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Daily Chat: Monday 22nd July 2013

Good morning, Good Morning :D

Another Monday upon us already and we are heading very fast towards August!

For many of you, today may be your quit day, Monday always seems to be a popular choice. If it is, practise your breathing exercises and deal with each hour as it happens. Look at cravings as a positive sign of recovery and get excited about living a healthier smokefree lifestyle. Before you know it the morning will have passed :D

Well done to those of you who have already quit, another smokefree week under your belts, each day you will become stronger :D

Jonathan, welcome into week 3 of your journey. Keep us posted on how it's going for you :D

Andi, hope your friend is feeling much better and has your holiday away in her sights as encouragement for a speedy recovery :D

Jillygirl, I'm still having trouble posting anything never mind pictures, but am about to give it another go in a mo! 8o

Sally, lovely to see you about, please bear with us and I'm sure you'll get the hang of and get used to the site :-)

Pete, how are you doing? I hope you are being treated well at that there work place of yours :-/

Sue, positive vibes being sent for the hubby's op today :-)

Sin, stay strong and stay away from the bakery :D :D

Big waves to everyone else :D :D

Right, lets test this putting-up-a-picture-malarkey and then I'll put the kettle on!

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Good morning all & have a great smoke free day ....

Just collected my Gold Medal (thanks Pete / Monky) to huge applause and now feel like a winner.

In my thank you speech I included "the massive help & support" from the HealthUnlocked - Quit Support team members / group etc. Also Google for answering "damage caused by smoking" - and all those shocking images - which could be any of us !!!!!!!!

Stay cool

Best wishes


NON smoker

day 15 / 16


A huge well done to you Jonathan :D :D Sail through this week, learn from anything you might struggle with and then you'll be ready to celebrate your 4th week :D

You are a winner :D


Good morning Emjay, I see the site is still confusing. your daily chat for today says it was put on 3 days ago.

As if we aren`t dizzy enough.

I see you have had a makeover with your picture , so at least something is back to normal. You looked a bit ill before. :D :D

Try and have an easy day at work, will catch up soon.

Jonathan 3rd week coming up . you've got the hang of it now. Being a non smoker. :) keep on with NOPE.

Sue love to hubby. take it steady.


I hadn't finished my little chat and it submitted my post. very impatient gremlin.

Andi hope your ok and love to your friend.

Pete I keep missing you but will catch up soon.

Sinfree and sally have a super day. :)

Love to everyone else.


Will keep on with NOPE

Making a bit of a hash with my postings today ..... one minute gold medal and the next space cadet !!

Best Jonathan

NOPE ever again ....


Hi Emjay

Got a little ahead of myself with Gold Medals & speeches etc .... now feeling very light headed and not able to concentrate ....... shit !! Never mind it will help me recoding this (I hope).

Jonathan NOPE ... ever again


recording this (I hope) ..... is what air head / space cadet day 15/16 meant to say !!

Actually recoding is what I need.


Jonathan, the best thing for you to do is to turn this feeling on it's head :-/ When you feel a bit scatty, a bit different or a bit topsy turvy, just remember that it is pretty (or not so pretty at times!) normal to be feeling like this. Funny that you talk about recoding; when you stop smoking your body / mind kind of learns that it needs to recode itself so that it can survive quite easily without the dreaded weed. Don't forget, your body will try and repair itself in as naturally a way as possible, maybe this is just one of the ways :-)

JillyGirl, your last post came out twice so I've deleted one of them :-) I've also reported the number of days issue on today's post - as well as reporting that we can't all post pictures! I feel much better now with my usual colour back in my cheeks too :D :D

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Great okay I will try and embrace this feeling of being light headed / dizziness as this is my body / mind recoding itself .... like it !!!

Thanks to Sally as well for the encouragement, I know it will get easier .... but one kind of wants it now NOT sometime in the distant future !!

All the best everyone & great support ....




I've just found today's chat so good afternoon everyone. I have to laugh at the muddle of it all.

Hi EmJay, I am doing my best. The main thing is that I continue to be a non smoker so I'm happy.

Hi Jilly, I'm having a lovely day, thanks. I'm off work at the moment so making the most of it and spending as much time as I can outside. Lovely to see you.

Well done Jonathan. It does get easier in time.

Message for Pete. I'm planting a big pot of herbs today. It's to inspire my cooking. Thanks for all the info about modern drills. I see what my son means now...lol.

Will maybe see you all later.

Sally... :)


Hi Sally, great to see you found the chat. It is all still a bit muddly, but I'm sure we're getting there! Apparently due to the number of members (across all the different HealthUnlocked communities), the old version would eventually stop working - that's not the technical term, obviously! :-/

I planted some herbs a couple of weeks ago and had to re-pot them yesterday, so make sure you don't 'overpack' the pot :D


Thanks for the tip EmJay. Now I think I know why my Basil seems to be fading. :)


Good evening everyone, bit quiet on here . I suppose everyone is watching tv. with the news of the royal baby.

My daughters birthday today. she was born at 4.50pm. so not a lot in it. well apart from 42years :D :D

anyway congratulations to Kate. :)


Good evening jilly, hope you are well. Turned out hot again :) I went on a bike ride this evening and nearly melted, it was still 25 degrees at 7.00pm. Came home absolutely roasted like a chicken.

I was soooo glad I wasn't at work today, I can't imagine what it was like on News24 (we have that on the TV in reception all day :( Yes congratulations to Kate and William but...... as usual the news try to wring every little minute detail out of it when there's nothing more to say really. So no, I watched the first 10 minutes of the news at 9.00 but then could take no more as I was feeling distinctly nauseous especially when Dave put in an appearance. Happy birthday to your daughter :)


Going to get my shower now. so I wish you all a good night. sweet dreams . :) :) :)


Night Jilly, see you tomorrow


Nite nite Jillygirl, I hope you enjoyed your shower and a Happy Birthday to you Daughter, give her my best wishes :) you take it easy now gal and have a lovely nights sleep, luvs ya :) xxxx


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