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5th April 2012 it was my birthday , I was 63yrs old. The week before I got a terrible chest infection, which made me feel so horrid I didnt even want a cigarette.

Dont get me wrong, as a true smoker does, I did persevere and try a couple , but didnt enjoy them. So that was the beginning of a very hard and gruelling next few months.

I went to see my doctor , with what I thought was arthritus pains in my legs. He refered me to the hospital. After being examined for about 2 hours from head to foot, I did think

it was a bit strange for pains in my legs. So I had an x ray of my chest before they let me go home. They said thay would send another appointment through the post.

Oh boy! 2 days later I received a letter saying go for a ct scan the following day. due to an abnormality on the x ray.

That was it I was taken into a room where an image of my lungs was on the screen. I knew deep down what was going to be said. The doctor explained I had a tumour on my lung, he was 99% certain it was a cancer. He did try and reassure me that it was contained and should be able to be removed.

After that day my world, and my familys was turned upside down.

Everyday after that seemed to mingle in together. I had numerous x rays , pet scans , and ct scans.

Then one appointment was with the consultant, he explained in full what I had. Yes I had 2 primary tumours. 1 on my windpipe which was pressing on to my main artery to my brain.

He reffered me for an exploratory operation to see how bad this was. As they couldnt operate if it was too dangerous. Then it would have been pallative care. (end of the road).

I had a 3 hour operation. When I came to, the surgeon said he had managed to seperate the cancer from the windpipe and artery, so the big operation could now go ahead.

I then had my whole right lung removed 3 weeks later. I was taken into a high dependency ward for 3 days. I dont remember much as I was in morphine city then.

On my 7th day I was discharged from hospital to go home. Very hard work, and I must admit I had quite a few panic attacks. with breathing and going upstairs.

Eventually I was feeling a lot better and just getting my strength back , when I got an infection where I had had a chest drain. So antibiotics which upset me, nurses to put dressings on.

After 2 weeks I had to go see the consultant again, regarding chemotherapy. She looked at my infection and doubled the antibiotics which made me feel even worse. Told me to come back in 2 weeks to see if I wanted to go ahead with the chemotherapy.

After talking it over, I decided to give chemotherapy a go, It was offered to me as an extra safeguard in case there were any undetectable cancer cells. They told me 1 in 20 people benefit. But it wasnt guaranteed plus there were a lot of risks too.

I went for the chemotherapy, I had 8 hours of it on the first day. I thought it wasnt too bad. Next morning I felt very sickly and had nausea. I got tinnitus in my ears, I couldnt stand any form of food . No I thought I will keep on taking the anti sickness tablets, and I would be ok. I stuck this out for 6 days , but by the Monday when I was due to have a pre-assesment for the next days chemotherapy, I virtually crawled into the hospital and collapsed.

I was on fluids all day via a drip. They eventually sent me home, but wanted to check on me the next morning. Next morning I got out of bed felt sickly again then collapsed back on the bed I just could not stand up.

Back to the hospital. This time they kept me in. I was put on fluids anti-sickness drugs and monitored for 5 days. The consultant came to see me and said NO MORE CHEMOTHERAPY for you. It is far too dangerous for your body.

The way I felt I could have kissed her.

The consultant has been really good , and has checked me for anemia, calcium, given me steroids to get my strength back. They are checking on me every 3 months, for the first year then it will be 6 monthly , then yearly.

I know all of this story may seem boring to you, but if you are trying to stop smoking , may be , just may be , reading what I have been through and being lucky enough to survive, it may encourage you to think IS IT REALLY WORTH SMOKING?

Without quit support and all its members I don`t think I could have kept going. The love and care you all sent was unbelievable. THANK YOU you are all angels.

THINK when the cravings start, is it worth it. I know my answer. I am sure your brain knows the answer too.


love you all. xxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi Jilly, you have been an inspiration to me from the beginning of my quit journey which will be 10 months tomorrow. I know that it's only because of you and the others that I succeeded. :)

Good luck with your recovery and I hope your house move goes as smoothly as possible.


Love from Andi xxxxxx


Hi there Jilly

I feel very humble after reading your message, infact I am in tears, thank you for being so brave to share this with us! Your story is not boring at all, it is 'awesomely' inspiring!

Throughout your illness you have remained upbeat and supportive to us all! Jilly, I shan't smoke again and I can say that for definate now after reading your story. You've heard of 'anti-crime tsars' and 'anti-drugs tsars', well you are deffo the 'anti-smoking tsarina' in my eyes!

God bless you!

Love and light

Jan xx


Hey Jillygirl, I couldnt have got this far without you and your help gal :) :)


Onwards and upwards now gal :) and look to the future :) :)

Love and huggs

Pete :)


A very brave lady Jilly, and still to spend time on here helping others when you were so poorly yourself. Hopefully you're feeling a little better now and stronger. You're absolutely right about the cravings, they're nothing in comparison with the eventual devastation, pain and suffering that smoking causes. Thank you for sharing your story :)


Hi Jilly...thank you xx thank you for posting your story ,for giving inspiration and determination to all of us who are lingering on the sidelines of quit. My heartfelt love and best wishes go out to you and your loved ones..you have travelled a mighty journey and I for one am thankful you have come to tell your story. I hope things keep improving for you ,big ctber hugs Jan (thenunn) x


my mum has been through the same but wouldn't have chemotherapy due to her lung cancer. i have now managed 5 weeks without smoking wish i had never started


Hiya Tracey, yes I remeber you telling us about your mum, i hope she is ok now :) and its great to hear that you are still smoke free :) and 5 weeks toooooo :) :)

If you need any help tracey, you come on here and tell us eh :) :) there's loads of lovely people on here to help :) :) speak soon.

Pete :)


Oh Jilly, I feel so emotional, you are so brave and thanku for sharing you're experiences with us. You're message really does hit home, and thanku again, feel more determined to stick with it than ever.... Big hugs xxxx


Jilly I am in tears reading your post, you are one very brave lady.

Thank you for telling us your very personal story about your battle.

Hopefully with your story it will motivate more of us to keep off the cigs and Im the same as tcc (and probably everyone on here) in saying I wish I had not started in the first place.

Sending you lots of hugs from up North xx


Jilly you are very brave to tell us all your story. It is not at all boring. It is real life and your story is a warning to anyone thinking they cannot stop. I wish you a full and speedy recovery and hope you are fighting fit very soon. Lots of love Helen xxx


All I can say is a BIG THANK YOU Jilly for such a warm honest life story and I wish you all the best...Catherine xx :) :)


Thank you all for your lovely comments. xxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you very much Jilly for posting this. It really brings home what the consequences really are. Reading this makesyou realise that it does not just happen to other people as I liked to tell myself. This had a really powerful effect on me Jilly and has steeled my resolve to stay away from the evil cigs. I hope you are feeling much stronger and positive thoughts and vibes being sent your way.

You are an inspiration to us all.

Linda xx


Love, love and more love.


Jillygirl, ave got buckets and buckets of love in my heart, I tell you they are all your's :) :)

The most important thing is, that you have BEAT the fag, and BEAT cancer tooooo, and I really really admire you for that gal, your a beautiful strong fighter :) :)

if you could please remind me of that the next time I try to take the mickie out of you, cos dont like being bashed, toooo much :o :)


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