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Daily Chat: Friday 19th October 2012

Daily Chat: Friday 19th October 2012

Good Morning Everybody,

It's Friday again already so lets see if we can start our weekend with the best state of mind as possible :-)

To give up smoking and be free from those little white sticks does take time and patience. Nobody said it would be easy, but everybody said it would be worth it :-)

Remember, the longer that you go without, the easier it will become. Time and patience is the key.

Big positive vibes being sent Jillygirls way, she knows we are all beside her 100% xx

Pete, you have your appointment tomorrow I hope you are looking forward to it :-) Also, keep that spear handy ----> as the PC Gremlins are hiding around the corner with those piggin' cravings! Be at the ready and we'll chase them out for everyone together :D

JohnUK - 19 days already, heading towards your first month. Each hour, day, weekend, month is a great milestone. Use each day to learn and then put it all into practise for the next day. You're doing brilliant :-)

Sue, can you remind us of when your quit date was so that we can update the Wall of Winners? Not sure whether it was the 24th or 25th of September... I hope you're not in too much pain today and are looking forward to the weekend... not long now until you get to see the scan of your Grandchild either :-)

Kaz, any plans for running around that pool table today? :D It sounds like a crackin' form of exercise! I'll message you the rest of that information over in a moment :-)

Kengreen, hope you are ready for the weekend and have plans in place to stay positive and smokefree :D

Haribojess, if you need any help and advice to get you ready to plan towards stopping, before you actually set your quit date, let us know as we are here to help :-)

Remember everybody, together we can do this :-)

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Hi Emjay,

So glad you started the daily blog, I was gonna start it but it's taken me 2 hours, roughly to get on here, gremlins in my computer again :x

I think i stopped on the 25th, but if i got that wrong i know Pete will remember :) I'm not in too much pain today, thank goodness :) means i can go to the chemist soon, what an exciting life i lead :D :D

Positive thoughts going to you Jillygirl (((hugs)))

well need to go hiking to shops, will chat later :D :) xx


okay got 2 daily chats on here......which one to use :D :D


Whoops, sorry EmJay I didn't see your blog, I just followed on from Jillygirls in the Community area as I didn't think anyone else had written anything today. We should follow EmJay Sue otherwise it will get a bit confusing : )

Thanks for replying to my blog Jarvo, I was feeling ignored there for a while :)

Oh yes EmJay I will certainly be, well not running round the ping pong table but definitely going for a power walk round it this afternoon. Maybe I should have a game rather than just walk round the table.



I wont ignore you ;-)


Okay Kazz we'll stay with Emjays, i have put a post on yours as well though :)

That would be good, a game of ping pong, take everything out on the ball, bet you'd beat your opponent :D :D xx


Afternoon Everybody,

Hey Kaz, had any ping pong exercise today? :D I didn't see your daily chat earlier Kaz, so I have just left a comment in there for you so you don't feel ignored :-) It's funny how we get used to somebody opening up the daily chat each day and then feel a bit lost when they take some time out or a day off :D

I'll check tomorrow morning and if nobody has posted a fresh daily chat, I'll pop one in :D

Hope you are having a nice time with your daughter Sue, with regards to your quit date, I remember it being a Tuesday so I think you are right :D


Thanks Emjay, I've replied to that, at least two daily chats going on is keeping us occupied :) I'm definitely not starting one tomorrow after being responsible for two going on today.

Yes I did do my ping pong exercise today and it really helped. I have noticed over the last few days that I don't get as breathless now when I am walking which is a good sign.

Did you send me the details of any support going in my area, it's just that you said you would send it earlier but I haven't received anything. Not mithering you, if you are busy, just wanted to check that the gremlins haven't been at it again :)


Yep, messaged you earlier :-) If you haven't had it, I'll resend it to you :-)

It was great that you opened the daily chat up today, lets see how many we have opened tomorrow ;-)


Hi Emjay, my daughter has just left, she's got work tonight, had a good laugh :) can't wait till next Friday, then i'll see the baby scan picture :)

It's getting cold here again, need my duvet and hot chocolate :D :D, and that's with the heating on as well :D :D

I remember a Tuesday as well, so yeh, think that's it :)

away to put the kettle on now :) xx


Hi Pete it's me again, in case you come on here :D :D

you get plenty rest this weekend, your gonna need it the way they've been working you, i hope you can get a better job

well I'm away to run now, you might read about the lumpy custard, then I'm in trouble :D :D

Nite nite, sweet dreams, luv ya :) xx


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