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TUESDAY/  DAILY CHAT/ 13/08/2013

Good morning all, Its the 13th and the gremlins have been out this morning . Its only taken me two and a half hours to get on to the site without it freezing. Anyway I do hope you are ok. Sinfree thanks for asking yesterday, my family are back in one piece now. sore but better. :) Pete sorry I missed you last night. how are going to celebrate your 10weeks of being a non-smoker. Eggs and bacon better not be !smoked! bacon. :D

salamah your doing well with your quit keep focused and you will get there.

Why not make a list of things to do, then when that sneaky craving comes along , do one of the things on your list. The craving will soon go.

Have a lovely day . catch up later. :) xx

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Good morning Jilly and everyone else.

My you had a bit of a day yesterday Jilly, so glad that everything went well for you and yours. :)

Pete, 10 weeks today, BIG, BIG Congratulations on getting this far again, here's to the next 10 weeks,


and the next 10 weeks, and the next 10 weeks.................. ;-) :)

I've just got back from the dentist - broke a tooth a couple of weeks ago and now got it filled - no eating for 3 hours. :( I'll be starving and I'm supposed to be running later.


Hi Andi, lovely to hear from you. sorry about the tooth. that's rotten when you cant eat. Have to have some energy drink to keep you going.

Just going to collect Sarah from train station . At least she is on the mend now. Catch up later. :)


Had to go out and about to keep me away from not eating anything. Visited my smoking friend as it's her birthday today. She still talks about packing it in but everyone says we'll believe it when we see it. IF she ever does, we'll never hear the end of it. :o My face came back a while ago so I quickly did some scrambled eggs on toast with bacon as I was staaaarving. Now on a cup of tea and a banana as I don't want to collapse when I'm out later.

Jilly, good news about Sarah, hope she has a quick recovery. :)


Hi Jillygirl, Andi, and everyone,

I'm glad all went well for your daughter and son in law Jillygirl :)

Sorry about your tooth Andi, nothing worse than not being able to eat, you must have enjoyed your egg and bacon :)

Congratulations on 10 weeks Pete, that's awesome,


Kettles on if anyone wants a cuppa :)


Pete big well done on reaching 10weeks. :)

Probably wont be back later, as off to Sarahs. so here is your 10 week 10 commandments. xxxxx :)

10 weeks of being a non smoker. :)

10 commandments

1. Thou shall not work too hard


2. Drink alcholol in moderation


3 Keep garage tidy


4 keep shed tidy


5 make lumpy gravy


6 Keep smiling


7 Keep your sense of humour


8 Avoid smokey atmospheres


9. Keep positive at all times


10 never smoke again.



I think at the moment that no. 8 is the most difficult one to achieve.


Yes i agree with you Andi, cos thats the hardest one for me :(


I shall have to print these off Jillygirl, just luv em gal :D :D hmmmm I can do a couple of them with my eye's shut :o :D :D I wonder if you know which ones they are ??


Hi everyone,

I hope Sarah is doing much better now Jillygirl :)

Bet you've eaten loads now Andi :D glad your tooth is fixed :)

Sorry I missed you Pete :( we'll need to have a party at the weekend for your 11 weeks quit :)

I'm off to bed now, I can barely keep my eyes open, nite nite all, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxxxxx


Thank you all sooooooo much for your kind comments and I luvs ya all tooooooo :) :) xxxxxxx Nite nite everybody, sending you all my love and huggs whether you like it or not see :o cos you've got em now !! hoping they will help you have a lovely and peaceful nights sleep :) :)


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