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Daily Chat: Monday 28th May 2012

Good Morning Everybody :-)

A brand new day today which brings either another fresh new week or a fresh new start of heading towards a smokefree future :-)

Think about where you want to be and what you have to do to get there.

Sometimes, when a number of weeks or months have passed since you last smoked, those people around you who were quite supportive may appear to have forgotten that you ever smoked or take it for granted that you are 'over' it now. It's during these times that you might find yourself in a bit of a dilemma - as being the lovely human beings that I'm sure you all are, you still need that pat on the back to say how well you are doing. Remembering to praise yourself on how far you've actually come, also don't forget that we are all here to give you that cyber pat on the back :-)

If you feel you are struggling at the moment, recognise that having our ups and downs is all a part of our daily life, however - it's how we look at things, situations or life in general that determines how our day goes. Staying positive is the key... A positive outlook can really help and make things go in the right direction... Remembering that it's what you say when you talk to yourself that counts.

So, don't let any negativity into your day, let's look forward to staying on track. Taking control of your day will help you out... Remembering to say to yourself "If it's to be, it's up to me" :-)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog seperately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away!

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Hope you are all feeling positive, what a lovely weekend, the sunshine makes us all feel so much more happier. I have almost forgot that I have stopped smoking..... it has been since the end of February since my final cigarette. The day is just as complete with a cup of tea or a diet coke after doing some work .... just sitting down and relaxing is no different from smoking ....treat yourself to a magazine or do the daily crossword in the newspaper..... enjoy every moment smoke free as before long the craving in your head finally dies and you are free :) Hope you all have a good week and that lovely sun in the sky keeps shining on us all Xx


Hiya Wonder, it's really great knowing that one day the craving does go away completely it feels a long way off for me at the moment but knowing it will go eventually makes me feel much better thankyou :) You said the magic word there- free. I don't know how many other people here use that word as the main reason why they quit smoking (too expensive meaning free from wasting however much money on the habit etc) but I reckon that's always the main reason, when you think about it, that we all want to stop- to be free right? xx


Aup Lenne Vera, sounds like your doin great gal, and hey it gives thunderstorms tonight, maybe they will clear the air for you, and will be a bit cooler. :)

Thankyou for your lovely comments you posted to me lastnight, loads of huggs to ya gal. :)

As you say about Wonders comment about being FREE, i hadnt really thought of that before, same as you gal, was thinkin about the money mostly.

I will set my quit date this week, just got to get my head around it, and get focused again. I know with all of your help i CAN do it, and i WILL :)

You keep in there gal, cus your just doin superrrrr, :)

Pete. :)


Pete have you read that book yet ? It will give you the boost you are looking for .... the confidence to stop. The voice in your head will be saying "You've stopped" as soon as you put the final cigarette out, once the book is finished.... it worked for me and I still pinch myself that my mindset changed so easily. What day this week are you quitting? When you are ready, we will all be behind you. Go for it.


Lenne, it does go trust me on that one too - it will dawn on you that "hey I havent thought about a ciggie and whats more I dont crave or want one". This morning I almost forgot to put my patch on too and Im using the mouth spray less and less and less - Good luck and keep going! Jane


Thanks Jane, it is wonderful to hear people telling us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel just got to stay on course :) xx


Take every day as it comes ...and before you know it you will be free xx Your self esteem feels much better .... I am overweight but can honestly say I feel so much better being smoke free than I ever did being 9 stone... and that's saying something. Good luck with stopping smoking ... and to be free from the Nicotine addiction


Hiya Wonder Woman, lovely to see you again gal, :)

Dont know whether you've read the weekend chat or not, but i lost it yesterday, and am now making a new quit date. I read that book and it didnt seem to do anythink for me, but i know it has for you gal :) its like Emjay says, everybody is different, and we all have our different ways of doing it.

I am so so happy that the book worked for you Wonder, and well you have just gone from leaps to bounds gal, and am so happy for you and your family. ENJOY gal, you deserve it!!!! :)

Pete :)


Get back on board as soon as possible ... keep going... dont give up giving up - Jane


oh Pete, I've just read your comment, oh, please don't feel that you've gone backwards, you want to stop and you will, don't give up Pete and it's such a shame the book didn't work for you.

Just think about how far you've come. You are so positive to everyone else too.... and we are all human and I know how bad the addiction to fags can be.

Good luck with being smoke free and chin up. It's not the end of the world and stick with it. You will get there X :)


Hi, I felt so inspired by your story as I feel exactly the same way! I too gave up smoking in February and now I think to myself I wish I had done it years ago! Jane


Aup you lot am back!!!!,

Emjay Queenbee said i could, so there :P

I really really do want to thank you all ''SO SO'' much for your comments you sent lastnight, they were lovely, they bought tears to my eyes!! but also they built me right up again, cus i was on a rite downer yesterday :(

As for you 3 comin after me, ha ha you've got no chance!!!! i would be offffff over them fields like a shotttttt.

Talkin about fields, some of them cows that i was shoutin to were pregnant i think cus they had big tummies, Andi Marina, didnt you say a few days ago that your tummy was getting a bit bigger!! hhhmmmmm just wondering, how old did you say you were ??, :D :D think its time i scarped.

Speak soon.

Pete :)


Evening all and another hot one!

Nice to see you Wonder and I've always thought it was more about the freedom than anything. You haven't got that stress of always making sure you have enough with you and where can you go if you're somewhere strange etc.

I downsized my handbag last week cos I don't need the extra space in there any more. So it looks like you're approaching 3 months - that's fantastic! :) Tomorrow will be 4 weeks for me - the time has just whizzed by.

Aup Pete - you are such a lucky bloke cos running is the ONLY thing I don't do fitness-wise. Am of the old "can't run, won't run" school and worried about my back and my knees. Mind you, the worm can turn and my PT is an avid runner and keeps going on at me (now he can't nag me about the smoking!! :D ) Watch this space......... :o ;-)


Hi Andi Marina, ha ha such a lucky bloke eh!!!! i dont think so gal, as i fall over more than run, just have to watch out for them cow pats :o

Hey whats this about you gettin a new handbag, A smaller one too, just wondered if you could fit a brick into it or not, just incase you did bump into me sometime, got to think of my ed!!!!:o

4 weeks tomoz gal thats just great, am with you all the way, Andi, i really am gal :)

As for your PT not naggin you for smoking any more!! was that a little dig at me!!!! ;)

I am going to make my quit date this week, as in if you fall off a horse, you have to get rite back on it again, otherwise you might forget how to ride it!! erm if that makes sense!!

Keep strong gal, cus i know that your a strong Lady, and i will watch this space!! :D :D

Pete :)


Hiya Pete - so you're taking a few days out (in a weird way I almost envy you! :P ) (NOT REALLY EMJAY - SORRY!)

Does that work with bikes too? Not getting any digs at you ref. my PT :(

Go and get digging in your garden again to keep those muscles and your resolve pumped up ready for later in the week! :)

I know you're strong and have every faith in you achieving it next time (and we love all your cheeky blogs! ;-) ).



Hey you've woke up then!!!! :D

Andi dont you ever ENVY me gal, i have got to start from scratch again now!! and i will do :P i am not a cheat!!!! like some!!!!

Diggin in my garden, done it gal, just bin pottin some plants up in the greenhouse, flippin hot :X

I thankyou for your kind words, and your faith in me, and comming on here tonight, i have set my new quit date!! which is Wednesday, the 30th of May 2012.

Look Andi i would luv ya to dig at me gal, you dig-nag-bash, what ever you want gal, i can take that, and i luv it, just the fags i'm having a job with.

Dont you let me down now, you are doing soooo great gal, you are, stay strong eh!!!! :)

Pete :)


Actually am now falling asleep so off for an early night as I've got a lot of catching up to do! ;(


I am so happy you're jumping back on the horse Pete, making girly squealy happy noises hehe! You know we got your back xx :D *does a happy dance*


Err sorry I am making the girly noises, not you.. or if you are I can't hear you but it's all good anyway tee hee!


Hi Lenne Vera, your a one gal, you really are, erm as in making Girly squealy noises, i dont know, i might have done yesterday, whilst i was giving them cows n sheep some mouth :P

I hope your keeping cool and ok gal, you give your boyfriend a bit of leyway, ''A'' do you hear me!!

Am sure he's a goodn, just give him time, :)

Hugggs all the way gal, you know that, :)

Pete. :)


I'll try my best, he's being patient with me and vice versa. He will quit when/if he's ready, that's okay I suppose.. *sulks* :)


Nite nite all, sleep well. xxx


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