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Daily Chat: Wednesday 2nd January 2012

Daily Chat: Wednesday 2nd January 2012

Well, its the 2nd day of 2013 already! I hope you are all getting back to whatever is normal for you now that the festivite period of 2012 is over :D

I have had some bother getting on here this morning, I hope its not a sign of how the week ahead is going to be :-/

How is everyone's first couple of days into the New Year going then?

For those of you who have already stopped smoking, how good must you feel on entering the New Year as a non-smoker? Depending on when you quit, you will have already got the worst behind you and should now be feeling fewer cravings :-) Remember to stay positive!

Anybody who quit on the 1st January? You are now into your 2nd day, well done! If you've gone cold turkey (without NRT) then the last of the nicotine will be leaving your system today. The cravings may be feeling more intense too, but don't worry as this is supposed to happen. The more cravings you get under your belt, the easier it will become. Have a read through the following blog about cravings;


How about those of you who have stopped and started and stopped and started again? Remember that this is pretty normal and as long as you never give up giving up, then you'll get there in the end. Try and see you quit attempts as practice runs ready for the real thing On average, most people have around 7 practice attempts before they actually succeed, there has also been studies in America saying it can take around 12 attempts. At the end of the day, it will take you as long as it takes you and when the time is right, the penny will drop and everything will fall into place for you. The main thing is that you maintain the momentum and 'get back on it' as soon as you can. Please, please, please remember that the reason we are here is to help you all to get to where you want to be in your stopping smoking journey. We can only help you if you let us know if you are struggling and need that extra bit of support. There are many others just like you and may be afraid to speak up, however this is what Quit Support is all about and with everyone's help and support here you will be able to stop :-)

Go and make yourself a cuppa and have a read through the following blog;


This post has taken me all morning but I'm smiling through the challenge!! :-/

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Good Afternoon Emjay, Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope 2013 brings you all health and happiness :)

You just beat me, I've had trouble trying to post as well, actually i gave up and was gonna try later, glad you managed :)

Well it's back to old clothes and porridge, as my mum used to say :) :D , gone is the yummy food and party clothes, not that I had any party clothes out :D :D. I stayed away from the piggies, only had a couple of times when the cravings came, so I got my spears out and kicked them into touch, can't have those nasty piggies near my grandbaba :)

Hope you have a great day :) xx


Good afternoon Emjay and Sue and Happy New Year to you both again. :)

I had a lovely walk with friends yesterday and as I was having lunch with them afterwards I felt that a tooth had broken. We were eating soup! Went along to the dentist this morning - very lucky as just up the road and they had the phone off the hook - and was given an appointment at 11.30 - how lucky was that?! :) Have just come back with a built up tooth and numb face and am starving. :o Will have to wait for later so got to find a distraction til then. Need to get my stomach shrinking somehow. :D :D See you later.


Hi Andi, sorry you broke your tooth, how to did you manage that eating soup though :o :D :), glad you got it fixed, and managed to get such a quick appointment, you wouldn't catch me going to there though, I'm way to scared, got a dental phobia :o :D Hope you find a distraction it's murder trying to eat with a numb face :D :)

Have a great day :) :) xx


Hello everyone, Happy New Year! Hope your all ok. Sorry not been on site a lot but I think the painkillers are making me sleepy. Going to have a word with the doc, to see if I need to stop or change some of the medication. Hospital next week so will know more about folow up treatment. All I can say is thank goodness I packed in smoking. Anyone who has just decided to quit, stay with it . It is well worth the effort.

Take care of yourselves , love and god bless ya all. xxxxxxxxxxxx :)


Hi Jillygirl :) :) It's great to see you on here. I know what you mean about the painkillers, they made me sleep constantly, hopefully you can resolve this :) will be thinking about you next week, hope all goes well :)

Take care care of yourself, luv ya :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


love ya too. give my love to pete if he logs on tonight . Hope your still taking control of him. Hows that lovely grandchild developing, bet you cant wait. :)


Happy New Year everyone, I have it's a good year for you all xxx

Well done EmJay on persevering with the post it would have been frustrating if you had lost it after all the work you put into it.

I like that saying Sue back to old clothes and porridge it certainly sums up what it's like once all the festivities are over. I still have my decorations up but they seem a sad looking now so they will be coming down either today or tomorrow.

I have started my diet today and will go for a walk later even though it's pouring down or my do my Wii instead but I will be doing some form of regular exercise from now on. I notice you were out running again yesterday Andi, you are so dedicated.

Hi Jillygirl it's so nice to hear from you, sleep is supposed to be one of the best things for recovery so I'm sure it must have been doing you good.

John, what you said about Amor and Vida on New Year's eve about them both being asleep in their food dish made me smile, I would have loved to have seen a picture of them like that :)

To everyone who has joined this site since giving up on 1st January 2013, please feel free to come and chat and we will all support you as much as we can, I know I wouldn't have got this far without all the wonderful people here.

I'm so glad I decided to have a few extra days off work, I know I wouldn't have felt like going in today. I'm going out shopping soon so I will speak to you later xxx :)


I'll pass your love on to him Jillygirl, I'm sure he'll be on at sometime :)



There's the latest scan pics, I hope they work, I'm getting soo excited, so's my daughter, she can't wait for her baby boy to be born :) xx


Afternoon everyone, the kettles on if anybody fancies a cuppa ;-)

Jillygirl, I know what you mean about make-you-sleepy-pills, my pulled muscle resulted in sleeping for ever over the past 2 weeks! Lovely to see you about :D

Andi, what soup were you eating? Hope you are feeling a tad better and you can feel your face more now but no pain! I had to visit the dentist myself last week and like Sue I have a terrible phobie, my pills for my pulled muscle helped me to not care about it though :-/ Good to hear that you are back into your keep fit regime after your break. Although you seemed to be keeping fit whilst you were away :D

Sue, welcome into 2013, it's a cracking year to be a Granparent ;-)

Off to make that cupp now.... :-D


Hi Kazz, Happy New Year to you too, I hope you had a good time, whatever you did :), good for you doing some exercise, wish I could do that, but with my arthritis I have no chance, I have started my diet though, i need to start eating healthy, so here's hoping I can keep away from the cakes :D :D

Enjoy you shopping trip, see ya later :) xx


Oh Sue, the scans are amazing! I bet you can't wait to meet him. What month is he due?


He's due on 9th May, 5 days before her birthday, i don't know if i can hold out that long :D


Good afternoon Emjay, Sue, Andi and everybody :) :)

I have done it again, yep i'm on the smokes again :( :P :(

I erm PM'ed Emjay to tell you, cos i darnt come on here !! for what you might say to me :( but I have decided to tell you myself, and face the consequence like a man should do !!

Its so so easy to get back on the smokes, cos i havent even got to go out of the house to get them, cos there here all the time, tempting me !!

I'm so so sorry for letting you all down, and please please tell me off, cos this time it is my fault, ha ha i'm used to being told off for something that I havent done :D :D

Andi, as Sue says, I dont know how you managed to break a tooth on soup, unless it was hard boiled yellow pea soup eh :D :D

Sue welcome back to the old clothes & porridge gal :D :D

Jillygirl I hope your resting gal, and got your feet up watching tv :) :)

Emjay thankyou so so much for your support that you have given me gal, at this moment I am writing a list out of why I like smoking, and why it is beneficial to me to stop smoking :) if you dont mind I would like to post it on here later !!

Erm well I think thats me done with then, I shall leave the rest up to all of you lovely people to do what you will !!

Pete :(


Hi Pete, don't beat yourself up about this, living with smokers, and ciggies being there all the time makes it really hard for you, I could so easily do the same thing if i was in your position, just use this to help your find your triggers, and follow Emjays advice and you will get there, you can do this :), we're all right behind you, and will help you all we can :) xx

And yeh the porridge is back, but i never left the old clothes :D :D :D there to comfy :D :)


Hi everyone :) Happy New year to you all x Hi Jilly plenty of rest is what you need :) Congrats to sue, the scan pics are lovely bet you can't wait, had my granddaughter and great granddaughter for Christmas day and we had a lovely day :) Pete I know how you feel, my daughters friend visits 3-4 times a week and I can smell the smoke even though she smokes outside the back door, have you thought of a new quit day yet? Hi andi hope the tooth is ok going to make some soup later with the left over ham that I froze, my hubby lost his filling eating a pork pie :( We have loads of Christmas goodies left as we went away on the 28th dec and came back on the 2nd Jan so hoping to start my healthy eating as soon as its all gone :) have a good day all x



Hi delina, bet you had a great Christmas day, I don't think it's the same without children, I can't wait for all the christmases to come :), even though this one has just finished :D :D

have a good day :) x


Hi everyone, the soup I was eating was home-made leek and potato soup - might have been the bread with it or the parsley sprinkled on top of it (nearly choked on a bit about the same time). :o :D :D Anyway, it's now 4.30 and my face is still numb! so won't be eating anything til my dinner later. :)

To pass the time I walked over to the shopping centre and managed to come back with half a dozen carrier bags. :o :) Amongst my bargains: here's one specially for Kazz - Clintons, Thorntons premium collection, 259g, £2.49! Also got a hula hoop in TKMaxx! (Maybe another one for Kazz or even a few more of you out there. :D :D :D

Pete, I was wondering yesterday when you didn't come on. :o I guess it was sooooo quiet on New Years Eve that I'm not at all surprised - and I mean that in a nice way. ;-) :) Are you keeping count now cos Emjay's post said it could take up to 12 go's! :D :D

Got to pop out now, see you later. :)


Thanks Andi, I am going to be very good and let you have the Thorntons and I will have the hula hoops, I like the beef flavour hula hoops the best :D :P I hope your mouth feels ok soon, don't want you dribbling while you are eating your tea :) I bet you had already cracked your tooth and the heat of the soup just made it break, or as you said, it could have been the parsley :D

Hey Peetie Weetie, I'm so sorry to hear that you had a bit of a relapse


To be honest with you, I think you are a real star, you gave up for so long with smokers around you and easy access to cigarettes and resisting them shows how strong you are. That is why I had a relapse at the beginning of October, I gave up for a couple of days but hadn't got rid of all my cigarettes and the temptation was just too much so I threw them all out and started again. Unfortunately you can't do that. The main thing is that you want to give up and because you want to, you will do it my friend and you know we are all behind you.

Nobody would tell you off because that would make the majority of us hypocrites and we've all been there. I know when I had my relapse you were all so supportive and encouraged me when I gave up again but that is what I needed. xx

Sue we will do the healthy eating together because I will struggle giving up the chocolate and cakes. I will still have them but everything in moderation and I especially apply that motto to salad :D



Hi Kazz, I love that you apply the motto to salad, think that will be mine as well :D :D :D good idea to do the healthy eating together, i might just manage to lose some weight this time, no guarantee of that though :D :D


Hiya, back now. I popped next door to wish my neighbour a HNY and thought I'd give her one of the boxes of chocs. :) She gave me a huge piece of Christmas cake with my cuppa so I managed to eat it without too much dribbling :o and my mouth is now virtually back to normal. :)

Kazz, didn't your profile say I * chocolate just a few minutes ago? I don't like lettuce and never have done. :D

Sue, I think hula hoop may be something that you could do - but only if you feel like it. :D :D


Yes Sue, what flavour hula hoops do you like? :D We will eat hula hoops together, so kind of Andi to buy them for us :D

I can't stand lettuce Andi, if I wanted to eat leaves I have plenty in the garden. I just put I love lettuce as an inspirational message to myself. I will put I Love Chocolate back when I have lost a bit of weight :)

Glad you didn't dribble in front of your neighbour ;)


ooh i love cheese and onion hula hoops, thank you Andi :D :D glad your mouth is better :)

as for hula hooping, don't think I'd manage that one :D :D

I agree Kazz, leaves are for the animals and insects :D :D


Well, I struggled to get the hula hoop together while my dinner was cooking - it comes in 8 sections so it's easier for storage. :o I then went in the hallway to try it out and struggled to get it going. I don't think it's a very good model so I might be putting it back in the box and taking it back tomorrow. :( :D :D


That's disappointing Andi, are you intending to get another one, a different type? You will have great core muscles and a little waist if you carry on with it.



Think I might do if I can find a bargain one somewhere. :)


Hi all, i managed to get back to the land of the living, my energy levels are dropping like a stone when it gets to about 6pm, then i struggle to do anything, it's so annoying, sorry everyone that's my moan for the day

I hope you get another hoop Andi, like Jazz says, there great for your figure, if you get the hang of them, which i can't, i always end up in a heap on the floor :D :D :D


I'm the same Sue, no co-ordination. There is hula hooping on Wii Fit which is good because there is no actual hula hoop so I can do that :D

You're not moaning Sue, you can't help it if you get tired, you don't sleep well it's not your fault xx

Argos might have hoops on offer Andi, maybe in the January sales. Can you go swimming Sue? I would imagine that isn't so much strain on your joints. I was watching a programme the other night which said that jogging was bad for the joints and caused a lot of wear and tear with it being high impact. I going to just do some power walking for a while until I get fitter and some Wii Fit.

How is your ankle now Andi are you fully recovered?


Hi Kazz that sounds like my kinda hula hooping, no hoop : D :D I'm allowed to go swimming and do aquatic aerobics, that's all, doc won't even let me go a walk, when i asked about it she looked at me like i'd asked for cyanide :o :D :D mind you i probably wouldn't manage that now anyway :)

I'm getting really tired now so i'll have to go to bed

sweet dreams everyone, see you all tomorrow, luv yas :) :) xx


Poor Sue, it's such a b that you can't do any exercise with your poor old joints. :( It would drive me mad but you've learnt to cope with it. I bet that when your grandchild arrives you'll be doing more than you realise and tha will help. :)

Re the ankle Jazz :o :D it's still not 100% as in it's still swollen and hurts at some angles but generally it's not stopping me doing anything now. :) I'm sure it'll be months before it's back to as it was before cos as we get older, these things take a lot longer to repair. :o :D :D


Nite nite Sue, sleep well and sweet dreams. :)

Have got to go myself now so I'll say nite nite to you Kazz and everyone else and see you tomorrow. Hope you al sleep well too. :)


Night night Andi and Sue, sweet dreams and sleep well, see you tomorrow xxx luv yas xx :)

Sorry to hear that your ankle is still not good Andi, I hope it doesn't take months for you to fully recover but you are certainly not letting it slow you down, just don't overdo now do you hear you flippin woman you :D ,,,,, Oh is Pete here :D


Good night everyone, hope you all have a good nights kip :D

Andi... Don't worry, its not just you... I bought a hula hoop too that wouldn't work.... I don't think they make them like they used to ;-)



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