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Quit Support cards

Quit Support cards

Dearest lovely members,

We are now pleased to say that we have had credit card style cards designed and printed and so are now hoping to get the word out about Quit Support :-)

If any of you would like any of these to send out to places in your local community, or if you would like to have some handy for yourselves to share whilst out on your travels please do private message me details of where etc and I can get them sent out :-)

The card also advertises our Twitter and FaceBook accounts - Please do visit our page and 'like' it, helping us to reach as many people as possible. This will obviously then help us to help as many people to stop smoking as possible :-)

As I am the person who currently moderates the social media accounts, I am (very) slowly but surely getting my head around it all so please do be gentle with me as I move ahead into the world of social media! :o

Anywhose, our twitter username is;


and our FaceBook page name is;


:-) :-)

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Impressed. :)


Emjay, is this aimed to be a global or UK Local?


Linda, Quit Support is for everyone :-) No matter where in the world you may be :-)

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Nice one Emjay :) could I have some please :)

I will PM you my address :o :) xx


Ack i cant remember how to private message Emjay, but i will take some for the restrooms on the camp, there are over 1000 soldiers here so might even help just a few of them :)

Please send me a private message and i can reply lol!



click on emjays name and this will take you too her profile. from there you can send message :)


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