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Just a thought to all you fellow quiters, have you washed all your clothes?? since you quit????

I went to live with my Dad while he was bad, I did not smoke in the house, but he could smell it on me!!!!

While i was living thier, i managed to quit for 6 weeks, and he could still smell smoke on me.

During that period, one day i opened my wardrobe doors, and i smelt stale smoke myself, obviously my sense of smell had come back to me, so i washed everything in that wardrobe, 2 or 3 lots then i had to iron it!!!!!, and i'm a man!! but i tell you it was worth it, a breath of fresh air.

My Dad did not complane again!!!!

Like I said just a thought!!!!

Pete :)

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hi monky yes did that last week i could smell the smoke on my clothes quite badly so decided to was the ones i could smell the difference is wonserful


This is so true Pete.... The smell of smoke gets everywhere.... only it's not noticed until you stop smoking! I bet your poor cat is even feeling better too, especially if you smoked round the house! There's another blog for you to remind me to write up... Pets and secondhand smoke...

Fab blog Pete, thank you :-)


i quit six weeks ago wish my hubby would it stinks to me now. he has been told by a consultant to stop he had a minor stroke nothing seems to phase him its sad.


Hi Lyndelou, nice to meet you gal, about your hubby he's got to want to quit smoking himself, i dont think anybody can make him quit and the more they try, the more he will dig in. Just try showing him how good it feels to be smoke free, i dont mean doing cartwheels around the house, just little hints here and there, i'm sure you will think of something!! goodluck gal and your doing fantastic keep with it Lyndelou.

Pete :)


Wow EmJay valid point, that's going on my list of reasons to stay quit , my 4 cats! Indoor cats too.

Pete I haven't managed to recognise that smell on my clothes yet, but I did notice when I was washing my hair the smoky smell which was weird. Might be because my other half is still smoking (outside). Bet it feels lovely to smell all fresh!


Hi I have noticed the difference after stopping smoking. The whole house smells cleaner and fresher, even though i restricted smoking to one room. Yeah Pete i washed everything , like you say its the ironing after that gets you.

I am so glad i have quit , as we are putting our house up for sale. It must smell and look cleaner now.


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The guy who sits opposite me at work goes outside a couple of times a day for his cig break. The smell when he gets back makes me feel sick and I then have to move away from my desk for 5 minutes or so.

I've even noticed the smell when I'm walking to work and someone drives past with their windows open and they're smoking.

I think I must have a very sensitive nose!

Andi x


I've started buying fabric conditioner so I smell even nicer now ... before I thought it was a waste of money (which is ironic for how much a pack of fags costs ) so here's to smelling nicer, having better breath, and most of all getting healthier (I want to live to a ripe old age) and having some much more self respect.


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