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Thank you son

Today I my son saved my quit for me😊

It's been a very hectic few days for me in so many ways 😰😟

Lots of driving round with different family members and looking after am elderly family friend who has been really ill and quite scared about it. So many times I have serious thought about just going and buying a packet as I am struggling to keep the strength going for my quit.😢😥

But today when we were on the way for his interview my son asked me to be honest with him, and tell him how I was really coping. I just looked and told him that I could just go and buy some right now and just smoke again😟😦😢.

After his interview he asked me to stop at our local supermarket as he need to get something. I waited in the car park for him and when he got in the car he gave me a bag. In it was a Well Done card, a box of chocolates and an e ciggy.

I have used the e ciggy a few times and it seems to be helping me deal with this part of my quit (it's a Nic free one as I'm on patches). I am due to lower my patch strength next week 😯but I think I'll wait.

So still smoke free but owe it totally to my son.😊

Hope everyone is doing great Debby xx

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You have got a very considerate son Deb and this truly shows how much he wants you stay smoke free :) :)

I think it is fantastic that you have someone that genuinely is thereto offer support for you.

You really are go well Deb and each day you get stronger. Take a bit of time to reflect back on your first few week and the feelings then and i am sure you will see just how far you have come...I can see it :) :)

Keep up the great quit you have going xx


Thanks been thinking back to the start and it was what stopped me starting again.

But my son knows me well and knew that I needed something other than the patch for the times when I'm waiting round as those are my worst times

Take care Debby xx


awwww that is soooooo lovely!!! big up your son and bloody BIG UP YOU for sticking it out!! i was in the same boat yesterday. :-((( was sooooooo close to caving. But my little son begged me not to and bigged me up so much. So, I cried again!!! Don't know where all this fluid is coming from!!!! Must be all the water I'm drinking. WELL done Deb... you are going to get such a boost tomorrow knowing you survived. I know how you feel with running around after family. But you really should think about you....your son saw you were struggling. Take some time out if possible.... lock the front door and turn your phone off. I have (except to take my little one to school and back) ... you deserve it xx Keep going!! I will too!!!


Thanks and your right I am so pleased that I didn't give up😊

Taking me and hubby out for the day on Sunday going for a long relaxing walk with no phones😂😂

Glad you are getting through your rough time and soon the tears will stop then it will just be smiles😊

Take care Debby xx

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xx have a lovely day with the hubby xx :-)

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Hiya Deb, so glad you have a wonderful son to help you. I think the ecig will certainly benefit you and anything that helps is a bonus. Be very proud of yourself for staying strong and I'm really proud of you too, well done hun you're doing great😊x

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Aup Debbs, you have got one hell of a lovely thoughtful lad there gal :) :) I wonder were he's got that from :o hmmmmmmm :) :) :)

A great BIG WELL DONE Debbs for sticking it out and not buying a pack :) :) and as for the patches, lower them down when you feel more confident eh :) :)

As for the e-cig, it helps me cos its the hand to mouth thing isnt it :o :) Enjoy your walk on Sunday and I hope the weather stays fine for you :o :) :)

Take care Debbs :)


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