Good morning everyone,

been snowing again this morning but at least the sun is out and got blue sky here in Yorkshire. Amazing how the sun cheers everyone up.

Buttons52 has woken up this morning with a positive attitude, which helps. good luck with your 1st day of quitting. dont worry if you find it hard, we have all been there. :)

Sinfree 6 weeks. big well done, got a video of Dave allen for you , seeing you keep feeling moody. :D

Elissa you managed 7 weeks, you can do it, with all the support and help on here you cant go wrong. :)

Kevin123 Start of your 4th week well done, no going back now you non-smoker. :)

Vertigo week 3 it gets easier well done.

So everyone have a super day.

will be back on line later.

Oh! Emjay good morniing. Only one video today (promise) :D


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  • Good morning Jillygirl and everyone,

    We have snow and blue skies here as well, it's not half cold though, think it's a duvet day, I'm glad i kept a spare one :) :D

    No going out today, just housework for me, I'd rather have gone out though :D :D Have a great day everyone, stay strong you will do this :)

    I'm away to have a cuppa if anyone wants one :) xx

  • You wanna swap days with me Sue?

    Id love a cup o coffee please, nice and strong to wake me up please x

  • Loving the photo of the kitty.

    Not such a cheery me today, eventhough its Monday :(

    I didnt get much sleep last night because of the frigging windmills in the next field, I was still awake at 3am with them making a racket, think it might be a long long day, and to top it off I got to work today which I never do (working next Monday too)

    So it is a lovely day here, got washing on and the kitchen clean already, bathrooms next and hoovering and then probably time for work by then

    Got too much good tv the next few nights so probably not muchchance of a early night, into a good book too

    8 weeks for me tomorrow, what a long 8 weeks it has been and painful. Never mind it will be worth it Im sure although I have not really felt many of the benefits yet, the sense of smell and no furry tounge yes but Im ever so bloated and look extremely pregnant (i know you put weight on but not a pregnant belly that is hard and just wont go away)

    Good job I wear baggy jumpers or I would have lots of questions being asked

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm sorry you had a bad nights sleep Sarah, these windmills are a pain, congratulations on 8 weeks tomorrow, your well on your way now :) :)

    I've just got housework done, been fed, done dishes now having a cuppa, it's needed in this cold weather, well that's my excuse :D :D I'm off out soon; going to visit my daughter :)

    have a great day everyone :) xx

  • Hello sue nand sarah,

    8 weeks I cant believe it sarah. You must be so proud of yourself. well done.

    Sue its freezing here aswell. like you say duvet day.

    Bit fed up at the mo as estate agents called. The couple who want our house have said something personaql has come up so they will let us know in a couple of days..

    What that is supposed to mean I dont know. I wish folk would just be straight talking yes or no. Good job I quit or i would have had about 20 by now. :D

    never mind its back to fingers crossed. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl.

    I am going to get rid of my TV. Dont need it you provide all the entertainment videos for FREE!!.

    Well here in Scotland it is snowing like there is no tomorrow and people are just not being able to get to work ME included.

    so I will join you for a nice cup of hot coffee and biscuit.

    Stay well,.


  • Sounds good to me Tom. snow has stopped here in Yorkshire for the moment.


  • Thanks for the cuppa and biscuits!.


  • I'm sorry your house sale has stalled Jillygirl, I'll keep my fingers crossed as well, people can be so annoying sometimes, your right, they should just say yes or no, I hope your daughter is not in any pain today :)

    Think I'll join you and Tom for coffee and a biscuit seen i'm not going out till later now :)

    don't know where about you are in Scotland Tom but here in Dundee the snow has stopped and the snow is starting to melt, i just hope it doesn't start again I think we've all had enough of this now :)

  • Thanks Sue, Daughter not oo good today. How are you hope your a bit better.

    Coffee and biscuits is about as good as it gets today I think. Ah well we plod on.

    Just have to wait for Pete to come and sort us all out this evening. :D

    ( I know impossible) :P

  • I am a bit better today, thanks Jillygirl, it's taking me ages to get on here though, think we need Pete's spears to chase the gremlins away :D

    I was gonna go and visit my daughter but it's way to cold here so I'm staying put, under the duvet :D

  • You do right keep nice and warm. looks like a hot choccie night for you. :)


  • It sure is, I'm gonna have my shower soon and get in my cosy jim jams :D :D

  • Evening Pete, Hope your not working over again. Need you to sort out these gremlins. lots of new faces today. may be you can help with your expert knowledge. :P

    will be back soon if the gremlins allow me. :)

  • Good evening everyone.I've not had a chance to get on today coz of work.

    Hope your daughter is feeling a bit better jillygirl and that is total pants about the house sale. Will keep everything crossed here that it goes ahead as planned.

    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better sue and hope you are warm and snuggly in your jim jams. That made me LOL as I have not heard it since my daughter was a toddler.

    Sorry to hear you are not getting any sleep sarah and I hope work was not too bad. Great achievement coz now you can say I havent smoked in months :) I thought it was only me who had developed a big tummy. Somebody actually asked when I was due eeek

    I have missed out on my champix for a few days as they were making me really nauseous. But have felt a bit weaker the last couple of days too. I went out on Friday and it was a surprise b/day party for my 50th. I didnt even think of cigs but seem to be struggling tonight for some reason.

    Think I will go to bed to keep temptation at bay :) :)

    Linda xx

  • Hi ya Lida :)

    HAPPY belated 50th Birthday gal :) :) hip hip hurrayyyyyyyyyy :D :D :D hmmmm a young bit a stuff eh :) :)


    You've done ever so well Lin, you have, try to stay strong and focused on your quit and come and shout about it, if you get into trouble eh :) :) Take care gal :)

  • Hi Linda, belated Happy Birthday :)

    stay strong tonight, nic will soon leave, help him along by giving him a kick, come on here if things get too bad

    Take care :)

  • Good evening everybody :) :)

    Brrrrrrrrrrrrr it's flippin cold again :o :(

    Jillygirl, love the pic gal :D :D and I hope your Daughter feels better soon :) :) hmmm bet all the biccies have gone eh :o not bothered am not :P :P

    Sue glad your feeling better today :) yeah gal you've got your head screwed on the right way :) as in staying in under that cosy duvet :) :)

  • Hi Pete, I'll try post again, if the gremlins let me GRrrrrr, think you need to get the spears to chase them away

    you know what, I've completely forgotten what i was going to say :o :D :D :D bloomin gremlins :D

  • Hi ya Sue, yes I know what you mean about the gremlins :( thought theyed had enough of us :o BUT i'm a ready for em gal, and am coming to your rescue :o :D :D


  • yeeeehhhh go get em Pete :) :D

  • Thanks for the b/day wishes and cake Pete. I am staying strong determined not to let auld nic get me this time. I would have attached some b/day cake but dont know how to.

    Happy to share with everyone.

    Thanks Pete

    Linda xxx

  • encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/...

    Saved you these Pete seeing your a star.

  • Awwwww cheers Jillygirl :P yum :P yum, I knew you wouldnt let me down :) :)

    Do you know that you have nearly dropped off the end gal :o hmmmm I wonder where you go to when you do drop off the end :o :o :D :D :D

  • Happy bithday Linda.

    I had someone say I looked healthier now than I did before (I had lost 2 stone 18 months ago and was under 6 stone) but if they saw me naked or in my not so baggy clothes they wouldnt be saying that

    Bring on the energy to loose some, Ive got less since I stopped smoking.

    Been really strong tonight because hubbys friend here tonight who I always went and had a fag with, well I could just right go a fag the night, my mouth has been watering the WHOLE day but I have not even beem out for a snif of the smoke......

    Another day nearly ever

  • Sue am after them gal :) :) charge :o


  • sorry folks but I am going to sign off now. got headache. so jim jams at the ready. luvs ya all. see you tomorrow. nite nite. god bless. xxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Jillgirl, just wondering if it's a real headache :o or is it cos you dont want to play with me tonight :o :( :D :D :D love you gal, you take care now and dont do too much at once eh :) am sending you loads of huggs and love to get rid of that headache :) have a good sleep and speak tomorrow :) :) xxxxxx

  • Nite nite Jillgirl, just wondering if it's a real headache :o or is it cos you dont want to play with me tonight :o :( :D :D :D love you gal, you take care now and dont do too much at once eh :) am sending you loads of huggs and love to get rid of that headache :) have a good sleep and speak tomorrow :) :) xxxxxx

  • nite nite Jillygirl, I hope your headache goes soon, luv ya :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • nite nite Jillygirl, I hope your headache goes soon, luv ya :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • nite nite Jillygirl, I hope your headache goes soon, luv ya :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • nite nite Jillygirl, I hope your headache goes soon, luv ya :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • nite nite Jillygirl, I hope your headache goes soon, luv ya :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Sue are my eyes playing up. am I getting a migraine cos I can see 6 of the same, and I dont drink:) :) :) Its been hell getting on here today, mybe somethink,s gone wrong with the site.

  • Hello and goodnight everyone... So many new posts tonight, I hardly know where to start!! Another smoke free day over, hopefully everyone's all tucked up with a nice hot water bottle, oh my, is it really meant to be spring??

    Be back tomorrow

    Big hugs xxxx

  • Hi mad the site has been murder tonight, i've been trying to get back on here for the past 2 hours :D

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