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Daily Chat: Monday 22nd October 2012

Daily Chat: Monday 22nd October 2012

Good Morning Everybody :-)

It is a beautiful autumnal day today. Greens, browns and reds within the leaves of the trees. I'm loving the colours. However, the air is a bit damp and so for those of you with any respiratory conditions make sure you remember to take all your medications and wrap up warm.

Pete, today is the day :-) I hope you are all organised and remembered to take your NRT into work with you. Stay positive and remember that you can and will do this :-)

Sue, another week almost under your belt. Will you be popping along to your group today? I hope you managed to get a decent sleep last night :-)

Jillygirl, the start of a busy week for you. Chin up and march on :-) You know we are all behind and beside you 110%. We loved the spears yesterday, they'll come in very useful all round I think :-)

Andi, I have a feeling it may be today that you are back. Once you get through that door, put your suitcase down, kettle on as you've some catching up to do with us all here. We so want to hear your stories of lands far, far away :-)

Kaz, we missed you yesterday, hope you manage to get a minute from walking around that ping-pong (ooops sorry, table tennis) table in work today and let us know how it's going for you :-)

Kengreen, hope everything is going okay for you and you are staying positive :-)

JohnUK, 3 weeks today thats absolutely brilliant. That one month mark will be with you in no time :-)

For those of you who have had your CO (Carbon Monoxide) readings taken, I was thinking about adding them onto the wall of winners with your original reading as well as your non-smokers reading. What do you think?

Today is a fresh new day and as long as you remain positive then keeping those cravings at bay will be a lot easier. Any questions then please don't hesitate in asking as I'm sure there will be others either going through the same or maybe have already been there and will be able to offer their experiences and a way forward :-)

I'll pop the kettle on later and maybe we'll share a cuppa together :-)

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Morning Emjay, i love the autumnal colours as well, especially if the sun shines on them :)

I'll be going to my group this afternoon, got not too bad a sleep, just wish it was summer, we didn't get one this year :D

I'll see you for a cuppa and a chat later :) xx


Hi JohnUK, thanks for the link. The mouthspray is quite a good product, we have a number of clients using it at the moment. Just whilst you are on, do you remember what you CO reading was before you actually quit? I've added your latest one onto our 'Wall of Winners' page.

Sue, did you have your CO reading taken at your group when you first went?



Good afternoon :)

I am still here and for Pete's information, I haven't relapsed and the reason I wasn't around yesterday wasn't because I couldn't take the stick :D It would take more than that to chase me away, so you are stuck with me I'm afraid :D It was a wise idea for Sue and Pete to hide yesterday as I chose the purple spear that Jillygirl sent which is the fastest and like a heat seeking missile, always reaches it's target, fortunately I didn't throw it and by the way Pete, your spear missed... ha! better luck next time, I think it landed in your lumpy gravy :)

I hope you are all doing ok and good luck for today Pete, I know you can do it. I will be doing some exercise today as well, especially after you said there was as much chance of you climbing Mount Everest, I can't resist a challenge.

I've updated my spreadsheet this morning. I'm now on day 19, I've saved £122.40 and not smoked 360 cigarettes during that time which I normally would have. I will see the financial benefits more next month as out of this months salary I did buy 200 cigs and after giving up also bought NRT which as it was on offer I stocked up on so wont need to buy this month. It's good to see the results on a day by day basis and makes me feel proud to see what I have achieved already.

I haven't walked round the ping pong table yet EmJay :) but I will be doing this afternoon.

It was good to see Jillygirl on line yesterday, thinking of you.

Speak soon. xx


Hi everyone,

Sorry Emjay i can't remember my reading, and forgot to take note of it, my brain is still awol :D :D, i will get it for you though :)

It's brilliant your nearly at a month John UK :)

Hi Kazz, i hope we didn't upset you, i'm sorry if we did, was just a bit of fun.

That's great you have a spreadsheet, i never thought of that, it sounds like it really helps you :) think i'll start one today. You keep strong Kazz, i know you can do this :)

Thinking of you today Pete, you can do this :) i know you can :)

will chat soon xx


Hi Everyone, just a quickie from me. :) Love the pic Emjay my two words would be a fighter. Thanks to all on here I will keep positive. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Off to lie down now as Been told to rest all day today ready for petscan tomorrow.

Yeah I know any excuse eh! :D


catch up later guys. love ya all and keep up the good work your all stars. :)


Hi Jillygirl, it's lovely to hear from you, glad your keeping your spirits up :) that will help you win this battle :)

Will be thinking of you tomorrow :)

you have a nice rest today, luv ya :) xx


afternoon peeps,as the calender goes its 16 weeks on Friday smoke free :) cut down on the crisps a bit now,i plan on never going back to it but i do know it would only take a moments weakness and i guess that's how it goes.changing my curtains over today,the £5 charity shop pair lasted 5 years they were only meant to be temporary they did the job well,its that time of the year nearly to get the winter duvet out as well,lots of distractions for today,you all have a good day :)


Hi Kengreen, 16 weeks is brill :) i like keeping busy as well, it helps me a lot, plus i always have plenty to do with a hubby and son to see to, continually having to pick up after them :D :D

hope you have a good day :)


Sue of course you didn't upset me, I know it was all said in fun and you and Pete made me laugh :) I have to thank you for that as well because I am tending to be a bit grumpy these days so having a good laugh really helps. Thanks for the support Sue, yes the spreadsheet does help. The thought of those 360 cigarettes, that's a lot of cigarettes not smoked is a good incentive to carry on. You keep strong as well Sue, you are doing brilliantly. I am going to get a crossword book as that seems to help you to keep your mind occupied.

I posted a question today because of what happened to Pete at work and I know it has happened to most if not all of us at times when we get into a situation when we feel like we can't cope and just turn to our old friend for support. As it's not our friend but our enemy I want to know how to get through without it and without shouting at someone.

So good to hear from you Jillygirl, you have a good rest and build your strength up for tomorrow.xx I wonder how Pete is going on today, hope he is ok, I am sure he will let us know later.

Well done Ken, 16 weeks is fantastic. I have been eating sweets lately instead of smoking and have already put a few pounds on so that has to stop. I am cutting down on the sweets and going to start doing a bit of exercise from today to get rid of the weight I have put on.

John you are doing so well, coming up to a month, keep up the good work.



Hi Kazz, i'm glad we didn't upset you :), i just wanted to make sure cause everybody's sense of humour is different.

gonna set my spreadsheet up soon, i think seeing it all in black and white will help me :) hope you get help with the crosswords, they help me when a craving comes on cause it redirects my thoughts.

have a great day and stay strong :) xx


I'm away out shopping, will chat later :) xx


Thanks for that JohnUK, I'll need to get one for my computer, i never thought of it that way either, you'll be able to treat yourself now, maybe save for a holiday


That's amazing John, 735 cigs not smoked, it's quite shocking when you think how quickly the number builds up, never mind the amount of money spent. I never thought of smoking in those terms either, I did think of how much it cost but not actually how many cigs I was smoking. Just think of how many we have smoked over the years.

I am going to add that to my spreadsheet, how many niQUITin minis I am having a day so that I have something to work with when I cut them down later on.

I hope everyone is having a good evening xx


Hi Kazz,

hope you've had a good day, mine was a lazy one for a change, first time i've managed one in a while :D :D

hope these cravings stayed away for you today, or if they didn't you were able to kick them away :) xx


Thanks Sue,

My day wasn't too bad and the cravings weren't too bad this afternoon. I was expecting them to start after lunch and thought I would do what EmJay suggested and just accept them when they came but they didn't turn up like on other days. I did still go for a walk round the ping pong table for a bit of exercise.

I'm glad you had a lazy day today :) How did your group go this afternoon? Are you managing your cravings and do you get them at specific times or do they come and go?



The group went fine today, they talk about the same stuff that Emjay does, main difference is they sometimes show videos, if you saw the lung one that would make you succeed in being a non smoker for life

I seem to get cravings morning and night, i that's because i used to smoke more in the mornings, and night time cause i usually just watch the telly, i'm not busy

I do lots of things to beat this, i use my inhalator if it's bad, then it could be shouting it away, or using my relaxation tape, and keeping my hands and mind busy, with whatever i'm interested in

night time is more of a challenge, it's fine when i'm on here, or another site, it's when this is switched off, i sometimes play daft games on my phone, whatever it takes, they don't last long now though so it's not to bad :) xx


I play games as well on my computer, I haven't done my Paul McKenna CD for a while so I will do that again because it did seem to help and I might take up knitting again :) When I tried to give up in June, the councellor suggested it so I started making a jumper, then when I started smoking again I stopped knitting so I have a partly finished jumper somewhere in the spare room.:) So if anyone wants a scarf for Winter just let me know, not saying which Winter you will get it though :D xx


:D :D a bit like me then, good idea to start knitting again though, i'd do that if it wasn't for my arthritis :) xx


Hi Pete,

I really hope your work are not keeping you late tonight

How are you doing, hope you remembered your NRT today, you keep strong young man, we're all behind you on this :)

I'll try stay up for you tonight for a blether, i'm missing you on here

will chat later :) xx



Hope you folks are okay this evening doing whatever you need to do to drive those cravings away.

Knitting is a fab idea or maybe crocheting? I have a model camper van that all my nieces and nephews bought me for my birthday, that has over 1,000 pieces and will no doubt keep me busy and very occupied.... I just don't seem to have the time to sit down and get started on it! :-/

What kind of games do you play on to keep you occupied? Do any of you ever use Facebook or twitter?

If you would like to see any particular types of video clips I can pop some on tomorrow... It all depends on the things that might interest you, wouldn't want to scare you into stopping though!

Using relaxation tapes / CD's is a great idea :-)

Hope Pete hasn't been swallowed up in that there workplace of his and his Day 1 of quitting is going okay :-/

Remember that the more cravings you get under your belt, the easier it will become :D


Hi Emjay,

I know that video was horrible, i was watching from behind my hands, i don't do that with horror movies :D :D

I do play Facebook games, and card games on my phone, thinking about them sp much i don't notice the cravings :)

hope you have a good night :) xx


I haven't done crocheting for years :) I play Facebook games as well, Bubble Witch Saga is good and Bejewelled Blitz.

I don't want to see any vids if they are of lungs, I'm a bit squeamish, I don't mind a vid if it's a good film :)

It's good to be busy and occupied but I do hope you get to start your model camper van soon EmJay, that sounds really good. Is it already painted or do you get to paint it?

Yes I hope Pete is doing ok on his first day.



Hi Kazz,

I've just started playing bubble witch saga, and farmville 2 there really good games aren't they :) x


Ooooh I won't be posting any then.... Unless requested and if so it shall have a warning ;-)

I'll make a point of starting my camper an over the next couple of weekends, I'll Jake some time :-) I think it's ready painted Kaz.

Bejewelled is well addictive!

I'm just chillaxing now, about to watch Panarama....


Good evening everyone, :)

Finished work on time tonight, :) :) woweeeee

Day 1 of my quit, hmmmm them piggies were getting at me when i first got up, but doned my patch, and they do help :) Not too bad at work, had a couple of bad times but got through them ok, drove home alright, had mi shower come down stairs, got on here and cracked a cannie open, hmmmm i think this is the worst time i've had today, as in i aint half snogging that inhalator, but so far so good as they say :) :)

Rite im off to see what you've all been nattering about, speak soon :) :)


Hi Pete,

I knew you could stay strong today, a big WOO HOO :) xx


Whats all these flippin games you are all playing then :o :|

Am i missing out on something good here ??!!


There on Facebook Pete, so you need to get that first, there a good way to pass some time, if you have any :)


Aup Sue I'm glad you had a nice lazy day gal :) :)

I joined facebook a couple of years ago, but cant remember seeing any games on it, mind you i havent been on for a wile now, dont seem to get the time somehow :(

So have you charged your batteries up then :) :)


The games are on the aps :)

I've charged them up a little, found it hard to do though cause i have ants in my pants :D :D


Hey Sue you cant beet ants in your pants for keeping you on the go gal :D :D


Hi Kaz, erm look gal, if ever i go too far, with the mucking about i mean, i give you permision to box my ears, ok :) :)

Hmmmm dont like the sound of this heat seeking spear that you've got, huh i will just hide in the fridge :D :D


Yes Sue those games are really good, I play Farmville but haven't played Farmville 2.

Hi there Pete, I'm glad you finished on time tonight and well done you for being strong and resisting the urge.

I've just watched Monroe which I quite like, about time there was something good on the tele.

I remember making models when I was a child, I made Henry VIII and painted him. I enjoyed the painting bit the most, shame you can't paint the camper van EmJay, something really bright. xx


Hi Kazz you should play 2 it's really good :) x


I don't think you will ever go to far, I have a good sense of humour. I do agree with what Sue said earlier though, we all have a different sense of humour. I have quite a dry sense of humour and sometimes people don't get me, so I have to tone it down a bit. Luckily you and Sue seem to get me so that's ok :) Yes it's only the purple one that's heat seaking, it can't go through fridge doors though so you will be safe in there :)


Brrrrrrrrrr flippin too cold in that fridge, had to come out now and get a warm, erm perhaps i will just shove a book down the back of my trousers instead eh :D :D

Hey you dont look old enough to knit :) :) creep creep :D :D


The problem with Farmville is that they keep introducing more lands and they don't give you the option not to join them, like Jade Falls, some Island or other, Halloween land, Home Farm, English Country side etc, I can't keep up : ) Is Farmville 2 the same?


They do, but i don't try to keep up, i just do what i can, it's less stressful that way, for me at least :D :) xx


Hi you two, i'm gonna have to go it's way past my bedtime, hope you both have a good nights sleep :)

Sweet dreams luv yas :) xx

nite nite to you too Jillygirl, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


Nite nite Sue and sweet dreams to you gal, luvs ya too xxxx :) :)


Night night Sue, sweet dreams, speak to you tomorrow.

I am going to make a hot chocolate and head off to bed to read my book for a while.

Night everyone, keep strong Pete, you are doing great.



Nite nite Kaz, i do hope you have a good nights sleep tonight gal, and enjoy your hot chocolate and book, i hope its not a spooky book, cus Halloween is just around the corner :o :| sweet dreams gal, luvs yas too xx :)


Aup Jillygirl its lovely to see you, so sorry gal, am still reading through all the blogs, luv the pic by the way, and yes you put your feet up, cus you deserve it gal :) :)

Just wondered though what a petscan is :o didnt think you'd got any pets, hmmmm well apart from your hubby that is :D :D sorryyyyyyyyyyy

I hope everything works out alright for you tomorrow, and as i've said before keep that lovely chin up gal, cus like Emjay said, were all with you 110% :) :)

Good nite Jillygirl and luvs ya loads gal, well you know i do :) :) xxxxxx am thinking of you gal :) :)


I just want to thank all of you lovely lovely people on here for the good luck you have sent me today, I love you all xx :) :)

John you keep with it pal, sounds like you have got it all organised, magic mate just magic, i tried to copy your spreadsheet, but with no avail, even downloaded a compatibility pack for office 2003, but i could see your spreadsheet, but nothing worked on it :( but now at least i've found out how to make each collum add up to a total at the end, if you see what i mean, erm the equation, is that the word i'm looking for :o :| You keep in there pal cus your doing just great :) :)

Aup Ken its great to see you again, and to know that you are keeping strong and with us still, as for your curtains from the charity shop, ace pal just cant fault you there, just hope these new ones last that long eh :) :) speak soon :)

Emjay, i thank you so so much for your support gal, your just a great star, you are :) :) and i hope your legs arnt so stiff today after that welly walking job :D :) I left you until the last cus thats what you do isnt it, with deserts/ sweets etc leave the best till last :D :)

Goodnight all and God be with you :) :) xxxxx


Hi Pete, PET scan stands for Positron Emission Tomography. like a CT scan but given injection that causes some areas of your body to light up on the scan.


If they took a piccy too it would be ok for halloween. :D


You take it easy at work. and well done on getting through your first day . Keep thinking to yourself you dont want to join me in hospital. I need you fit and well to keep me happy. loveya. xxxxxxx :) :)


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