DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 04/03/2013

DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 04/03/2013

Good morning you lovely people. I hope the weather is good where you are.

Anyone doing anything special today? Enjoy your day and keep thinking positive.

Positive thinking is what I am doing today, as someone has backed out of buying one of the houses. So my house is back on the market. However I did get a lot of interest last week so I am hoping I dont have to wait too long.

Anyway what will be , will be.

I might just do a bit of baking today, to keep me busy. ( ok John I will let you know when its ready :D )

Have a lovely day. catch up later on. :)

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  • Morning jill, you are on the go early today :)

    Its Monday which means I have a day to myself and can get on with housework etc without being pestered by the kids ;)

    That is such a shame about your house, did they give reasons?

    Fingers crossed that you dont have a long wait to get it sold. It must be a horrid time to try sell/buy a house.

    Baking sounds lovely Jill, what you going to make?

    The speciality in this house is shortbread and chocolate brownies (and dont start on another foodJohn)

    Hope you have a great day Jill

  • Fancy making a lemon cake.

    As far as the house is concerned , it was some first time buyers who backed out of buying from the lady who was going to buy ours. Hubby down at estate agents now. will have to see.


  • When one door closes another opens, it happened for a reason. Have a nice baking day :)

  • Morning all! Well it's Day 1 of my journey! Feeling VERY positive cos this is it - I'm not ever going back....been there done that and bought the bloody T shirt...lol! Anyway was up at 6.30 patch on and rearing to go. I'm so glad I now have access to you guys at home (at work at the moment) so I can just come on here if I'm struggling this evening, with Hubby puffing away!

    Have a great day everyone, will catch up later!

    Dawn xxx

  • Good luck Dawn, you CAN do it :) Chase your Hubby in the garden when he,s smoking, that might make it a little easier for you, shouldn,t be smoking in the house anyway, it makes all the walls yellow ( yuk ) God knows what colour our insides are, doesn,t bare thinking about :( Anyway I hope you find it a bit easier this time around.


  • Good Morning all :) I overslept a bit this morning,so now trying to rev up my engine and get going lol. Off to take my older lady to see her hubby in an hour,so cant really start on anything big..but hope later to get first coat on kitchen walls ..hopefully :).

    I think for now a spot of ironing. :( ..Ill be glad to get my kitchen back and bake again..ooh in my brand new oven ..oh yes I cant wait :))..

    Good luck Dawn hope you're day goes well :)

    Jillygirl sorry to hear about the jouse but I think mad's got it right :)although i can imagine its a stressful moment when it happens.Enjoy your baking ..lemoin cake .mmm :)

    Sarah you can send some down south please :)

    Mad hope whatever you are doing ,you enjoy :)...

    right i really better get this ironing done..you can see im poutting it off cant you lol..right here goes..ironing..catch you later folks xx jan

  • Good morning everyone,

    no baking being done here today, need to get housework done then waiting on a new settee suite coming, next decorating job; the spare bedroom.

    sorry about your house sale Jillygirl i'm sure it will all turn out fine :) lemon cake is yummy, send some north please :D :D :)

    good luck Dawn, you'll do this, stay positive :) Sarah hope you have a good day :) hope your day goes well mad, whatever you do :) I see your the same as me Jan, anything to not iron :D :D :)

    I'm away to put the kettle on if anyone wants a cuppa :) x

  • Good morning everyone, wow, just as I start typing the sun starts to shine - hurray! 8-) :) I'm really hoping to get out and at least cut the grass today other wise it'll be Easter and up to my knees. :o

    Jilly, sorry that you're sale's fallen through, such a nightmare trying to sell property. :( I always try not to think about it until signed on the dotted line and the first round never seems to come to fruition. I'm sure that my sleepless nights started when I put my house on the market 5 years ago (probably co-incided with "that" time of life too :o ). Lemon cake sounds lovely but I can't, thanks, as I'm banned from eating cake at the moment! I'll donate my piece to John. :D :D

    Dawn and Jan, good luck on your day 1 today, don't forget you've got each other. ;-) :)

    Sue, make sure your hubby does the decorating from now on, won't you. :)

    Sarah, glad you enjoyed the boot sale yesterday and made a little bit extra for the pot - have you any idea how much it is to go in one of the theme parks in Florida? I tmight be woth checking out if you can get deals online before you go, bet you could save a bucket-load then. Enjoy your baking. :)

    See you later. :)

  • Hello , baking done.


    Heres one just for you John. :)


  • mmmm lovely cake jillygirl :) :)

    Hi Sue im in the throws of a bit of diy..paintbrush coming out this afternoon :) having done ironing and vaccuming,I looked at garden and thought nah..one project at a time..kitchen first,need it ready for the weekend and units.

    It is lovely here isnt it Andi :) blossam on the trees,sun shining,very nice.

    just going to pop my dads ,then redo my lady then home and ..paint paint paint..lol xxjan

  • I'm glad you've got some sun today Andi, i wouldn't want to send a search party to your garden to find you :D :D :D hobby and son are decorating now, i'm just gonna supervise :D :) hope you have a great day :) x

    Jillygirl that cake looks yummy, think i'll be coming to yours for tea :D :) i tried to cook one once, don't know what i did wrong cause i followed the recipe, but it came out looking like a frisbee :D :D :D

  • Wow Jilly, they do look good..... can I get a bit of the one withJ on it please? What is it anyway? Looks good, not a fan on lemon cake :(

    Well productive morning, Ive cleaned the kids bedroom carpets with the carpet cleaner, going to do hall next.

    Ive sent off job application which I filled in this morning :)

    Been on the phone to the council about my tax and I'll have to sort that out coz if I do get/take this new job I'll be paying 20% tax and I dont even earn enough in the 1st job to pay tax, sounds straight forward enough though :)

    Its a drizzly day here so no washing but thats ok coz getting plenty other things done ;)

    Going to tackle kitchen next and get tea made (roast beef and the trimmings )

    We all deserve a little oversleep every now and again, I cant wait till the holidays and I can switch the alarm off for 2 weeks!!

  • Hi Sarah, hope you like coffee cake. :)

  • unfortunately I dont like coffee cake but it looks so good I'd give it a try ;)

    I've done most of the weeks 'to do' list so will have to add baking to the list for one of the days!

  • Let me know what your favourite is. :)

  • At the moment Im loving oven scones!!!!! Very plain I know but I dont go for allthe sweet stuff. Im a savory girl lol

  • Hi Sarah,I see you've had a busy day as well, I'm plodding along doing bits at a time, wish i could do it quicker though, i'd be finished now :)

    That lemon cake was just what i needed Jillygirl, thank you, had a piece just now with my cuppa, another 10 mins then I'll start again, or maybe 20 :D :D :)

    Hope everyone is having a great craving free day :) x

  • Or 30 , or 40 .......... Whooooooooosh!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  • :D :D I might not start again :D :D :D

  • Jilly, those cakes look wonderful, I could eat all of them! :D :D

    Just come in from the garden 2 1/2 hours at a time is enough for anybody - especially when you get to my age! :o :D :D It's turned into a fabulous day, got the grass cut and did a little bit of weeding and snipping, looks a bit tidier now. :) Think I'll get myself out for a bit now, see you later. :)

  • Have you not been outside enough then Andi :o :D :D :D

  • I meant out out as in out of the house/garden - change of scene. I need petrol, stopped at Tesco and they didn't have any normal unleaded - have to be tomorrow now. Visited a friend - she's trying to get over a lurgy. It was flu-like to start, has been going on over 2 weeks. She went to the doc's last Fri, told to see a nurse who gave her a puffer! :o What she needs is antibiotics cos that's what's clearing everyone else's up! Anyway, we're going out for a little walk by the sea tomorrow while the weather's still nice. :)

  • I have had a busy day, done the kitchen and re-arranged sons room seeing I had all his stuff out to clean the carpet.

    I cant believe how dirty our hall was! Goes to show you really should take your shoes off at the door!!

    I think I'll leave the washing floor till tomorrow, needing a rest me thinks ;)

  • ooh ,ouch,ahh..think a radox bath in order tonight. primed new plaster,removed upstand without breaking any tiles !,removed some units and contents..i pooped :) just had a lovely veggie burger and salad and the most delicious frozen yogurt made by Lick..so yummy,will definately buy that again :) Off to see dad as he was out earlier..then a soak for my aches and a make sure i have everything for interview tomorrow(yes another one this is the charity shop one.) Day one threw up very few niggles :),replaced some coffee with a lovely camomille and apple tea ..very nice

    right off to dads ...catch you later :) :)

  • Wow sounds like you have had a very productive day Jan.

    Where do you get your veggie burgers from? The last time I tried one I didnt like it but maybe it was just the brand rather than the burger........

    Good luck for your interview tomorrow. This is the one you want isnt it?

    I was thinking a bath would be good too coz Ive got a very sore back :(

    Im feeling very bloated and fat tonight, I got a fright when I was closing the curtains and side on it looks like I am 5 months pregnant :(

    Serious diet starts tomorrow..... pigging out tonight in prep for tomorrow ;)

  • Are you sure Sarah? ;-) :D :D

  • Ive been needing to do something about my weight even before I stopped smoking

    I just dont feel as well as I should for having given up smoking.... having trouble breathing and really bloated the WHOLE time and it's getting worse (and Im not even eating much rubbish, prob less than before)

  • I find exercise is the key for me - as well as eating less. Went out to friend's for dinner last night and absolutely pigged out. Meal would have been ok but then there's bowls of nibbles stuck under your nose and chocs after and I couldn't resist them as I haven't really had any for a month. :o

  • Ya think your right. My main exercise is housework just now

    Im hoping that if I do get this job in the evenings I will loose some weight coz when I was working full time I lost 2 stone.

    I stopped working full time Feb last year and since then the 2 stone I lost went back on (which was NOT wanted) and now more has gone on and Im not very big so any little bit of weight is not good :(

    When the weather gets better I can get out walking/cycling more too. I have the motivation now coz of our holiday and I dont want to be feeling/looking like this ;)

  • lol..think we both been overdoing jobs today. Yes this is the one i want really really want:) although they also have a sales assitant post going now at my favourite branch so ive applied for that to lol.:)

    first use of inhalator today

  • Weather sparkling here. the sun shone through the car window on my way to work. That's the first time I have seen the sun going to work this year. On my way home, I spotted a break in a hedgerow. I've never noticed it before as it has been dark on the way home or the hedge has been leafy and not shown a gap. Anyway, though this gap, I saw a waterfall, just a fleeting glimpse but a waterfall I have never seen before. I must explore this.


  • Lovely afternoon wasn't it? So nice that it's gone 6 now before having to shut curtains. :)

  • OMG, you put me completely to shame. Haven't you all been so busy? It always amazes me how much people get done in a day. Lemme see now what have I done today, umm well I went on the internet to look at putting mapmywalk on my phone amongst other things, then I tried it out and walked a couple of miles. Then made lunch, then ummm went back on the internet. Did manage to throw the recycling out and some rubbish collected from my daughters old bedroom windowsill from last week that needed sorting. It's actually been there since she moved into her own place in March 2010, aww almost 3 years and it was already actually on the windowsill before she went. What I want to know is how you all do so much and stop smoking. Stopping smoking really does render me motionless. I just can't do stuff like cleaning and sorting etc, 10 minutes and I start getting really annoyed and just want to smoke.

  • Sin, that sounds more like me. Since I quit I find it so difficult to get myself motivated to do anything around the house or garden. I'll always find something else to do, like coming on here or doing nothing - anything, in fact, but do the housework. :( At least it's only me at home so it doesn't matter. :o

    I've looked into some of those mapping sites and I find the one that's most user-friendly is mapometer. Don't know if you can put it on your phone though as I haven't got one of those new-fangled smart phone thingeys. :o :D

  • hehee, so glad its not just me that doesn't do much. Mind you at least you have a good excuse because you've been stopped smoking much longer than me. I wasn't much better when I used to smoke apart from I could just about manage to get my ass into gear if I could break it all up with smoking breaks.

    I've not heard of that one, mapometer, am going to have a look in a minute. Why don't you treat yourself to a smartphone with the money you have saved from stopping smoking? They're easy to use, my husband's got one and he never used to get on well with mobile phones :D

  • I'll probably get one eventually. I don't really use the mobile much - just to do texting mainly. The main thing I'd want one for would be for tracking apps - especially for skiing. I've got a garmin for running and I also take on walks now and used it when on the bike last time too. I'm sure it would work for skiing but would need to be on most of the day and it's a bit bulky on the wrist. :)

  • stick it in your pocket, they're resilient as I can testify. I think it was my phone in my pocket that I broke my rib on when I fell off my bike, phone was fine though :)

  • A few years ago when skiing, we called it the "year of the ribs". So many people we knew broke ribs and a lot of them were done by phones in those chest pockets they put on jackets. If you're doing any sport, don't put a phone in that pocket! :)

  • So what happens when you put your phone in your trouser pocket then !!?? :o :o

  • I don't know where your ribs are but just think about what you can fall on when you fall over. :)

  • Hmmmm I'de best keep it in my back pocket then eh :) :)

  • I find actaully doing something helps keep my mind away from fags....... I want a fag and I go and do something productive...... its great coz the hall carpet has had a huge stain on it and Ive eventually got it cleaned

    Get a 'to do' list sin for the week and tick off when you done it, the more you have on the better coz then the day will pass quicker and you will feel double the achievement (no smoking and a lovely tidy house/room)

  • Aw, have tried Sarah. I write lists, it all starts off OK but then I get bored, then I get ratty, then I think like Andi that I'll just check facebook or email or something and then 3 hours later I'm still sat there.

  • :D :D :D

  • Haha I do that too, usually get whats on list done by mid morning!!

  • That's a good idea, to get up and go. I blame my hubby, he's retired now so as soon as he gets up he sits down with his bowl of cereal and the laptop and goes on the internet, so then I do and before you know it the mornings gone. Ah well I keep looking at getting organised websites and I've bought a couple of 'clear the clutter' books but I never read them, I cleared the clutter though, I took the books to the local charity shop :D

  • I just read that and it doesn't sound right does it? Haha, I didn't mean go I meant the best thing is to get up in the morning, get everything done then the rest of the day is your own.

  • I knew what you ment, I really should keeothe housework till afternoon though coz that when I crave fags the most but I tried that and ended up doing nothing for days and ended up with a very dirty house!!

  • Oh my... all this lovely food... Vegi burger (an absolute fav) lemon cake, coffee cake and scones....

    Yummy :-)

    Love the today's pic Jillygirl, spring is really here... Early start for me.... Top of Leckhampton hill with fury friends by 6:30 this am, oh my that fresh spring air was good...

    Well done Dawn and Jan sounds like you've been keeping busy... Best way...

    And a big clap to Fags and Buddyboo one month today :-) :-)

    Made it to the 2 week milestone, hanging in there :-) splashed out on a very SMALL bottle of Jo Malone as a well done to myself. At £38 not sure the maths quite work (£8 a week on tobacco!) but should have balanced itself out by month end, plus had 2 weeks smelling perfume fresh as opposed to nico stained ;-) ;-)

    Credit card now locked behind bars for another two weeks...

  • Hiya Suze and well done on getting 2 weeks behind you now. :) When are you going out for your next run?

  • OMG Lime Basil & Mandarin is to die for. Got some body lotion for Christmas off an employer once, the only time I've ever been lucky enough to try Jo Malone, I loved it.

  • ah but Jo Malone smells much better than £8 worth of baccy :) :) a well deserved gift to yourself :)

  • Understand what you mean about the housework thing, still any distraction is good whether that be housework or mapping cycle / walking routes on here!! :-)

  • Hi Andi, was planning a run tonight, however can hardly walk today after yesterday's work out at the gym! Can't even laugh without hurting!!! No pain no gain eh? :-) tomorrow is yoga the run Weds I hope... How bout you?

  • How mad, that's what I've purchased! Came across in Harvey Nics in Bristol about a month ago... been thinking bout it ever since, lovely fresh citrus scent, perfect for a smoke free spring!! :-)

  • I ran yesterday and am planning tomorrow. That will be the last one of my week 8 (28 mins) then I'll hopefully finish the c25k programme (3 x 30 mins) after my holiday. I did think it felt marginally easier yesterday so hope tomorrow's is even better. :)

  • How bout delete them as a Facebook?

  • ? I don't understand! :o

  • sorry, I deleted my comment as an afterthought must have been at the same time you commented. Was false alarm anyway, one of those stupid messages that get sent remotely and made to appear to come from a friend and sent to everyone on their friends list. So glad, as I've done really well today at not having cravings.

  • Good evening Pete, have you had a good day? :)

  • Ok girls, sorry not been on much tonight. My eyes are shutting. Prob cos I am looking at property for sale. Will see you all tomorrow. :) :)

    just for sarah. xxx



  • Hi ya Jillygirl :) :)

    It's just great to see you open the Daily chat gal, and with a lovely pic of tulips to brighten the day :) :)

    Huh dont i get no grub then :o :(

  • Nite nite jillygirl, you take it steady gal :) it's lovely to see you around, it is :) :) sleep well Jillygirl and luvs ya loads and loads gal :) xxxxx

  • Good evening Andi :) I see you have bin a busy little bee in your garden then, nice one gal :) :)

  • Make's a change, eh? :)

  • Tooooo flippin right gal :D :D :D

  • Dawn I hope your first days not bin toooo bad for you :) :) you sound really positive this time :) we will be with you all the way gal, so if you want a moan, then come on here and shout about it ;o :) :)

  • No nor me, typo on my part! Right, so early night for me, feeling rather sleepy! Well done on the gardening today Andi, got quite abit to do myself and Hello hello and good nite favourite Monky ;-) hoping those farmers haven't been keeping you too busy today... :-)

    Suzzie Suze :-) xxx

  • Aup Suzzie :) yep them flippin farmers have kept me rite busy today :o but I do like it busy cos the time goes quicker :) :)

    Hmmmm I was going to nip over and give you a massage to loosen you up abit, but am toooo late :( :( Nite nite gal and get a good nights sleep :) xxxx

  • Nit nite Jilly, hope you have a nice long sleep. :) xxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Suze - you've had a long day, I'm sure you'll sleep well. :) xxx

  • Where's Sue gone then :o or need I ask :D :D

  • I guess she's nodding - she's had a busy day today - supervising, making tea and sounds like my trick - procrastinating! :o :D :D

  • Is that pro thing easy to do then :o :o

  • It might be easier for some than others - me? I'm an expert at it (as you know!) :D :D :D

  • Really easy Pete, I find it an absolute doddle too. :)

  • Hi ya Sinfree :) I hope your keeping focused and positive :) :)

    Yeah you Ladies seem to find it easy, but am having a job with it at the moment :o :D :D

  • Hi Pete, ha, don't you believe it. Yesterday I was ready for packing the Champix in. I'm still convinced that stuff is a massive con. S'rubbish. I have constant cravings, but am totally stuck. I tried having a lozenge yesterday because I was so fed up. I only got half way through it and had to throw it away, it tasted disgusting. At least if I didn't take the rubbish Champix I could have NRT and sooth my cravings, this way we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Bloody rubbish that champix. So don't you be thinking you're failing cos you're not, you're a trooper just like I keep telling myself I am :)

  • In fact am so disillusioned with the stuff that I went on google this morning trying to dig some dirt on Champix, trying to see if anyone had done some serious research into it to prove its a psychological rip off and that all this receptor stuff was a load of crap. Unfortunately I could only find evidence of Americans trying to claim it made them suicidal, ha probably because they still wanted to smoke.

  • Do you think us blokes could do it :o cos I wouldnt mind trying it myself :D :D

  • Not sure if you'd get away with it cos you've got a " 'er indoors " to get on your arse. :D :D

  • :D :D ave just asked you a question on one of your blogs up there a bit :o :)

  • Rite, got to go get my beauty sleep, up for running in the morning. :)

    Nite nite Pete and everyone else, sweet dreams. :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hmmm It looks like I've sent you to sleep as well Andi :o :D :D

    So I will say nite nite young Lady, enjoy your run tomorrow :) and get a good nights sleep :) :) xxxxxx speak tomorrow :)

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