DAILY CHAT/ SUNDAY / 05/08/2012

DAILY CHAT/  SUNDAY   /    05/08/2012

Good morning, Its a beautiful morning here in Yorkshire, Blue sky and sun. So may go out for a ride , as those grey clouds usually appear later on.

Well as you will see from the first post today Dawn has reached 2 months. :) Well done, keep up the good work Dawn.

Hi emjay, well at least we got to know what Petes flippin was, before we went to bed. :)

Andi are you exercising today or going to be square eyed? :O whatever you do take it steady.

Sue how are you today. Hope your still keeping strong and positive , with all the things that seem to be testing you. Your brill. :)

So everyone have a lovely smokefree day. Will bob in later and make sure that Pete isnt still snoring. zzzzzzzzzzzz :P

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  • Good morning Jillygirl i hope these gremlins have taken off, what a time i had yesterday, couldn't get on here at all, on my phone this morning not chancing the computer today, have a great smoke free day, hope the weather stays good for you, it's a bit dull here in Dundee at the mo think the suns coming out later though

    away to see what Petes flipping is, missed that yesterday :D:D

    will chat later, if gremlins let me :D:D D :) xx

  • Good morning Jilly, Sue and everyone else.

    Well the sun's shining at the moment. I woke up at about 6.20 to hear rain outside. Was planning to go for a run so stopped alarm from going off and turned over. Couldn't go back to sleep so got up a few minutes later, togged up and off I went. Think my calf's better as didn't feel a thing today. Luckily it was only a quick passing shower earlier and it was nice and fresh out. Does make you feel better after vegging out on the couch watching the lympics for so many hours! :o

    I guess Pete's ( flippin ) is a bit like a thingumy or a doodah or a wotsit! :D

    See you later. :)

  • Mega gremlins going on today - site keeps asking me to sign on every time and Feedback not working! Grrrrr! :X

    Pete, you up yet? :)

  • Good morning andi and sue. Glad your calf didnt play up andi. Hope the sun appears sue.. Both of you have a great day. xx

  • PETE ! HELP ! Flippin washers leaking. cant work it out its leaking on rinse cycle but not when it fills. :O Oh well suppose I could look for another one. nearly as cheap as getting repairs. So its the laundry gremlins at my house. :X

  • Morning all,

    Jillygirl, is it when the washer is emptying ?? if so it is most likely the drain hose has a split in it !!

    Just cooking dins at the moment :P :P

  • Hubby just looked it is what you said cheers. :)

    will fix it tomoz. Phew.

    thanks Pete. :)

  • Jillygirl sorry to hear your washer is leaking, there's nothing worse hope you managed to get your washing out without soaking your floor to much, same thing happened to me a few months ago and it was certainly cheaper to buy new one, we need to get Pete to get rid of these gremlins there causing havoc now, hope you get it sorted soon xx

  • Hi sue hubby sorted washer will do it tomoz.

    Shame I really wanted a new one. :P

  • Hi Jillygirl that's always the way isn't it, at least it will save you money, glad you got it fixed :) xx

  • Aup you lot,

    I think i have excelled myself today, cus i made my lumpy gravy as usual, but with a difference, - i put a spoon in it and it stood up on its own :o :D :D I call that 1 lump gravy,

    so i chucked it and made another lot of 10 lump gravy, which is about norm for me, but just realised that i could have sliced the 1 lump gravy and made saunies for my packup with it, !! :D :D

    Just wondered if anybody has had gravy saunies???? :o :P

  • I did the same with cheese sauce. Hubby always says he will just have one slice.

    Why not add a bit of beef , and a slice of gravy . sounds good to me. :D

  • You could have cut a whole in the middle and put some meat or sausage in it - a bit like toad-in-the-hole?? :o :D :D

  • Hmmmmm dont like toads !! :o

  • You silly b******!!!! :o :D :D

  • Hey Hey!! young Lady, steady on a bit, huh cus your a Woman!!!! you will get away with it, this time :o :| but next time i will have to, reprimand you gal, and gosh will i reprimand you or what ???? :P :P

    :D :D

  • Gonna get my dinner now - roast would be wonderful but not worth it for one. :(

  • Hey Andi !!

    When i stayed at my Dads, i still cooked a roast most weeks, and what i used to do was, cook enough for 4, plate it up and put 2 in the fridge, which saved a couple of days, plus saved me cooking every night.

    Just put them in the microwave for 3 mins, and bobs your uncle !! but you put the gravy on just before you microwave them. :) :)

    I'm not sure but i think you can actually freeze the dins :) :)

    I will look into it for you :) :)

  • Grrrr - them gremlins again!! :X just replied and it's ( flippin ) o :D

  • Thanks for that but I know what to do ta. :)

  • Aghhhhh! I will try again. flippin gremlins. :X

    Yes you can freeze dins providing that none of the food was frozen to start with. Make sure its heated thoroughly . Dont re-freeze once thawed out. :)

  • Best thing is to freeze the meat sliced, in portions, in gravy. At home we call this 'recycled roast' :D :D The trouble with plating up is it gets rather boring eating the same thing over and over. :( Also roast potatoes and yorkshires are best fresh. :)

  • It tastes better than the frozen ones you buy :P :P

    Bin there done it, flippin c--p so there :P :o

  • Looks like i was too late with advice. :O

  • Challenge for you Pete, see how many gremlins you can find. :) Just posted one.

  • Jillygirl, yep found it, so now i know what to look for, hmmmmmm it looks a bit like ---- i

    best scarper. :D :D

  • Hey Pete, what shift are you on this week?

  • I'm working 6am - to 4pm, but wont be back here till about 5.30sh if im lucky, but, i'm going to see some men about some wheeels tomoz, so maybe late :( :(

  • GREMLINS! will try again!

    I guess you have to get up about 4-ish then! :o :( Suppose you'll be off to bye-byes soon. I noticed this morning that it doesn't get light til about 5 at the moment.

  • Ok guys and gals. signing off now. before I go can anyone help jonny ( on questions)

    Nite nite all.

    I wont be opening the daily chat tomoz. looking after the kiddiewinkles. : ) xxxx

  • Nite nite Jilly, will sign off too so nite nite Pete, sue and everybody else, sleep well. :)

  • Nite nite Andi, and Jillygirl, and God bless you both, luv ya ta bits, both of you, just off to see if i can help Jonny, or not, hope i can :) :)

    See you all tomoz :)

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