Thank you and Farewell

Its been 5-6 months since I had my last ciggie and all I can say - the urge to smoke kinda stopped. Well, at least I'm not dreaming about smoking anymore, so thats good. Back to the point ! First, I Quit smoking, then joined the gym, then quit alcohol, and now trying to get my diet right, because (I gained weight from stopping and also its kinda dumb not to eat right when exercising). All in all, things are looking up for me and all because of this support group. Nothing helped in the past, E-cigs, patches, gum and whatnot. When I joined the website I got instant feedback of what will happen next, how will I feel etc. Also, when my will was a bit shakey, got instant encouragement, which did wonders for me. I will probably stop visiting this site. I guess Im just trying to say thank you to everyone for everything and gotta move forward. TA

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  • Hi Doras, well done on getting through the hard bit and making great improvements in your life 😄 just remember we are always here should you need to check in sometime in the future. Good luck 😊

  • Congratulations and thankyou Doras😊 You've done an amazing job of your quit and your healthy lifestyle as well. Wishing you well in the future🚭😊

  • Hi doras

    You have had a great journey 😀😀 all the very best for the future 😀😀

    Enjoy your new found freedom🌷🌷💐💐

  • Doras, am just flippin loooooving your post :) :) and I'm soooo happy that things are now on the up for you :) :) 

    Hmmmm, if you got any tips on quitting the drink, I would be very thankful :) :)  cos thats my next journey !! 

    Good luck to you Doras on your new quest and lifestyle, I am POSITIVE you WILL succeed :) :) and please, please dont go for good !! then perhaps you can come back to us in a few months and let us know how ya doing eh :) :) 

    Doras, this community will always be OPEN to you :) :) soooo, if ya need us, you know where we are :) :)  

    Pete :) xx

  • It's good to see the job has been done and you feel confident to move on. Brilliant job well done 😀

  • All the very best for the future.  A smoke-free life ahead; what could be better? xxx

  • thanks for posting. gives us all hope that we can make it. please come back and give another few words of inspiration :-)

    thanks and keep it up.

  • Sending best wishes and good health and happiness from 🇨🇦

  • Well done Doris be proud of yourself 

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