Daily Chat: Monday 7th January 2013

Daily Chat: Monday 7th January 2013

Good Morning Everybody :-)

Today is the first Monday of the year, what will it bring for you I wonder? I hope its plenty of smiles and not very much cravings. Having said that, remember that if you do have cravings then it's a positive sign that your body is recognising that you are not feeding it with the usual nicotine and poisonous toxins that you used to when smoking.

For those of you who have today marked on your calendar as your first smokefree day, congratulations. Enjoy the stopping smoking journey. It's probably one of the biggest roller coaster rides that you'll ever go on, with the ups and downs of emotions, the ups and downs of smiles and tears. It's all pretty normal but please try and remain as positive as possible. When you are feeling a bit low, recognise that it won't last and within minutes you'll be on an up again. When you are on the 'up', enjoy it and then remind yourself that this is how its going to be for you long term :-)

Welcome to all our new members, there are lots of information within the archives section of our Quit Support site. If there is anything that you can't find, or would like to know - please give us a shout and we'll help you all we can.

Big thank you to all our lovely members for supporting and entertaining each other in the only way that you all know how to :D The support that you all show each other on this site is fantastic and simply amazing. There is always somebody who understands what the next person is going through.

Remember to stay as positive as possible everyone and that you can do this. It's just a matter of 'sticking at it'. :D

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  • Good morning Emjay and everybody.

    Hope you're all managing your first Monday morning of the New Year okay and new quitters have managed to survive that first commute without a fag. Get your car and ashtray cleaned out asap and get a good supply of sweets in for all those testing times. Don't worry about the weight you put on because you will put weight on - just don't let it be too much! :D Those of us that quit last year are all this year trying to tackle the weight issue cos it takes a few months to get over the excess eating! :o

  • Good Morning Emjay, Andi, and everyone

    Got my computer working......again, had to kick it a few times :D and i got a good sleep last night, I hope you all did as well :),

    Hope all you new quitters are managing to stay strong today, you can do this :) How are you doing Fraz? I hope you found a strategy to help you stay smoke free today :) we all know you can do this :)

    I have a lot of weight issues to lose Andi :D :D hopefully I'll get there :D :)

    Hope you all have a fandabedozi day :D :) xx

  • Hi ladies :D :D I nearly put old birds then but I thought I don't want to get into trouble like someone I could mention :)

    Thanks for your words of advice as always EmJay and Andi about the weight thing, that is so true, sort the weight out once you have kicked the habit.

    I'm glad you got your computer sorted Sue after a few kicks.

    Speak to you later xx :)

  • Hi Kazz,,,,,,again :o :D

    I'm really glad i got my computer sorted, I couldn't live without it now :D :D I wouldn't be able to chat to all of you :)

    I wonder where Andi has got you, do you think she's still jumping and running in the park :D :D

  • She probably is or out with friends knitting some cakes :)

    I'd be lost without my computer Sue and I really would miss you all if I didn't have it and the secret stash of cakes as well :D xx

  • We could share cakes on this chat because JC isn't doing this one :)

    Here you are Sue


    enjoy xx :)

  • Thanks Kazz, my favourite :) xx

  • This one is for Pete, it reminded me of him :)


  • :D :D that's brill :)

  • JC will be kicking himself when he realises he's missed all this cake hahahaha :D

  • Yeh I know what you mean, and absolutely the cakes, just thinking it's just as well i don't eat all these cakes in reality or i'd be the size of an elephant :D :D


    :D :D :D xx

  • Yoh! :)

  • Yoh Andy Pandy :) You must have smelt the cakes :D

    Here you are


  • Don't tell Johnny Cakeface that we are eating cakes on here he is on the other chat and he keeps nicking them and we don't get a look in :)

    Eating cakes in secret it like some sort of disorder :)

  • Excellent cakes tonight ladies! :)

  • Hi Andi, glad you enjoyed them :)

  • Well Sue, I went for a run this morning and this evening I went to try a Body Balance class. I got this free 5 day gym pass on a packet of cereal last year so am using it this week. It can be used at Fitness First so will try a couple of new things this week. Don't think I will do BB again - you have to be a bit of a contortionist and as I'm getting on a bit now I don't bend that easy! :o :D :D Oh, and my belly gets in the way! :D :D :D

  • Where do you get the energy from, I want some :) :D that BB sounds mental, my belly would get in the way alright, i look 7 months pregnant :D :D it's good you can try out new things, you might find something else that you'll like doing :)

  • Like I don't do enough different things! :o :D :D

  • well you could swap some for a while :D :D :D

  • Sue I'm ever so glad you had a good nights sleep :) :) and fixed your comp with a kick :D :D

  • Hi everybody :) :)

    Kaz i just love the cake gal :D :D looks rite yummmmmmmmy :P :D i hope thats not your tongue sticking out the side of it though :o :|

  • Hiya, hope you had a good one. :)

  • Andi God you've been busy again havnt you :o :) and wanting to do some more, where do you get your energy from !!??

    Hmmmmmm I reckon you've been telling us porkies about your age, cos in that pic of you last night you only looked about 36 :) :D :D

  • Hiya Pete hope you had a good day :)

  • I see you've all been munchin on cakes again, and not shearing them with JC thats norty Ladies :D :D

  • Hang on a minute piss-crack-ting thats it just got my cuppa :P :P slurp slurp :D :D

  • only cause he keeps eating them and not leaving us any :D :D

  • Yes i think your rite Sue, cos he is a greedy so & so :D :D

  • A bit like you being a psss h... whoops - maybe I shouldn't say that on here! :o :D :D

  • :D :D :D i know :D :D here's some cupcakes to have with your cuppa

    swiss-miss.com/wp-content/u... :D :D

  • Hmmmmmmm not sure they would go with my cuppa Sue :D :D

  • Aaahh Andi you nearly said head ! :D

    Hi Peetie Weetie, no it wasn't my tongue sticking out of that cake :) We had to come on here to eat cake because JC keeps eating all our cakes before we get chance to. He's on the other chat so we came here to eat in secret but then Andi Pandi snitched on us but JC hasn't been on here so maybe he didn't see the post :D

    I think you should have said pssss rather than psss :D :D

  • Who's pssssssed then :o :D :D

  • We could adopt this one as the Quit Support cake! :) :D :D :D


  • Try again, get your spears out Girls, cos i thinks them gremlins are back :( :(

    You Ladies can have the pink bit, and i will just have to force the other piece down me :( :P :P :D :D

  • I love that Andi, it's our mascot :D Just as long as JC doesn't see it or it will be gone before you can say here's JC hide the cake :D It reminds me of us lot :D

    My posts aren't going, well they are or you wouldn't be reading this but they are taking 2 or 3 goes at sending them so if you see 3 the same, that's why

  • I'm having the same problem Kazz :)

  • We should Andi :D :D, we should put it on a banner :D :D

  • Yes I foursome that, lets have it as our mascot :D :D

    Spear at the ready =========>>>>>

  • And this could be Pete's cake at the end of his evening. :o


  • Whats up with that then :o looks fine to me :) :) now wheres that flippin cat put my specks :o :D :D

  • Back to copy before posting then. :)

  • My posts are taking 2 or 3 goes to go on, and i'm getting tired so i'll love and leave you, i need to go to bed now

    nite nite everyone, sweet dreams :) xx

  • Nite nite Sue, you take care gal, and sweet dreams to you toooo xxxxx :)

  • Thought that might be an alternative. :o

    Nite nite Sue, sleep well old girl. :D :D

    Sweet dreams. :) xx

  • Drat! He's found us out! :P

  • Kaz where are you gal when we need you, JC's found our secret cake stash :o :(

  • John, I'm sure you wouldnt like these cakes :D :D

  • John i'm sure they will be some left for you tomorrow, any way i think you've had enough for one day eh :D :D

    Speak soon pal :)

  • Ohhh nooooooooooooo. Aaaaahhh JC you are not unwanted but it was the only way we could get a bit of cake :D Pete's right you wouldn't like these cakes they are just not up to your standard :D

    If you will learn to share then we will can have our cake and eat it out in the open. :)

  • Andi you called Sue an old girl :D Is that as bad a old bird? :D :P I think you are in an exceptionally mischievous mood this evening I think Peetie Weetie is leading you astray :D

  • Kaz I will have you know that I wouldnt dream of leading Andi astray, cos am sure she can do that herself :D :D

    Rite ave got to go and get some kip, cos am noddin :( :(

    So I will say nite nite to you lovely Young Ladies oooo and JC tooo and hope to see you tomorrow, luvs ya all :) :) xxxxxxxxxx

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