Daily Chat Monday 22nd April

Daily Chat Monday 22nd April

Good Morning everyone. :-)

Really nice weather down here today and long may it last. :8

By the end of today that will be 3 weeks or 21 days or 504 hours smoke free!! Woo Hoo :D

The photo is to remind us to take "pride" in the fact that we are non smokers (Ugh, sorry but had to be done). I love animals but will try to find a different topic for next time

Have a great day. Gonna put kettle on so there is a cuppa waiting for you when you get up

Sue xx

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  • Morning Sue,

    I like the Pride of Lions... Can be our theme for the day. And well done on three weeks!

    Sunny but very chilly here - still, no rain today... Hooray.

    Been up since 5.45, getting ready for builders to come in and put a Staircase in for me, getting to old to climb a ladder to my loft these days. Ug, I'm not really a morning person, so this feels very weird to me... Ha!

    I'll join you in that cuppa, no sugar for me tho', got too many bad habits already.

    Have a good start to the week,

    Gill, xx

  • Good morning everyone. Love the picture Sue, We are also like the lions as they stick together no matter what. Sun trying to get out here, but cant make its mind up yet. Will join you for that cuppa if its still hot.

    Have a lovely Monday. xx :)


  • Hi all

    Lovely photo Sue, lovely day outside here too. It's still chilly and we've got no heating (broken ), so hope it warms up. Hope the sun has broken through jillygirl.

    Think I'll join you for that cuppa, might make mine a strong coffee :)

    Been down to fuss my daughter's little lions, after giving mine (on my photo) a fuss at home

    Have a good smoke-free day all!

    I'm really struggling at the moment, but have managed not to succumb.

    Keeping strong together :)

  • Hey Bettes, you are a day ahead of me I still have to get through today soooooo congratulations 3 weeks for you. Sending you love, strength and a cuppa :D

    Sue x

  • Thanks Sue, it's much appreciated.

    I'm a big softie, so imagining a mental hug too, hope you don't mind!!

    Hope you get your stairs sorted, Gill, and maybe a nap later, if you need it after that early start :)

    Now for that coffee :) at last. The stronger the better!

  • I will join everyone for a cuppa if that's ok. Had to go on a dairy free iet so struggling with black tea at the moment. It is very chilly in Derbyshire but hopefully will warm up later.

    Gillyflower and jillygirl - hope the building work goes well and they don't leave you too much mess, that's the worse thing about having workmen in.

    Betts - don't give in, you can do it positive vibes and lots of hugs coming your way through ciberspace.

    Got to go into work for a few hours now, the boss is pesterning me to go back but I have told her that I am retiring as soon as BC treatmemtn completed, she doesn't listen!!

    Take care everyone and keep smiling. suec xx

  • Good morning everyone, nice and sunny down south - think the lions would like it! :)

    Gym done and the window cleaners have just arrived.

  • Well done to you both Suebun and Betts (okay, 1 day between you but hey, who's counting? :o ) on 3 weeks today, you're both doing really well - it'll be a month before you know it! :)

    I saw the Countryfile weather last night and it looks like you people in Derbyshire and Yorkshire might just be on the cusp of the weather front, so long as it's dry, who cares? :o :)


    Hands up those who fancy a cigarette.

    Now hands up those who would like 400 micrograms of cyanide.

    Difference NONE.

    1 cigarette contains 400micrograms of cyanide.

    Makes you think doesnt it.

  • very true John, but it doesn't harm to have a reminder now and then. :)

  • Good Afternoon Everybody,

    It looks like we've had a few gremlins about over the weekend, especially yesterday. I'm hoping that they're having a day off today :-/

    bunnyrabbit Sue, I love the lions - We can also use their voice to RRRRooooaaaaarr!! - away those cravings :-) By the end of today you'll be into your 4th week of quitting :D

    Gill, I hope your ladder-changing -to-stairs work is going well. I bet it feels like you've put a full days work in by now :-/

    Jillygirl, With regards to the content of cigarettes, I agree in that it's good to have a reminder. You would be surprised how many people don't understand about the dangerous chemicals and poisonous toxins that are in cigarettes. I mean formaldehyde... cyanide... who would want to smoke that?! :-/

    Betts, it's sometimes worth even acknowledging that the cravings are there, before showing them the door. Think about how exactly they are making you feel. Is it in your mind - making you think erratically, scatty thoughts, blank mindedness? Are they affecting you physically - Mouth watering, tummy churning, hunger feelings? Once you know exactly how they are affecting you, then you can put a plan in place to deal with them. Remember to stay positive and that this feeling will pass. It may return, but for every time you see it through you will become stronger until eventually you will look back and remember how it 'felt' for you at the time :-)

    John, have a lovely walk out whilst the weather seems reasonably mild. We've had threats of rain but it seems to have stayed away :-)

    Andi, sounds like you are starting to get back to normal exercise wise. You'll be in that bikini before you know it :D

    Simba, it might sound a bit strange but you could always try a quarter of a teaspoon of honey in your black tea. It's quite nice :-)

    Right, shall make a quick cuppa before my next meeting... :-)

  • Hi Emjay

    Thanks, as always. It does make me think.

    Physically I eventually get a headache (like now!), but it starts with a sort of forlorn blank-mindedness, that's true. And at the same time feeling really scared - my husband saw me making my cuppa earlier and said 'are you all right, you look scared!'. I didn't know I was showing how I felt. And I feel incapable of doing anything, especially making a decision, like what to do! I feel like a. Real waste-of-space plonker, so I have to start doing something. It's the only cure, keeping busy :)

    Anyways, I have got down to some writing work, and it isn't yet up to scratch, but it probably wouldn't be any better at this stage if I had had a fag if I am honest ;)

    And I am very very glad that I haven't had a cigarette, so no poisons, jillygirl :) Taking it an hour at a time :)

    Thanks to all of you folks out there, the shared cuppas and hugs, Simba, and congratulations from bunnyrabbit and Andi, and stories and blogs and foods for thought, so much lovely support :) :) :)

    John, I told you once we always had budgies, my dad worked in the outback in Australia and brought a couple he saved from being drowned in puddles when it rained home to us in Adelaide. One, called Billy, couldn't fly, so you would ear his little feet tapping across the lino when he came trotting over. Dad would have him on his shoulder on the rare occassions he was hhome and came topick me up from school in the car. I loved Billy! A real character!

    That building work will be lovely when it's finished, think of that G/Jills :)

    Thanks to all - time for late lunch and another cuppa, anyone else fancy one?

    Keep it up bunnyrabbit, you are my heroine!

    Have a good meeting Emjay!

  • Hi ya everybody :) :)

    BunnySue, a massive well done to you gal, you hold your head up high, cos you will sooooon be an Xsmoker :) :)

    Erm am not sure whether I've got time to have a cuppa with you all, cos am a busy little bee today, just got loads to do :o but ave got some cakes for you, if you can get them before JC see's them eh :) :D


    As anybody seen Susan :o

  • Hi Pete, Thanks for the cake yumeeee! got one before jc is back. Regarding Sue I presume you mean Sue52. She is ok but very tired and taking it steady.

    Is that you pete I have just spotted. :D


  • :P :P :D :D

  • They are some cakes!!!

    Yes please :) monky :)

  • Hi Betts, you get some quick gal, cos as soon as JC see's em they will be no more, I tell ya :o :)

  • Already polished one off mmmmmmm :)

  • Betts, I cant fault ya gal :D :D

    Pete :)

  • Ok folk. getting bog eyed now ,so going to sign off.

    Night night sweet dreams. xxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, loved the pic bye the way gal :D :D it gives rain tomorrow, so I will probably be on here more :o yeah yeah I know, but cant help it if I cant do gardening in the rain on a Tuesday :o :|

    Sleep well Jillygirl, I luvs ya to bits gal, ya know I do xxxx :) see you tomorrow.

  • Blimey Pete, those cakes were wonderful today - surprised JC didn't dive in and snaffle them all away. :o Especially when he says he needs to put weight on as well. :D :D

  • SPOOKY!!!!! :o :o :D :D

  • Aup Andi, I think JC's got a bit slooooooow at cake scoffin :D :D

  • Think I woke him up. :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Hi John, do you ever eat those cakes? I've a new name for you - how about Droopy Drawers? :D :D :D

  • Your only jealous, cos he can fit into your bikini and you cant :P :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Aup Andi :)

    Hows your day bin gal ??

  • Aup Pete, not too bad ta. Didn't cut the grass again. :o :D :D Took myself out for a walk instead and visited some friends. :) How about you, did you get gardening or what? :)

  • yep got loads done today :) my greenhouse is all disinfected and ready for my little queens to move in, that is when it gets warm enough :) :)

  • Go on then, what are your little queens? :)

  • My toms,cue's and melons of course :)

  • Of course! I was thinking toms as I hit the enter button. :o :D

  • John, I hope you enjoyed your walk today :)

    Erm as for your 2 year old Birthday cake :o have you tried making a rockery garden out of it in your window box. :) :)

  • Eeeeeeeek! I hate spiders! :o

  • :D :D :D nite nite John and I hope you have a lovely nights sleep pal :)

    Ps, sorry no kisses for you :D :D

  • Nite nite Andi and everybody, got to be up early in the morning, shopping :P :P but one has to do these things sometime eh :o

    I hope you have a good nights sleep Andi, ready for your erm exercising tomorrow, what ever that might be :o :| luvs ya gal, take care now xxxx :) :)

  • Nite nite Pete and everyone else, sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Nite Pete. Sleep well and chat to you tomorrow. I love you accent by the way :D :D :D

    Sue xx

  • Night nite all see you for another fine smoke free day :-)

    Sue xx

  • Night night all. Dreaming cakes tonight :)

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