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DAILY CHAT / MONDAY / 20/08/2012

DAILY CHAT  /  MONDAY /      20/08/2012

Good morning . Start of another week , and another week gone to add to your chart of being a non-smoker. No matter what stage your at with quitting, your a winner. just being on this site is a start. Bit like the A & E dept . programme on telly, when she says "most importantly you know your not on your own and that your loved"

Health unlocked will be busy today as the gremlins have certainly been out over the weekend. It took me 2 goes to open up this morning.

Andi hope your ok and weather turns out good for you.

Pete keep thinking positive , you can do it .We are all here for you.

Chris start of week 2. it gets easier as you go along. your doing great.

Going for some brekky now so see you all later, hopefully Lenne , Dawn, Finley etc. will join us soon. oooooo! sorry bosses and Emjay and Claire. :D

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Hi, hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the sun. Hope you're feeling better this morning Pete. Yesterday was better for me than Sat, so its start of week 2, hopefully will be better. Good luck to all of you out there today


Good morning Jillygirl, how are you?

I’ve had problems getting on here this morning ? . Hopefully it’s all sorted now.

Hi Chris, fantastic you’re in to your second week. I’m really pleased your feeling better than yesterday. We all have our ups and downs but make sure you give yourself time and remember your doing an amazing this; quitting smoking. A very big well done to you. I hope you’re finding the site useful. If you do have any questions there’s usually someone around to help or make you laugh!! :-D

I’ve had a lovely weekend off, I went camping to Edinburgh but did a lot of driving visiting new places. Brilliant ;-) .

How’s everyone else doing? I’ve missed the laughs on here, going to catch up on all the banter now :-D

Speak soon


Hi Claire , lovely to hear from you. sounds like youv`e had a lovely time in Edinburgh. Been through it but not stayed there. Bit quiet this weekend on here. Pete bit fed up, andi out and then those gremlins interferred. However hopefully everyone is back on track. Missed you and Emjay. see you in a bit. :)


Thank you Jillygirl, I have been in touch with Pete. Fingers crossed he'll reply and we'll start getting the banter back ;-) .

I've had a call from Emjay who can't get on here today. I know i've had big problems with it today too.

Speak soon


Dont know what shift he is working. but once he gets in touch I `ll get him going.

at least we are getting a message on screen from hu saying they are trying to fix the probs. catch up soon. :)


Hi everybody, thankyou for all your kind comments.

Chris2 - you hang in there pal cus your doing just great

Jillygirl am working nights this week, so will be going to work soon, will be back home about 7 -- 7.30 tomorrow morning.

Hope you all have a nice evening, speak soon :)



Hey Pete, glad your ok love. You take it steady at work. Shame you have to do these awkward shifts, cant help you much. Been there and worn the t shirt. but at least its a job. Does mess yer life and body up a bit though. However your a toughy. :D

Might just treat you to brekky tomorrow morning. luvs ya. xx :)


Hi everyone very quiet on here tonight, Andi where are you hiding? Hope your ok. Hope your day went ok chris. Will call back later before bedtime. :)


OK folk nothing happening so signing off. see you in the morning. :)

nite nite


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