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Daily chat Wednesday 15th May 2013

Daily chat Wednesday 15th May 2013

Good morning all :) :) and I hope the sun is shining down on you today 8-)

Hmmm its flippin chuckin it down here in Derbyshire :P :( but maybe it will brighten up later eh :o I'm sure ive just seen a purple pig fly over our house !!!! erm, perhaps I'd best not have any more cannies eh ;) :|

Well its flippin Wednesday already :) halfway through the week :) erm they call it ''hump'' day dont they, am not sure why really, cos er-in-doors has a hump on every flippin day :o :| with me that is :D :D :D

Rite thats enough of me rattling on, erm our lovely Jillygirl sent me this rhyme, and well as she's always noddin now :o :| hmmmmm that reminds me of somebody else on here, just cant think who though :P :D :D I think maybe I'd best get my ear muffs out again eh and some books down the back of my trousers :D :D :D

It`s Wednesday today , another day to stay smoke-free.

Be happy and smile and nic wont come near

He`s a misery guts and doesn`t like it when you show no fear.


The happier you are , he will run a mile,

Show him that smoking is just not your style.

So lets all get off to a very good start

Tea or coffee is ready


to warm up your heart.


Speak soon everybody, that is if I'm still in one piece :D :D

Pete :)

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A very good early morning to you Pete

Nice to know that someone else gets up early (!?!?) besides me. Love the pic and nice illustrated verse too. Really birghtens up your start to the day.

Someone mentioned about reading old and not so old posts the other day so I spent a pleasant hour doing that last night. Amazing what you forget isn't it. Old posts old memories but good memories in most instances. It's like the old sayings they are definitely the best you know the ones I mean - LISTEN AT POT CALLING KETTLE and I really think this one is superb - IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE and lastly, or this will become boring YOU CAN'T ALWAYS HAVE WHAT YOU WANT.

Earlier than normal myself today as it's raining so I've stuck to the pavements and hard surfaces so my two only get wet not soaked and me too come to that. Judging by the weather forecast this morning this rain is here for a couple of days so lets hope its gone for the weekend for all of us.

Well, whatever you're doing today be it working, at home resting, or shopping, et al (that is the extent of my language skills :O :D I hope today is a very pleasant, good and enjoyable day for you and look forward to catching up with everyone tonight.

Stay safe and take care

Luv, hug and and a big happy :) for all



Good morning All.

It's a bit chilly here in London at the moment.

Now you are only the second person I've heard refer to Wednesday as 'Hump Day'. My partner is American and apparently it's a term used there as well. I have a very good friend who call Wednesday 'Barrier Day', as in pain barrier. Any more descriptions, I wonder?

Great poem Jillygirl.

The teas cold so I've made some more. I think those tinnies got the better of Pete and he nodded off ;)

Have a good day all.



Morning Pete and all

You should be getting some zzzzzz time now. I've just woken up to this grey drizzle here to, not much good to say about it except it keeps the plants watered :)

Jillygirl's poem has kicked us off right, mine's a cup of tea to start today, and a couple of ginger biscuits for a treat :). Then off to work quick sharp.

Have a happy smokefree day :) :)


Hi everyone. :-)

So tired today but it's my own fault. Went wrong on sewing as silly chart programme had issued 2 colours with the same symbol. :-o :-0 Unpicked the error and went to bed at 2am. Got up at 6 and have been at work since 7. Busy day today. :-) :-) :-)

Just going to make my third cuppa, anyone interested?

have a great smoke free day :-) :-) :-)

Sue xx


Morning Pete have a good sleep, best place with forecast today.

Jillygirl Lovely verse and so true

Morning cleopatra, betts and iwannabe smokefree

Bunnyrabbit - you are very dedicated. Post us some pictures of your work.

Have a great day everyone. suec x


Hiya Simba. For whatever reason still can't post pics or links unless I open a blog. Even my pc friends can't make it happen. On blogs dated 1st and 7th May which I open are my x stitch one is a canal scene and the other 4 cats heads. Have a great day Sue xx


I will look at thoses, did see the 4 cats heads which was fantastic. I wish my eyes were good enough to go cross stitch as I think it is a great hobby. My cousins did do a picture for three of my grandchildren when they were born which is on the bedroom wall. I may go and see if there is any aid to help see, I have seen a magnifying which can be attached to a table. I am taking early retirement in two months and need a hobby. Have a great day suec x.


Sue I have a fantastic lamp which has a daylight bulb, a magnifyier and an arm clip thing that can hold patterns. I've had it about 6 years and was about £50 but it is pretty and very useful and worth its weight in gold to me. If you ever need x stitch charts I literally have thousands!! :-~0

Sue xx


Thank you, I will look for one of the lights and start with something very very simple, has to be for me. Will never get to your great heights but something which you can she achievement with is always good. Take care and thank you. Sue c xx


Morning everyone,

Yep, freezing up here too - never known such consistently cold air in May... a bit worrying really.

Well, strong coffee for me, ( and anyone else as likes it), it's the only thing now to get me going - seeing as how the smokes are no longer on the Menu.

Plumber here today - hence the early start for me... ugg, definitely not my best time of day.

Perhaps because even in the warmest countries, I'm always cold until about 10/10.30am. I should join the Hedgehogs and shuffle about at night...!

( No comments about Vampires you lot - hehe)! I bet Jillygirl could come up with a good Piccy there. Might give us a laugh.

Stay safe n well, catch up later.

Gill xx


Good Morning Everyone :-) Great weather for ducks today :-)

Pete, a Happy Wednesday to you too :-) Love JillyGirls poem and the 'Nasty Nic' picture. I hope you are getting somewhere with moving on (or away) within your workplace. I don't think they realise what a 'grafter' they have with you in their workforce. :-/ :D


Kath, have a great day in work - Last day in for those auditors so you and your colleague can breathe a sigh of relief :D


Cleopetra (Sally), I've just found this relating to Wednesdays which I think is quite interesting and fun - In the folk rhyme, "Wednesday's child is full of woe". In another rhyme reciting the days of the week, Solomon Grundy was 'Married on Wednesday.' In Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day, the disagreeable nature of the weather is attributed to it being "Winds-Day" (a play on "Wednesday"). In Richard Brautigan's In Watermelon Sugar Wednesday is the day when the sun shines grey. :D :D


Betts, I love ginger biscuits - a bit too much though actually so I'm doing my best to steer clear ;-/


BunnySue, you really do have a talent there, especially for the fact that you can cross stitch from a photograph! I think that's amazing. I hope you aren't too tired in work today. If you are, I'll give up my afternoon nodding off slot to you in case you need it ;-)


SimbaSue, lovely to see you around again. With regards to keeping busy with a cross stitch, you could always start off making bookmarks or small children's one's. That way you end up with a nice gift for somebody too :-)


Gill, hopefully you have started warming up around now - If you were a hedgehog, you could have stop smoking just before you went into hibernation and wake up in the spring as a non-smoker :D :D


Right, I think a lovely cuppa is on the menu before my 11 bells meeting :D


That is interesting EmJay about Wednesdays. Thanks for sharing that.

Sally :)


Had a lovely stay in bed today but am up now, l ittle Amor and Vida fed, and raring to go. Amor is nice and alert and attentive today so hope goes on for his full wellbeing to return. Even sleeping birds should wake enough when someone is about - Amor at the worst point would just saty asleep not evening opening an eye. Go VIRUS you are not wanted :-)


Amor and Vida have turned into guard birds :-) - lot's of different noises going on outside at the same time and Vida went into alert mode, chirping away loudly - what was better is that Amor joined in the commotion too.

Off out later and when I get back I'm going to do more research about helping Amor eradicate the annoying VIRUS. Strange things they are - just ONE VIRUS and before you know it they multiply themselves enough to start causing damage.

Bye for now.



I TOTALLY and UTTERLY agree with you that VIRUSES are really NASTY HORRIBLE things that need ERDICATING permanetly!


Be assured I will endevour to do so!


Good afternoon everyone. No I haven't just got up. :D I was down at B&Q doing my trolley exercises at 9.30. Trouble is hubby spends ages reading about different things, so I have to keep walking on the spot, or my legs ache.

Nice to see everyone one up bright and early though. Thanks Pete for opening todays chat.

Take it steady at work, that goes for you Kath last day of nosey people. :)

Sally heres a picture for you.


Gill you`ve worn this one out.


But this guys ready for old nic if he comes near. :)


Simba like you I would love to see piccys of the cross-stich.

I find some good pics on google chrome. when you find one right click on copy image url.

then right click where you need the picture and click on paste. You can always delete if it doesn`t work. :)

John good luck with the research on the virus. I am sure things will work out. for you Amor and Vida. Chico says hello I love you. xx


Hello and thank you. Vida sends a big kiss to Chico (hope Amor doesn't find out :-) )


And how come men get complained about when out shopping but it's ok for for women to spend ages looking at clothes and shoes? :-)


Hi Jilly. I will do a seperate blog over the weekend with some more of my x stitch pics if you like. No one even my pc literate friends can get pics imported into a rely so this will be the only was I could do it. Let me know and I will try my best :-)


Thanks jillygirl. :)


Amor and Vida usually get 3 varied and nutritional feeds per day. I've thought about how their diet could be improved. Apart from some additional boiled egg I've decided to keep things as they are with feeding. Reached that decision on the basis that since late November Amor has worked through 'his' virus so far. That might not have been the case if he wasn't getting the correct nourishment. All while 'he' has been poorly 'he' has eaten normally (better than I some days).


This looks set to be the second month since quitting I will have some money left over at the end of the month. This month Amor's vet bill and the lights I got for Linda's birthday have all come out of my modest pension. It's taken a while to catch up with a few things but the financial benifits of not smoking are really becoming apparent lately. More importantly it helps to keep a promise I made to someone very special.


I've kept a photo' diary of Amor and Vida since they came here. These' photo's taken today.


Vida posing in 'her' usual fiesty way :-)


It's photo's of Amor I'm more interested in at present. I've been able to see when 'his' problems began. He's more alert than this photo' suggests - I caught him in the proces of blinking. However, the feather damage is very apparent. I haven't seen him chewing at them very much today so that gives me hope of his recovery. Neither has he been all trembly like he has been for some time. Life returns to the little chap :-) Fight Amor, fight.


I'm doing myself some red pepper onion and garlic cooked in chopped tom's. Thought I would try Amor and Vida with a slice of the pepper. They took a look, took a lick and that was enough! Never mind they can have a slice of their favourite 'pink lady' apple a bit later :-)


Freddie Mercury had a nice powerful singing sounding voice - Barcelona is amongst my favourites of his but I've chosen GREAT PRETENDER for some entertainment today!


Hey John that's a great record. love it.


Love that record John, brings back a lot of memories. Glad Amor appears to be on the mend, it may be a slow process but I am sure with yur loving care he will soon be back to his chirpy self.

Red pepper, onion, garlic and tomatoes sounds good, mouth watering.

Sue c x


Night all. I hope you all have a good nights sleep and I will see you all tomorrow for a new fresh smoke free day :-) :-)

Sue xx


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