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Morning everyone,

I hope you are all prepared for the day ahead. nrts at the ready to kick those cravings in to touch. Deep breathing for the stress relief. positive attitude and a happy outlook. Armedwith all those factors enjoy your day. :)

Sinfree the web address for the stress management is ;- helpguide.org/mental/stress...

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Very good morning Jilly & everybody

Great opener this morning, I have been so stressed last week or so haven't known if I am coming or going !!

Hence have not made it to this site, need to get back to work but will come back once the work day is over and read your posts about stress & look at above web address !!

Still NOPE !!



Here you go Jonathan another website with a large variety of 2 minute stress busters. By the time we've all finished learning stress reducing techniques we'll be a forum of Zen-ists.

Ooops, helps if I actually give out the link



Good morning Jonathan, good to have you back on site. I wondered if you were ok. Still a nope guy so be proud of yourself. Have a stress free day. :) xx


Thanks for the link Jilly :)


Good Morning All,

sorry I didn't make it on here last night - I ate a dodgy fish and chips and so have been up all night! Not just me but hubby too :-/ Feeling heaps better now, just about to have my first cuppa of the day - Goodness, I must have been poorly!

Lovely to see that you're still NOPE-ing away Jonathan. Keep on keeping on - you are most definitely a winner :-)

JillyGirl, a busy day here for me but I am around and about so shall be on Tea and coffee duty in between. I hope you are winning your way to Christmas in your new gaff :D


ugh, hope you're feeling better now EmJay - not nice being 'icky :(


Jolly girl, as always thanks for your continued encouragement, me at 5 weeks now although had a really bad day today but got through it x


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