you can quit for good!

Hi to everyone who wants to quit

To give you hope - I tried to stop smoking five times before I was finally successful. The first four times I stopped but found that after a few weeks I was tempted and then went right back to where I'd been before. Then my husband developed ill health and I had a couple of bouts of pleurisy which really is incredibly painful. I decided to give up fod good.

First I halved the number I smoked per day but didn't beat myself up if I went over, just corrected it again the next day. After 3 months my body was used to less nicotine and I smoked in less places simply because of the numbers.

Then I restricted where I could smoke but allowed myself the same number of siggies, so that in time I was just smoking in the evening watching TV and maybe a couple in the garden during the summer daytimes. I stayed at that level for 3 months.

Then I cut the number by half again and allowed myself to smoke while watching TV for another couple of months.

Then I substituted smoking for sweets and had just a couple of ciggies as a treat each evening.

Finally I cut out the siggies and used sweets which did make me put on weight, so then I substituted the sweets for fruit which is what I snack on now during the evening. I do sometimes eat the odd packet of maltesers in an evening, but mostly am much healthier and never crave cigarettes.

I gave up smoking 8 years ago and lliks so many ex-smokers I can't stant the smell or taste (I've tried occasionally out of interest) although I do occasionally fancy the idea of smoking, and holding a ciggie, etc.

I just found that within a year I had not only beaten the habit but I am healthier and feel myself to be a non-smoker rather than an ex-smoker which is what I actually am.

It can be done!

Good luck to you all.


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  • Thanks for your comments secondhandrose, I am sure this will be of interest to lots of our members. Like you say it can be done. Well done after8 years thats brill. :)

  • Thank you for posting this secondhandrose, what a brilliant story that will help a lot of people :) 8 years smoke free is fantastic, well done :)

  • Good morning secondhandrose

    Thank you so much for sharing your quit journey with all our members. You have done amazing, well done.

    8 years being smokefree is such an achievement, you must be so proud of yourself.

    Thank you again 8-)

  • Thank you all for your good wishes! Sue

  • Hey Sue, thank you ever so much for sharing your story with us. I am sure you will have inspired many others who may be feeling just how you were, 8 years ago.

    I always say that nobody says that it is easy, but generally most people say it is worth it :0)

  • Hi, yes I hope it does inspire other people. It's so hard to just give up but by reducing the number and then the place it worked for me, I'm a spychologist you see so knew how to reduce temptation! Good luck to all those still trying, Sue

  • Aup Sue its nice to see you on here gal, and that is just fantastic the way you quit, just lovely reading the way you overcome it, and beat it :) :) i think most of it is psychological, a habit that you have to get rid of, because you know something, i always know when my hair needs cutting, because i twiggle with it, :D :D i know it sounds stupid, but its a habit !! isnt it, it dosnt bother me when my hair is short !!

    Am sorry for going on Sue, cus i know i'm a bit of a bore sometimes, you take care gal, and ''enjoy'' :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete

    Thanks for good wishes. Yes I think it's mostly psychological but also a bit of a physical addiction which is why i halved the number, to reduce the physical dependance. Anyway, thanks again, Sue

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