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Daily Chat: Tuesday 20th August 2013

Daily Chat: Tuesday 20th August 2013

Good Morning all,

It's a happy Tuesday here today, the good weather has put in an appearance once again and it looks as though it may be sticking around for the rest of the week too. Hopefully getting itself all comfy for the Bank Holiday weekend, now wouldn't that be nice? :-)

I hope everyone has at least one happy thing planned today, and if not a happy thought will help :D :D

Pete, sorry to hear about your shift pattern change and that they are demanding that you are ow having to do a 12 hour shift. It's really important that you try and keep focussed on your quit now as it sounds like you are at a very trying point within your workplace again. If you do cave in and go back to smoking, I can promise you that it won't be long before you will be setting another quit date so think ahead and lets see if we can help you put a good, decent and strong plan in place to stop temptation winning you over. I'm not saying that you are this point yet, but what I am saying is that it is worth planning for when it MAY happen. You can and will do this Pete, we just want to help you get to where you want to be :D :D Keep smiling and see every challenge as a testing point. Overcome them and you'll get stronger :D :D

Shall pop back on in a bit, need to catch up with a few bits here at my desk and then I'll make the time for a cuppa :D

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Good morning Emjay and everyone.

Beautiful morning here too. 8-) I made the most of it and got out on my bike early. No wind and it was just fabulous getting away from the traffic at times. All this cycling is starting to pay dividends as all my uphills seemed much easier today and I didn't have to go right down to granny gear for most of them. :) I did over 19 miles and have now got to get on in the garden. :)

See you later, and like my cycling, all that practising does help in the long run when it comes to quitting. ;-) :)


Hey Andi, how are getting on with your dizziness? I'm probably wasting my time saying this to you but you make sure you don't go pushing yourself too much until you get to the bottom of it!

Happy gardening :D :D


Hi peoples. It's turning out quite nice here this afternoon. I went out on my bike too this morning to my daughters so she could get ready and get out today, my little grandson is getting bored with this six week holiday lark and is missing playgroup I think. So was up and out bright and early. Unfortunately it was all downhill after that. I got home about 11.15am and am umm still sat here at 1.30pm on the internet :o so much to do too. Am rubbish at getting on with things, life seemed to last so much longer in those pre-internet days.


Hey Sin, I've just made a quick cuppa for a quick pit stop. Why not join me and then put the PC/Laptop away and crack on? The internet is such a big time stealer isn't it, time just flies by!



That's quite an interesting website where you got that picture from EmJay, unfortunately am supposed to be hanging up my washing that it's taken me all day to get around to doing :D and now I keep reading posts on that website. :o


Hi there ladies, all the time on my bike I had no problem at all with the dizziness - same when I do other things. :o

Sin, like you say, ditto! :P I went out to try to buy some new trainers - but "cheap" ones. Hopefully I've found some - will let you know tomorrow - can't wait to go out and test them. I really, really hope that they work for me. :)

Right, I really am going into the garden now. Laters. :)


Hello ladies, bit late on this afternoon. Truth be known I have been taking it easy today. I told you last night hubby was snoring in front of the tv.


I wish I had left him there. Argh! We went to bed and he snored for England


I tried ear plugs , radio, nudging him, shouting at him but nothing stopped him.


needless to say I am sooooooooo tired.


. Hope you have had a good day. xx


Aww - Jilly I've been there so many times, it's awful isn't it when you get them to be quiet and you lie there trying to go to sleep as quick as you can before they start again. Hopefully I won't have this problem again now hubby's had his nose done, he says he can breathe through it now but doesn't really know how to breathe through his nose as it's been so long he can't even remember :)


Oh Bless you JillyGirl, hopefully you will be so tired tonight you'll sleep through anything :D

It's so quiet around here, Andi is gardening, Pete is working, Sin is hopefully getting on woth things :D

I hope Sue is well, not heard from her today :-/

I've started to work my way through the archives looking for any posts that may be helpful. I'm trying to put everything in to one category or another. Tis a big job, I didn't realise it at first :-/


Hello Emjay, You have set yourself a right task. I notice there isn't a place for tags , or is it me that's missed it.



Hi Jilly, I did a feedback a while back saying that as we now had all singing and dancing automatic tags, what was the point if we can't access them? I never got an answer. Perhaps I'll try it again from a different angle.


Evening! Just on my phone at the mo and battery is going. I'm on Aunty duties tonight but as soon as I can snaffle my ipad back I will!

I agree about the tagging thing, we can delete them but not add to them and then I'm not sure how we go about accessing them?! I wonder if we search something in the search bar, will it pick up the tags?... Shal have to poo a test word in and see.... I need my iPad first though, or will have to start wearing my glasses more on this phone!! :-/


Aup Emjay, I hope your enjoying your Aunty duties :o :) :) hmmm just wondering how you intend to snaffle your ipad back, cos I tell ya, kids are flippin quick gal :D :D

As for me, its not bin too bad at work, just am cream cracked thats all, but i got home tonight, walked in the house, and God did nic have a go at me :) :) my Brother-in-law had left a fag burning in the ashtray, as he went to the loo, yep, you;ve guessed it, I had a puff or 2, and I tell you, the relief was tremendous ! then er-in-doors came down, I had one of her fags and smoked it alllllllllllllllll

I'm sat at my computer desk now and am surrounded with inhalator, mist, gum and e-cig :o I am now ready for the next visit from nic !! although I did take my patch off when I had that fag, erm, just wondering whether to put another one on or not !!

11 weeks is the longest I've bin quit for, and I tell you Emjay, I aint going down without a flippin scrap gal :) :)


Hey Jillygirl, just wondered if you've tried putting a peg on hubby's nose to stop him snoring :o :D :D :D



Aup, maybe that's what you should do every time you walk into the house after work - that might curtail the urges! :o

ps you don't get "other" kinds of urges as you walk in the house after work do you? ;-) ;-) nudge nudge :D :D :D


Yeah, I want a weeeeeee :P :P :D :D :D


Right Mister, stop there.... Right where you are! Get that patch on now and have your mist and the gum at the ready. Don't scrap all the last few weeks by tonight's fiasco and please don't say you'll start again tomorrow or Monday. Get back on it like a car bonnet! We're not giving up on you do don't you even think that either. If you want to see this challenge as a scrap, then this is scrap time now. What you are feeling, and the actions you have taken are what many people will do, until they get to where they want to be. You've been here before Pete and you're doing ever so well, there's no way you're on your own. If you want a different outcome, then you have to do something slightly different.... Like don't light up! You can do this, we all know it... You just have to see it this way too :-)

To change a few things in your life you have to be willing to change a few things in your life...

Now get that patch on and let me know, between 1-10 on how confident you are that you won't smoke again tonight :-/


Beat you to it Emjay, got a patch on :)

Not sure what co figment means :o BUT I am determined to do this, so I will say a massive 10 :) cos have got my mind set again :) and focussed on my quit :)

Thank you for being there when I needed help :) :)


Whoops-a-daisy! Was supposed to say confident! Shall edit it now!! :-/ :-/


Hello & good evening everybody

Pete just read your entry and so with you on this - if someone is smoking in the house then I would have a drag or two, especially if you have had a day like I have today... being honest slightly nuts / mad all day and if the smoke gives us a break then we take it, we are addicts I think with all that goes with that. You like me will be back on the QUIT because we have to stop, whether today or tomorrow ...

So just to say, send my 2p worth into the night sky it has been a difficult difficult day and at least half of me has gone mad but as I have said before never mind, I guess better to know what I am dealing with and if the smoke hid this then I get to meet myself- not so pleasant huh .....

Best wishes



Hi there Jonathan, glad you're still kicking those demons into touch. If you can get on here during the day when you think you're going nuts and rant about it, you'll find it really helps. Another thing to do is maybe find somewhere where you can go and have a shout/scream, bash a few cushions, just let it all out. ;-)


Hey Jonathan, stick in there pal, it does get hard at times, I think mines stress related :o

Emjay thankyou so so much gal, cos you gave me focus and positiveness again :)

Rite got to go to bed now, see ya tomorrow :) xxxxx


Hi Andi

Having been away on holiday I did not get a break all day, went on this site but had to come off without leaving a comment. "Yes" I should have posted something earlier but if you got the full force of my "demons" you might suggest a visit to the asylum which I would rather not do as I have to try and look after my family & pay the bills !!

At the moment trying to make amends with the family after my rant & rave ....




Hi Pete

"Yes" agree it is stress but also something else that I don't like, maybe if we figure out what IT is then we can say goodbye and get on with our lives... Pete I think we are similar

& with you on this.

Best Jonathan


Night night Pete, stay strong and you'll get there :-)

Jonathan, the rants will become less and less and I'm sure your family will be pleased that you've stopped smoking too :0) How are you feeling now? If its as crazy as the rest of us here, then that's okay ;-)


Nite nite everyone, got to go to bed now - see you tomorrow. Stay strong. :)


Bring on tomorrow and let us hope for a better day !!!

Best wishes & good night




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