Daily Chat: Monday 9th September 2013

Daily Chat: Monday 9th September 2013

Good Morning and a Happy Monday to you all :-)

We have blue sky here today but I did have the heating on in the car this morning!

Happy belated birthday to Andi for yesterday, I hope you are now sunning it in sunny Spain - don't forget the sun-cream 8-)

Pete, sounds like you are doing well, keep up the good efforts and make sure you remember to keep your patch on :-)

JillyGirl, I hope the rainy weather hasn't stopped you from enjoying the lights at Blackpool, have fun! :-)

Sin, I know that you feel you are struggling with the amount of lozenges that you are using, try not to give yourself too much grief as you have done ever so well for not smoking. How about making a note of how many you use at the end of each day and we'll see if it's the same at the end of the week and then work out a plan of what to do next? Even if it's a plan to reduce one lozenge a day for a week until eventually you're not using any. What do you think?

Sue, I hope your flat viewing goes well today and you find your next happy new home :-)

Jonathan, bestest of wishes for another NOPE day to you :-)

Big smiles and waves to everyone else out there :D :D

:D :D Remember that you can if you think you can :D :D

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  • Good morning Emjay and everyone,

    We have grey skies here today but it's not cold, we're meant to be getting sun tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed :D

    I hope this flat is the one cause i don't want to move again. I hope you all have a great smoke free day :)

  • Hello Emjay, Sue & everyone

    Hope all is well ? Just checking in and glad to say I am with you all.

    I have NOT smoked since 27th July (+ those 20 days before that 1 day relapse) so the days & weeks are adding up, and as I get further away from smoking the less hold it has on me, I go hours now without even thinking about cigs / smoking etc, the cravings come and go but with less and less strength. So it is good news and anyone thinking of giving up then GO FOR IT, it is just great NOT to be spending you whole life thinking about smoking, smoking, getting more cigs & feeling terrible !!!

    Best wishes



  • Hi Jonathan,

    I'm glad you've had a good day, your doing brilliantly, stay strong and keep going :) your right, it is so much better not having to think about your next cig all the time.

    Have a great nope evening :)

  • Hi Sue and Jonathan, good evening - hope you're both happy bunnies. It's going to be very quiet on here with everyone away on their jollies. Was supposed to be going myself but.......weather is pretty rubbish. Feels more like October than September.

    Hi EmJay. That sounds like a plan. I will start tomorrow writing down how many lozenges I have. Too late today as I've lost count already ;) But I haven't really any idea how many I have in a day so it would be good to find out and then as you say try to cut out one a day.

  • Hi Sinfree,

    Yes the weather is awful at the mo, it's a shame it stopped you going on holiday, it might improve though, you never know.

    I'm sure you'll kick these lozenges into touch one day at a time, the great thing is your not smoking :)

    Have a brill evening :) x

  • Hi Sue. The weather hasn't been too bad really, started off with a lovely sunny morning but then went a bit down hill, its just so cold compared to even this time last week. I keep trying with that e-cig but I dunno, I always end up reaching for a lozenge after a few puffs. Maybe if I kicked the e-cig into touch I might do a bit better. Just bugs me that everyone at work seems to be doing so well with just an e-cig and nothing else and they've only been stopped 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Hi sinfree, i know what you mean, i had the same problem with tge inhalator so i stopped using it and got on much better, which confused me a little :o :d it might be worth a try for you, just to see if it helps :)

  • Sinfree, we are all different, some people can quit quite easily, but like you and I, we find it hard, so dont you flippin think about them lot at work gal, you just concentrate on staying quit, cos your doing ever so well :) :)

    Like Sue says, the great thing is, your not smoking :) :)

  • Aww, thanks Pete :) we'll get there one day I expect.

  • Hi Sinfree

    Good evening to you - we both posted about the same time to Snowdrop & just wanted to say hello, so "Hello" !!

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jonathan. You OK? :)

  • Good evening all :)

    Well Jillygirl and Andi are on their jols now :) Hmmmm its bin quiet on here today, I wonder why :o :D :D :D

    Rite am off to read the comments, maybe wont be too long eh :o

  • Emjay, yes ave got my patch on gal and I am not going to make that mistake again :) hmmm I always seam to learn the hard way :o

    Aup Sue, its lovely to see ya gal :) I hope your fit and well, just wondering if you've bin to look at the flat yet ??

    Jonathan it sounds like you are really positive now and you are finding it easier too :) thats just great news pal, it really is :)

    Sinfree its lovely to see you too gal :) am just wondering, couldnt you replace a lozenge now and again with a sweet ? ? it may help you cut down a bit eh :o :) Or cut the lozenge in half if you can :)

  • Hey that's a good idea Pete, cutting the lozenge in half, I might try that, cos they take absolutely ages to dissolve, I'd say a good half hour, if not longer. I've tried the sweets thing, doesn't work :(

  • Hiya Pete,

    I saw the flat today, it was really nice, we go get the keys on Wednesday, once i've git settled in i might need your help with what flowers i can plant next year, it's been a long time since i had a garden, i've forgotten everyrhing :D

    I hope your day went well :)

  • Aup Sue, am so so glad the flat was right for you :) :)

    Hey so you got a garden then, thats magic gal :) and yes I will help you in any way I can Sue, you know that gal :) Yes, for saying its a Monday :o my days bin good thankyou for asking :) :)

  • Thanks Pete, i'm a bit clueless on gardens now, think i might need to get a lawnmower first, i didn't need one for my potted plant :D :)

  • That was a quick move! So you're moving next Wednesday? Or do you mean you saw the outside today and are going to look inside on Wednesday. Ooooh exciting. We've lived in our house for 25 years, would love to move just for a change but can't even imagine ever getting rid of sufficient rubbish to even contemplate it, would need half a dozen removal vans :D

  • We looked round the flat today, we get the keys on Wednesday, then get 2 weeks to move in, don't know how i'm gonna do this, i need a load of removal vans as well, and dozens of skips for the rubbish :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D you dont half tickle me gal :D mind you i know what you mean about the erm, rubbish, cos I keep clearing my garage out :o or do I just move it from one end to the other :o ''well'' it might come in handy one day, so cant chuck it eh :o :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D i think all hubbys rubbish will have to go, there's no room :o :D

  • Hey Sue, bugger the lawnmower gal, what you need is a cow :o then she would eat the grass for you and you would get fresh milk every day :D :D :D

  • Send hubby out to milk her eh :o :|

  • :D :D :D i'd love to see him milking a cow, he'd probably get mixed up and try to milk a bull :D :D :D

  • haha, yes it's definitely the men that seem to harbour stuff. Mind you I made my hubby throw an old games console away the other week out of the loft which dated back to the early 80's. Now my son reckons it might have been worth quite a bit if it was rare - ooops. Oh well it's on the tip now.

  • I know, what is it with men and keeping stuff that's no use :D :D

  • Oh well, I'm going off now to watch the rest of Doc Martin, so see you all tomorrow. Night Sue, Pete and Jonathan if you're looking in. Byeee. Sleep well.

  • Nite nite sinfree, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow :) xx

  • Nite nite Sinfree, sleep well, thats after watching Doc martin of course :) I like watching that toooo :)

    Nite nite Sue cos ave got to climb up that flippin wooden hill again to get some zzzzz, so sweet dreams to you gal and take care :)

    Nite nite everybody and remember this, dont quit quitting, cos we will do it one day :) it just may take some of us a bit longer thats all eh :) xxxx

  • I'm off to bed now as well, i have a busy day tomorrow

    nite nite Jonathan, Pete and all, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow

    :) xxxxx

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