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Good morning everyone, well its misty here in yorkshire so not sure if its going to rain or be sunny. One thing is for sure we are all going to have a smokefree day, with no piggies flying around. :D They say pigs might fly, but only out of the window in our community. (pigs are our word for cigarettes for anyone who is new). Yes we are a bit silly on here , but it works. (doesn`t it pete tee hee) :D

Anyway Pete hope your not too tired after yesterday at work. Keep telling you take it easy love. By the way not much happening with my house, just got to be patient.

Dawn is it day 21 ? you are doing fantastic love. What have you got planned today anything good or are you going to take it easy today. whatever you do


Andie hope your ok love whats on the agenda today seeing you`ve done your chores. Maybe a brisk walk. enjoy your piggy free day. see you soon. :)

Lenne, Hows your cat I do hope its feeling ok. and I hope you are too.

take it easy and cuddle your cat today :) You desrve to. catch up later love. )

Finley good morning , How you doing love? hope your ok and still staying positive. bet you cant wait for those hols. see ya later. :)

Sue, good morning to you too. Hope you have a lovely smokefree day ,

anything happening today where you are. see you soon. :)

Lisa-jane , Tango57 hope your both doing ok and staying focused, let us know how your doing. :)

Claire good morning to you . Celticrod has a question for you so hopefully you can help. otherwise have a lovely day. When is Emjay due back? need to be ready to tease her. lol. :D

See you all soon off for a piggy sarnie now. only pig allowed in this house. :P

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Claire , wakey wakey, Got 2 newbies waiting for you . Amiechaz and Celtic rod. (sounds like rod stewart :D lol.)


Morning Jilly and everyone else. Yes you are right day 21 for me, tomorrow is the start of week 4! I don't know why but this quit has been the easiest one ever! I think it's because I really am determined this time whereas before I was only halfhearted (and I did'nt have this site) lol! Anyway hope you all have a good day - I'm at work boohoo but never mind off on my hols on Monday!

Dawn x


Dawn, So glad your more determined. its weird how one little white stick can make your brain go haywire isn`t it. Glad you find this site helpful , so do I . it does help you stay focused. Just told 2 new people the same. Hope your day goes well. not long for your hols. The week before always drags doesnt it. (I dont mean drags as in piggys! lol. :D )

see you later I am getting daft now. x


Good morning Jilly, Dawn and everyone. Just got back from the gym - a bit warm in there today! :X Wish I was going off to the sun, you lucky thing Dawn. 8-)

Bit grey here this morning - must go and get myself organised, look in later. :)


Good morning everyone and a big welcome and well done to all our quitters (new and old!!) ;-) .

I hope you find this site very helpful in quitting smoking. There’s lots and lots of lovely people on here to help you along your journey. If you have any questions and need advice there’s usually someone about to help.

The questions are being replied to as we speak!!

I’ve got a little surprise for you all sooooon ;-)

The sun is shining here too, let’s hope it lasts 8-) . Another smokefree day for everyone :-D

Thank you Jillygirl, It’s lovely to see the support you offer to everyone on here.


Hi Claire. A Surprise! oooooooooooooooh ! now you`ve got us all wondering.

:O :) :O :)


Good morning Claire, glad you've got sun up there as it's still cloudy down here. :(

When your computer glitches and posts more than once, you can go back and delete the ones you don't want. :)

Wondering about your surprise - nothing to do with Emjay is it? :o :D


hi andi , hope your not worn out from the gym. just getting sunny here. better put my washing out. i think we should both go with dawn dont you. :)

see you later.


No sun yet - must do the ironing today, catch you later. x :)


Oh No Claire has your computer gone silly again?


What is my computer playing at :-(


Hi claire , perhaps your computer is getting too excited about the surprise! :D


Got to go now and get myself dolled up now. Off out for lunch with 2 brother in laws and wives. Put mi lippy on. :D

See you all later this afternoon. :)


Good Morning, Good Morning :-)

I heard that Claire had a surprise so I thought I'd best 'erry up' and log in and see what's going on :D

I had a lovely holiday but it's always nice to be back to normality :-)

Thanks for continuing to support each other, you are absolutely amazing and have all come so far.

Jillygirl you are always up so early and have been a gem in welcoming our new members. Thank you ever so much :-)

Lenne, sorry to hear about your poor little cat's trip to the vets, hope all is okay :-)

I'm sure doing the ironing will keep you busy, but I'd be tempted to face up to it as a last resort Andi! I iron as I go along, otherwise I'd have the Leaning Tower of Pisa! :-)

Lovely to meet you Dawn, congratulations on reaching day 21, you seem to be doing so well. Remember to stay positive :-)

Welcome to all you newbies, I look forward to getting to know you all. Although I must admit, I have been having the odd little read whilst away sunning it 8-) so feel like I know some of you already :-)

I have updated the 'where you are up to in your stopping smoking journey' posts as and when I could, if I have missed anybody, then please let me know.

Lots for me to catch up on here, in between meetings and after-holiday-catch-ups I shall have a good nosie through and see how much stick Pete has been getting, no doubt he gave back as much as he received though eh?! :-)

Remember to keep smiling everybody, especially at those times when you least feel like it and it will and does get easier... I promise :-)


;-) ;-) ;-) SURPRISE!!! ;-) ;-) ;-)


Just come in from garden as it started raining - sun did come out for a little while soooooooooo I'm going to do the ironing!!! :D :D


specially to Emjay and Claire,

Today is Tuesday and i`m feeling witty,

So I thought i`d write a little ditty. :)

Emjays back hip hip hooray !

After her lovely holiday 8-)

Claire kept us all in line,

No piggys about so that was fine. :O

We laugh and joke and keep each other going :D

This community site is well worth knowing.

So if you get a craving or feel distressed, :(

Post a note to Emjay cos shes the best. :)

I`m Jilly who is silly,

and then there is Pete,

Andi of course you`ll be pleased to meet,

Finley, Lenne , Dawn and Sue and the rest of us motley crew. :D :) :O

We are all here to welcome anyone new.


And another great ditty from ....... SILLY JILLY!!! :D :D :D


Bloody Brilliant...LOL!

Dawn x




Well done ;-)


Jillygirl, that's fab, thank you :-)

you've started me thinking now...

I'll not get anything done now until I've come up with something!


can`t wait :) xx


Choices… What’s yours?

To smoke or not to smoke, what will it be?

Mackerel, kippers or a poisonous ciggy…

Breathing in, what will it be?

Oxygen or carbon monoxide, choose healthily…

Something you think helps, what will it be?

That little white stick, or Quit Support - your cyber family

Today or tomorrow, when will it be?

Choosing a date of being smokefree…

Today or tomorrow, when will it be?

Make it today, that’s why it’s called ‘Choose Day’ (Tueday :-) )

Cheesy I know, but the best that I've got ;-)


Well done that lady with the long blond hair!!! :D :D


Hey Emjay, that is brilliant. that holiday worked wonders for you. Wait till pete logs on after work , sure he will come up with some sort of reply to us both. :)


Well guys and girls , i am signing off for today. Too much excitement. :D

Sorry Pete missed you tonight, catch up tomoz. Besides it will take you ages to read whats been going on today. Hope you didnt work too hard.

So nite nite and god bless you all. see you tomorrow. xx :)


Jillygirl sorry gal, flippin missid you again, they've had me working late again, flippin cheeeeeeesed off with it !! :X :(

Just luuuuuv the poem gal, dont know where you get at all from, does this mean you've got a brain as well!!!! :D :D well i think thats what they call it ?! :o Your doing one hell of a great job on here Jill, just cant fault you one little bit, luv ya gal, nite nite and god bless you too :)

Pete :)


Hi Emjay, welcome back gal, - poem- hmmmmm- cheesy you say, but a very nice cheese, one that i like anyway :) :) 9/10

I aint half glad that your back gal, although Claire & Hellen tried there best !! they cant keep these gals under control like you can Emjay. They.ve been getting at me left-right and centre, and theres more of em !! :o :|

I'm glad you had a nice break, huh soppose your nice and bronzed now then, not bothered :P :P

speak soon Pete :)


Hey everyone..just a quick one. Hope everyone is well..

another good day today, although I'm having some real funny dreams!! And still feel knackered other than that ive Only really had a couple of shaky times today... So my confidence in my almost non exsist will powers growing!!

Off to go walk the dogs for a bit of fresh air before I return to my mad dreams!!

Catch everyone tomorrow


Hey Lisa-Jane, lovely to meet you :-)

We had a cracking blog a while back about everyone's crazy dreams... I'll see if I can find it for you. There's also some extra information that we have in work that one of our Advisors' found, I'll see if I can root it out for you tomorrow :-)

Night night Jillygirl, thanks heaps xx

Hey Pete, you've been doing well and I'm so proud that you keep on keeping on :-)

Andi, I'm still trying to catch up here, did you hurt yourself somewhere over the past week or am I imagining what I've been reading?! :-/



Hi Emjay, only minor, calf muscle injured whilst running! :o Saw a physio last Monday who gave me some exercises to do and not to run before I see him again which will be on Thursday. A bit annoying as now I'd finally started this running lark I want to get going on it and not have an enforced 2 weeks off it! :( Oh well, should be running on Friday but I bet it'll be blowing a hooley like the last few Fridays! :D :D


Aup Andi, so you've been in the garden then, huh bet you went out there just before it started raining, so you had to come back in, :D :D and as for ironing, i bet you've just ironed a t-shirt for tmoz !! not like us blokes, when we say that we are going to do a job, we do it and finnish it in one go :P :P

Dawn-- well i am suprized at you gal :o and i thought that you were a Lady, fancy using a 'b' word !!!! HUH you never hear me using them sort of words on here :D :D

21 Days now then gal, dosnt it go quick !! :) you know what gal?! I really think you are going to do it this time, and you know that we are all with you all of the way, to help if we can :) you keep kickin them piggies were they dont like it !! :o

Nite nite all got to go now, more flippin exercise, goin up that wooden hill.

Andi please i hope you have a good nights sleep :) :)

Pete :)


Hiya Pete and missed you again. Just done a count-up 21 tshirts! (That's just ridiculous!!! :D :D ) Before going in the garden I went to change my jeans and the sun came out so I put shorts on. AND earlier I'd gone for a walk on the prom and sat in the sun with an ice cream so wasn't expecting rain. :P

Just put the rubbish out which means it's anniversary time 8 weeks now - AMAZING!!! :)

Nite nite all, sleep well. x :)


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