Good morning,

still got snow but not very deep. Hope not too bad for you guys up there in Scotland. It seems its caught a lot of motorists out in Sussex.

Day 2 for Elissa and Buttons. well done the worse day has passed it will get easier . :)

Kevin hope the grunt has gone. :D

Day 5 hoojafudge almost a week keep positive. :)

Tom 1 year older and wiser. :) 58 days today yahoo!

Linda sorry missed your birthday last week.


Whatever your planning for today enjoy and stay focused. Sorry if i havent mentioned all of you but there are so many people now it could take all morning. However what a good sign that we are all on here for one reason to be NON- SMOKERS.

catch up later. Sue are you awake? put the kettle on :D


oops! sorry morning Emjay. :P ( cant forget the boss) :D

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  • Good morning evening, just off for the dreaded treatment, third of the way there after today, 12 more to go. It's a lovely day here in Chesterfield, sun shining but looks cold. Would like to stay in bed but 40 mile trip to do! Good luck to everyone today hope that you can add another day of being a non-smoker. I am now down to less than 5 a day hoping to cut these out in next few days and then I can join you all. Whatever you are doing today keep smiling and enjoy :)

  • Well done Simba on cutting down, your doing really well :) Good luck with todays treatment, hope you don,t suffer to much. Its freezzzzzzzzzzzzing here in Liverpool but nice and bright. When you get home from Hosp: trip you can put your Pj,s on and relax in the nice and warm. You take care.



  • like the pic. :)

  • Hi Simba well done on cutting down. You will soon be a non- smoker, just wait and see. :)

  • That sounds like a fantastic idea, can't wait for some warm weather.:)

  • Hey all

    Its a ok day up here in North of Scotland (bit chilly but its dry and not snowing)

    On a depressing note Ive just had to turn down 3 full days work working in a classroom because I do Tues-Friday working in a school for 2 hours each if those days and Im contracted so I cant not go :(

    The classroom would mean more money per hour and it would really needed just now but hey spthings happen :(

    And had to put the car into garage again because of ANOTHER puncture grrrrrrrr

    Never mind tomorrow is another day, just cant wait to get today over with at the moment. Nearly school holidays so thats a bonus ;)

  • Hi Sarah, shame about missing the extra work. Never mind love. soon be the hols. :)

    yake it easy whilst you can. xxxxx

  • Goo Morning everyone,

    Just managed to get on here now, I gave up last night after trying for 2 hours, how come some of us are getting on but some aren't :o so the kettle is late Jillygirl, but it;s on now :D :D

    That's great that your cutting down Simba :) you'll soon be joining us, good luck with your treatment today, i hope you don't suffer :)

    Never mind Sarah, I'm sure something else will turn up, hope you get your car back soon :) and I'm sure your day will get better :)

    The snow has nearly melted here and it's not as cold as yesterday, thank goodness, stay warm everyone, it's definetly a jim jam day by a cosy fire :) I'm off for a cuppa if anyone wants one :) xx

  • Hi Sue , what a morning. Dare I say that the site ,( whispering!) seems to be working. :O

    Have to get the kettle on again and the goodies out. :)


  • Good Morning Everyone,

    wowser, what a challenge we all seem to have had getting on here this morning!

    It's not just our community though, all the other Health Unlocked communities are having the same and I have been told that it is being looked into :-)

    Simba, thats some journey for your treatment. Are you driving there? It's all positive though as it's the road to recovery. You have done absolutely brilliantly by cutting down on so many. We'll get you there all in your own time :-)

    Sue, I'll provide the biscuits and also a lovely serving of fresh cold cut up fruit too... for the health concious :D

    Sarah, keep focussing on the positive, like how many more sleeps you have for your jollies :D Just think of the fun you'll all have and make sure you keep seeing your money jar being filled up with the pounds that you would have spent on those awful white sticks :D

    Thats a nice post Mad, The suggestion of Pj's and relaxing sounds really inviting to me too :-) Will you be going out on one of your walks today?

    Right, I'm off for a catch up in case I've missed anything :-)

  • Hurry up missus, your cuppa will be going cold. :D

  • Oh John sorry you nearly missed the cake.

    Here you are. :)


  • Hello all again, I think I may whisper this too dont want to spook anything, however I have just confirmed the sale of our house and the purchase of the flat. So the couple just like to stress me out. :)


    All being well it should go to plan. Otherwise I am off to live in Petes shed. :D


  • Know what you mean john. :)

  • Hi all

    Jilly girl thank you so much for the beautiful b/day card and that is brilliant news about the house :) :)

    Hope your treatment goes well Simba and well done on cutting down so much. Keep your chin up Sarah something will come along soon that fits in with what you need xx

    Hope everyone enjoys the tea and cake coz I am off to work now and that means no more chatting for me.

    Ah well best get out the PJ's now :) :)

    Have a great day all

    Linda xx

  • Thank you linda. xxx enjoy the rest of your day. :)


  • Thank you for everyone's good wishes, 5 treatments down, 10 more to go. Then down with the Cigs!! Good luck to Buttons and Elissa - welcome Day 3. :) Hope everyone has a lovely relaxing evening. Sue x

  • Hi everyone,

    My daughter popped in for a visit, so that saved me going to her, she's getting fed up now, she wants her baba born now, she'a got 8 weeks to go :)

    That's brilliant news about your house Jillygirl :) hope you don't have to live in Pete's shed, it might be a tad cold :D :D,

    hope you all have a lovely relaxing evening :) xx

  • Hi Sue, 8 weeks will soon go. exciting times! It will seem like forever to your daughter.

    How are you feeling today? hope your not too bad. :)

  • hi Jillygirl, I'm not too bad today, thanks, :) the painkillers seem to be doing there job, just wish the hospital would hurry up

    How's your daughter, I hope she is feeling a bit better :)

  • Sarah sends her love, she knows you as the lady with the spears. It was when you sent me youres when I was in hospital. She still has pain but is off work and resting. May be better after Friday. :)

  • Aww I feel for her, I really do, I had terrible pain before i got my gallbladder removed cause it became infected, so I kinda know how she feels, I hope the hospital move their butts and help her

    Tell Sarah I send my love to her, and some spears to help he through this and chase the pain away :) xx


  • Hi soon to be grandma :) hope you're feeling better,you're poor daughter last bit is the worst but as we all know (well us mums) its all forgotten when that little one comes out :)..pic is of my lovely grandson x

    Jillygirl hope they sort your daughter soon poor lass ,not very nice at all x

    Pete hope you're well and chirpy as usual :)x

    Been lovely and sunny here,cold but sunny..my kitchen is half way there but oh never again the stress is toooo much lol.

    Im off to bed ..taking dad to hospital tomorrow to get ortho to see why his back so sore .

    night all xx

  • She will love that pic. cheers Sue.


    Sue and I want to know :-


  • Ha ha ha am here now Jillygirl, love the pics gal :D :D :D

    It's a bit cold to play outside, and my shed is full of squatters :o :D :D but there's plenty of room in my garage :) and ave got a heater in it :) :)

  • And I dont like being called Peter either :P :P

  • Aup Sue, am glad your a bit better today gal :) :) and I hope you stayed in out of the cold :) :)

  • ooooooooooooooooh! Dont like your sunday name eh. Okay bu..............lugs er PETE :D

    Hope you didnt work too hard today.

    anyway here is your evening treat.


  • If my mam or dad shouted Peter :o then I knew it was time I wasnt there :( but if they shouted Pete, I new I was in good books :) :)

  • Hi Pete, I stayed in all day, in my cosy jim jams, been told by the doc to rest, so I'm doing that to the max :D :D

  • Hmmmm so you can do what you are told if you want too then :o :D :D :D

  • Careful Pete, Sue got those spears sharpened today. :P

  • Yep, but only if i'm told to rest :D :D :D

  • Jillygirl, erm not quite sure what my treat is :o :o :D :D

  • Hi all,

    Hope that everyone is well! A big well done to all those embarking on a smoke-free life!

    Am feeling a bit ropey today. Had a stress echocardiogram yesterday, I had a dye injected un to my vein, and they had to inject it in a few times. When they went in the vein it hurt like hell! I went all light headed and felt sick, then they had me running on a treadmill, and one of the technicians knocked the canula, twice before having more dye put in whilst I was walking very fast, uphill on the treadmill! Then when they took it out, it wouldn't stop bleeding, and blood spurted everywhere, I nearly fainted again! Then after my arm had been strapped up to stop the bleeding, it all swelled up! Arm is a lot better today, but I have felt well under par! To be fair, the staff were lovely, but they were a bit heavy handed!

    I went to work this morning and was doing some training with someone who didn't appear to be listening to what I said, and did her own thing, despite me showing her what to do! I was rather direct with her, she didn't come up to scratch!

    My tumble dryer is now fixed, yay, the fixer man came this afternoon! I came home from work and cleared the part of the kitchen that's been decorated, ready for the decorator tomorrow. Had a lovely casserole for tea, it was well yummy.

    The weather warmed up today, was 7 degrees on the car temp gauge, lots better than yesterday when it didn't get above -1 here! A little bit of snow this morning but it soon went!

    Hope that your daughter is on the mend soon Jilly and fab news on the house front!

    Hope that your treatment goes well Simba and well done on cutting down.

    Pete, is your mum okay now?

    Am looking forward to tomorrow, I can take this ambulatory monitor off, it's been on 7 days!

    Laters all, soz for whinging! Tis jim jam time methinks!


  • Hi Chickles, I'm sorry you had such a bad time at the hospital, but at least that's it done now, and you moan all you like :)

    It's good that your tumble dryer is fixed, I know I couldn't live without mine, have a great relaxing evening :) xx

  • Hi ya Jan :) :) God you have bin through it gal :( and if it helps you Jan, then yeah you flippin come on here and moan and shout gal :) :) it does you good to have a moan and shout :) :)

    My mams about the same Jan, thank you for asking :) we should know more this week, when they get the results :)

  • Aww bless you both Sue and Pete! They said my heart looked okay,the extra beats, which are common, showed up, but the scans have to be looked at by a senior doctor just to make sure and then the ambulatory monitor has be assessed. I have 'menopausal' hot flushes which gives me palpatations as well!

    Hopefully they'll get to the bottom of what is wrong with your mum Pete!

    Thanks for putting up with me, tis much appreciated!


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    The man asks: 'Is it serious, doctor?' and the doctor replies: 'I'm sorry to tell you, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.'

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  • :D :D :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D love it gal :D :D

  • So if Sue calls me Peter, then I'de best put them books down the back of my trousers then :o :D :D :D

  • you sure had Pete :D :D :D

  • Hi Chickles , which hospital did you go to? I keep going to jimmys. although I have a ct scan next monday at l.g.i. Its horrid when your veins hurt . I was the same when I had the chemo. Thank goodness dont have it anymore.. As for whinging thats what we all do best on here. nite nite love. xx

  • Right everyone , time for jim jams and horlicks. so night night all luvs ya, xxxx

    sleep tight. xxxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, you make sure them jim jams are nice and warm before you get into them :o :) sweet dreams and luvs ya loads :) :) xxxxxx

  • nite nite Jillygirl, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xxxx

  • I'm off too, hot chocolate time

    nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, luy yas :) xxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Sue, enjoy your hot choccy :) and sleep well, luvs ya :) :) xxxxx

  • Hi Jilly,

    I was at the LGI at the Cardio Unit. Good luck with your CT scan chuck! I don't think that my dye was half as bad as what you experienced with your chemo! You're so right though, hurty veins are awful! I'm a dreadful patient! Am a proper wuss when it somes to having needles and things, that stems back to when I was in hospital being prodded and needled and scanned what seemed like everyday, when I had my stent put in my brain. When I had one of my CT scans, they missed my vein with the dye and injected it straight in to my arm, my arm was like Popeye's lol.

    Bless you for putting up with my whinging, I don't do it that often :)


  • Like i said Jan, you come and have a whinge if you want to, cos it does you the world of good :) :) nearly as good as quitting smoking :D :D

    Nite nite gal and sweet dreams xxx :)

  • Nighty night Pete chuck!

    Sweet dreams to you too!


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