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Daily Chat: Monday 3rd September 2012

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Good Morning Everybody :D

A lovely fresh morning to start a brand new week (If you count Monday as the start day of the week)

Remembering that staying positive is the key to leading a happier smokefree lifestyle and by being positive, this will bring far better outcomes than if you focus on the negative.

So, I'm setting you all a challenge today....

The challenge is to stay as positive as possible throughout the whole day, no matter what the day may bring. For every situation that you may find a bit trying, search for the positive.. it will be in there somewhere :D

To get you started then, remember that any cravings that you get are a positive sign that your body is recovering from those awful toxins that you have been putting into your body over the years. The more cravings that you get under your belt puts you i a stronger position to remain smokefree for the rest of your healthier life :D

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EmJayFounder Quit Support

Morning Pete, looks like we got here at the same time I just went to comment on your blog but it's saying that it's been deleted? Is it you that has deleted it or have those PC Gremlins made an appearance? :X

Am I right in thinking today is your 1 week celebrations? :-)

I have just posted this and it now looks as though there are two daily chats... posted by me :-/

The positive in this is that if you didn't see what I said the first time, then you'll catch it the next I suppose :D

monkyAdministrator in reply to EmJay

Morning Emjay,

Ha ha 1 minute there's no daily chats then there's loads :D :D yes i deleted mine, cus your's is a lot better than mine :) :)

Its day 7 today for me, working nights this week, so i can open up the daily chat in the morning if you like, while Jillygirl is on her jols :) :)

EmJayFounder Quit Support

I'm sure our posts were as good as each other's :D

You are a great stand in for Jillygirl and I have a dentist appointment :-( first thing tomorrow so that would be brilliant :D

How are you feeling today? Do you use your patch as a 24 hour one or do you take it off each evening? I meant to ask you yesterday :-)

monkyAdministrator in reply to EmJay

A dentist appointment eh poor you :( :( i'd rather go to work, i would :)

Yeah not feeling too bad today so far, had to use my inhalator a bit over the weekend, my patches i take them off, but sometimes i forget, and they end up at the bottom of the bed, ha ha dont know how they get down there :D :D

Rite going to cook dins to take to work with me, speak in a bit, have a nice day gal :) :)

Morning Pete,Emjay and everyone!!

Lovely weather so far today ... Hope it stays I'm having a day off today as I have loads of things I need to catch up on at home..

Emjay... I would be greatful if you could let me know where I can get my CO reading done. On Saturday I went to see my quit advisor and he told me that he had been let go by the chemist manager and was just collecting his stuff??. He was a chemist.. I don't know it was all very sudden and he's not saying anything.other than there is no longer going to be an NHS QUIT service??!!

Granted I only had like 2 weeks left on my patches but helloooooooo and I'm going to sound like a spoilt bratt... But how can they just do that ?? Also there were people who had just started their quitting journey there... What about them!?? They have not even suggested anywhere else . I have no patches and eating my gum but it's just making my heartburn left!!

I am so angry I've been over 24 hours without a patch now just suffering with the gum.. Is it really worth going back on the patches now??

I'm already about as grumpy as you can get now so maybe I should keep it up n staff off the patches??? Flipping (add own expletives here) flip. ARGHHHHHH

Ohh that was rather long!!! Having problems submitting my comments today.. Might be my phone though!!

Haha sorry... My phone doesn't like my spellings and changes the words.. To completely random words and I've just read my message back and I don't half sound like a muppet!! Well at least I've had one smile for the day!!

monkyAdministrator in reply to Lisa-Jane

Aup Lisa-Jane, for one thing i know that your not a muppet :) :)

Your doing fantasticly well, you are gal, so keep in there :) :) if you dont think that you can carry on without patches, you can buy them from most superstores, i get mine from Asda, but of course at the full price :( :(

If you feel like shouting gal, you flippin shout, do you hear me - you flippin shout gal :X :X

Rite time for me to go and get my ear muffs i think :D :D

Speak later gal Pete :)

Lisa-Jane in reply to monky

Yeah I'm going to have to buy some I think.. I'm going to try without them and Ive only had 3 gums in the last 24 hours.. But if I buy the patches at least I know I have them should times get hard.

Hope your earmuffs are good ones .. Imbthinking I

Might walk the dogs to the quarry and shout and shout ... Just hope I don't scare the little dog!!! He jumps if someone passes wind near him!!! Haha

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Hi Lisa-Jane, trying to access here on your phone is very trying at the best of times ha ha :-)

If you can message me either your address or postcode, I'll find out where you can go and get your CO reading done. Can you also message me the pharmacy where you normally attend too?

You are doing brilliant at this point and it would be such a shame if this tipped the balance for you the other way. Lets make sure that doesn't happen. We'll find somewhere for you to go :-)

If you are using the NRT gum, just make sure you are using it properly and are not kind of chew, chew, chewing it as you would with regular gum. It's only supposed to be chewed every now and again to release the nicotine as you require it. Also, make sure you are not drinking too much tea or coffee (hot drinks) when using it. It may sound disgusting, but it's probably best you take it out your mouth whilst having a hot drink. Something tells me that Pete will pop on in a moment and recommend that you stick it behind your ear! :-)

Pete, I think it's good that you are using the inhalator too as this will help strengthen your ability to stay stopped and is one of the products that works really well with the patch. If you find you are struggling at all, especially also to fit in with your shift pattern, then it may be worth leaving the patch on and changing it every 24hours. You may experience a few whacky dreams :-/ but I'm sure you won't come to any harm :-)

chris226 Months Winner

Hi all hope you're doing well out there today. Timely post EmJay about seeing the positives. Start of week 4 for me and generally feeling pretty crappy. Seem to be struggling more now than at week 2, don't know why. Just gotta keep going here. Have a good day folks

monkyAdministrator in reply to chris2

Hi Chris, nice to see you here, i found in my past attempts that i've got through the hardest times, so i thought !!, then you let your guard down a bit, and those cravings are at you :( :( i found that you do get good days and bad days, but you keep in there pal, i know your strong and have got what it takes to kick em outa that door :) :) speak soon

Pete :)

Thanks Emjay will do that now.. I refuse to go backwards but today is a bit of a struggle. Yeah using the gum correctly. But to be fair everything is giving me heartburn. I don't drink tea of coffee anyways so no sticking a gum behind my ear!!good job cos it probably would get stuck in the mop end of frizz that is my hair today!!

Pete have you cooked ya dins yet?? What we having I'm starving!!

And chris keep going.. It's hard I know but your into the start of week 4 that's brill

monkyAdministrator in reply to Lisa-Jane

yeah done dins, but i'm afraid its not very healthy :( gammon and pineapple, chips and baked beans :P :) well i think its yummy anyway :)

You stay with it gal, cus you will get there :) :)

Lisa-Jane in reply to monky

One of my fave dinners that is :) yummmmmy

chris226 Months Winner

Pete, Hi, yeah I think my guard has dropped a bit and my focus has become blurred - just generally struggling with this and the cravings are definately at me here. Just hope this gets better

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Hey Chris, have you been practising any breathing exercises? These can be used to help relax and calm you down, help you sleep, help to give you a bit of energy should you need it. It's best to practice them before you need them.

Just remember, the more cravings you have the stronger you will become.

Also, they will pass, I promise. You won't notice them going but you will notice them when they come back, so for them to come back then they must have gone... does this make sense to you? Hope so :-/

You're heading into your 4 weeks in now, that's absolutely brilliant :D

Nobody said it was easy, but everyone who makes it says that it's worth it :D

Good ( :o ) afternoon everybody.

Boy are you all having a s*** time of it today! :(

Firstly, thanks to everyone for their greetings on me reaching 4 whole months yesterday, as said before, there's no way that I could have managed it without all you lovely people on here. :) :) :)

Chris, I can't beleive that you're into your 4th week already - seems like only last week when you joined us. :) Sounds like you need to go and have a good old scream and shout in a darkened room somewhere! :o We were all finding that it definitely helped, especially in the early days. You CAN do this thing - look how far you've come this time - quite a bit longer than 20 hours so you can just keep on going! ;-) :|

Lisa, not sure what I can say to you cos you are such a funny lady there's no contest. :( Typical though, blaming your pone for all th types! (haha) :D :D You hang in there girl cos you've come so far. I don't know how they can do that to you and all their other quitters. :( Maybe it's time you found another excuse to have some time off work! :o That would give you more time to come on here! :) :)

Pete, how far have you rowed today? Not got to Liverpool yet to meet up with Emjay for a face-to-face? :D :D So back on nights - thought you were - hope it's not too tough for you. :) :)

Emjay, they've kept you busy today but don't forget, you've got to stay on Pete's shoulder cos I think that's the only way he's gonna do it this time. :)

Weather's been lovely today, we've been out on the bikes and down to the beach and had a dip in the sea. 8-) The water is starting to cool down slightly (mind you, it never really warmed up in the first place :o ). Out to the theatre tonight and day trip to Bognor to see our friend there tomorrow so not sure when can come on next! :)

In the meantime, I hope everybody stays strong and takes each day as it comes - and don't forget those breathing exercises. :) (If all else fails, you can swear like mad and turn the air around you blue!!! hehehe) :D :D

EmJayFounder Quit Support

Hey Andi :D

all good in the hood here :D Pete will be fine, I'm always lurking about just in case he needs a helping hand :-) Have a lovely time out at the theatre tonight and I hope the weather says well for you tomorrow 8-) We'll catch up with your tales of having a busy social life when you get back :-)

Everyone has been so supportive towards each other on here, you are all brilliant and I love seeing how much you help each other out :D

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