Thank you ❤️

Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement yesterday  went to bed and crashed out ,best nights sleep for a while .can not believe I've got to seven weeks already .and can safely say still not had one puff .tried to talk to Paul last night he says it's all in the mind how I'm feeling told him it's not it's were my body is repairing itself he just laughed at me ,told him straight you try it see how you feel, no thanks was his reply told him don't judge me then lol I'm just glad and thankful I found this group because all of you no what it's like to quit smoking ,anyway onwards and upwards that I'm hoping was my big dip down on the roller coaster once again thank you so much xxx

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  • Whoohoo bevie 7 weeks smoke free😊👏👏👏👏

    You can do this, if only to shame Paul 👍

    Keep up the good work hun 🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Bet Paul wishes he could lol ,well done x

  • Lol I bet he does really doesn't bother me that he smokes just reminds me when he smells like an ashtray why I've given it up x

  • Yeah the smell poooooh I can't believe I used to smell like that 😖😖

  • Awesome Bevie, glad you are feeling brighter - You show Paul just how clever you are.AND make sure you put away the money you not spent and treat yourself 😀😀

    It truly does help having people who really do understand just how tough it can be and the associated roller coaster of emotions👍👍 keep this site nice and close 😀😀😀

  • HUGE CONGRATULATIONS Bevie on 7 weeks smoke free.............fantastic🎈🎊🎉👏🏼

    Hubby doesn't understand☹️ do they ever???😂😂😂

    Great quit, delighted for ya hun🏅🏆😊


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