are looked at.

Please PM me if you need anymore info. XX


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