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Daily Chat: Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Daily Chat: Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening to all you winners :D

Sorry I didn't make it on here properly yesterday - it was more of a flying visit behind the scenes! I was in back to back meetings all day and the one post I did put up didn't seem to make an appearance! :o :o

Welcome back to our lovely JillyGirl, you just take it easy and make sure you gradually build up on your good old nuttiness :-/ :D :D I guess you notice that you have been sorely missed? Although I have to say, you sure have taught others well as we have had a fair few nutty parties going on ;-) All in good spirit though and they have helped keep those piggin' cravings at bay :D

Veekatz, lovely to hear from you again and it sounds as though life is starting to treat you a lot more kindly - health wise. Good to hear how well Poppy has settled into your new found life and I'm sure she's great company :D

Pete, I hope that night shift isn't causing you too much bother, don't forget to take your torch with you as I believe there will be a few badges along the way for you to collect - If it's dark we wouldn't want you to miss them now ;-)

Al, I hope the sun is shining for you all today and you are having a good day in work :-)

Morriemoo Ian, lovely to see that you've reached another month in, thinking back to what you went through when you you initially gave up smoking - this is a well deserved milestone - bring on your one year, it's only round the corner ;-)

YorkiePam, almost 2 weeks under your belt now - I hope you managed to get a good nights kip in last night. Stick at it and keep marching forward :-)

Briarwood, How are you doing? any nice pictures or motivational messages to share with us today? :-)

Droopy, how have the cravings been for you this week so far? I know you seemed to have a few visits from them last week? I hope you have a nice day :-)

Glolin, how are you getting on now? Keep putting those pennies away and focus on your trip to America next year ;-) I bet your son will be well proud of you :-)

Mrssunnyside - I must check to see if that pesky 11 month badge turned up - It has caused me no end of bother this week - It seems a bit squashed in appearance - hopefully HealthUnlocked have helped me to mend it - If not, we just need to get you to your 3 month badge instead ;-)

Helen -(YellowSnowdrop) I bet you are on the count down to your trip away - Is it September that you are going? I bet you canny blinkin' wait :D :D

Jamesfor, welcome to Quit Support, I hope that your headaches are not as bad (or not there at all) today - Keep on keeping on and you'll see them off, plenty of fresh air and water! :-)

DeeFB - Almost at your 2 month mark, come on now - you can do this ;-)

Sin, Andi, Sue and Sue-Betts hope you are all well too ;-)

Big waves to everyone else looking in, give us a shout if you need us :-)

Today is a good day and we never know what it may bring 8) - Lets look out for some nice surprises :-)

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Good morning Emjay and all my fellow quitters :)

You said let's look out for some nice surprises, so this one is for all of you :)

Have a good smoke free day :) x


:) :) :)


Good Morning Emjay and the rest of you lovely people :). It is evening for me here in Australia. I so love this group. the support and inspiration is amazing.


Glolin, good morning now then gal :) :) even if your from over the pond, it dosnt matter to us gal, cos your one of us :) one of the QUITTERS MOB :) :D :D and as you know, we all try to help each other :) :)


Good Morning Everyone :) Hope everyone has a Fantastic Smoke Free Day! Thought I would start off my morning with hitting #5 on EmJay's list:) A nice warm gooey chocolate brownie! Yum Yum ;)


Sounds delicious mmmmmmm :) x


Hi Emjay

Thanks for the mention in your post :) mmmm the cravings are driving me nuts but I am just trying to get thru them.... am still carrying around the lozenges and a spare patch but am trying not to use them as I have been nic free for almost 7 weeks now, don't really want to go back to them if I can help it. I know that if it gets toooo bad then I will coz I know I don't want to go back to smoking..... I think its coz I am really stressed out at work at the mo :( :)


Droopyj, I bow down to you young Lady, cos your one hell of a fighter :) :) to be nic free for very nearly 7 weeks, is just astounding :) :) erm, dont know what it means but it sounds good eh :D :D

Hay, J :) your tooooo stronger ermmmm, Lady to go back to you know who eh :) :) :) I know what you mean about work :o but we all have to keep smiling :) dont we :) :P :P :P :D :D :D


Love it Emjay :) :)

Hay gal, just slow down a bit eh, cos your working far toooooo hard :o just give yourself some time to recharge your batteries :) :)

I think all the badges have been court :) well for now that is eh :)

Take care Emjay, a luvs ya ta bits gal a do :) :) xx


Thanks Monkey :) I do feel like one of the quitter mob :). I reach my 4 weeks tomorrow. I am still amazed at myself :) :) that I have come this far cold turkey. I don't say it has been easy. Tomorrow I intend tossing out the half a packet that I still have in my car. over these past few weeks, I feel I have been tested on several occasions and came through just fine. I am definitely very determined to stay smoke free :) :) I find the cravings are lessening both of frequency and strength, when I get one, I acknowledge it and deal with it :) What I am really loving is the app that i downloaded on my phone that tells me 26 days and 20 hours and 37 minutes smoke free which equals 805 ciggies and $617 in my pocket :) :)


Oh Glolin, I cannot believe that you are already at 4 weeks hun, that is A MAZE ING... :D If you think back to a couple of weeks ago when the wheels fell off your parrot, no petrol in your tank and to top it all the cord came off in your hands..... And look at you now....cant wait to see your shiny shiny badge :D :D :D

Pleased as punch for you and how much money have you saved.... that trip to the states is looking good :D

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Just love it :) :) xx


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