Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all feeling well and ready for the start of a new week.

Today is the start of the stoptober, remember your not on your own there`s lots of help and knowledge out there to get you well on your way to being a non smoker.

Why not think of all the negative points about smoking , then be honest with yourself and think of the positive points. Weigh up the ones you really think will benefit you.

Think of the things you can do to keep yourself occupied and your mind off smoking.

join us here on quit support, we really do support each other, have a moan and groan, have a laugh, and ask as many questions as you like. Emjay and jarvo are here to give out advice, and guide you in the right direction. But most of all be happy! :)

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  • Morning Jillygirl,

    Hope your well this morning, i'm a lot better, just a headache now, just as well i need to go out to pay bills soon, just love doing that :D :D

    hope everything goes well at the hospital :)

  • Morning Sue, glad you feel a bit better. I woke up with a sore throat so hopefully it doesn`t develop. must be all that shouting at Pete. ;D Have a good day and take it easy. might be this evening before I manage to get back on site. will catch up later. :)

  • Good Afternoon Everybody, Happy October!

    I have been a bit worse for weather over the weekend, traumatised by my dentist visit on Friday and then a Hen Do on Saturday. Getting older, plus drinking equals a day lost in having to recover! :-/

    Today I am bouncing back, starting with a morning filled with training :-)

    The 1st of October sees quite a few people starting their quit date with the Stoptober campaign. The best foot to put forward is your very best positive one. Staying as focussed as possible in remembering your reasons for wanting to stop smoking, in remembering to fill your time with alternative things to do rather than lighting up. Most of all to remember to think positive. This whole stopping smoking game can be as easy or as hard as you make it on yourself... So why not choose the best option?

    Jillygirl, lovely to have you back, thanks for the rock :-) Glad you have had a nice time and found that you really didn't need your inhalator. Sue and Pete have been running the show and are being as supportive as ever :-)

    Sue, how is it going now? Almost into your first full week of quitting now, how do you feel?Sorry to hear you're not too well, hope the rest of the afternoon chases away the headache of yours.

    Speak to you in a bit, lots to catch up on here :-)

  • Good afternoon all

    I hope everyone’s feeling good.

    Jillygirl, how was your holiday? You’ve put a really good post on here; thank you, especially including Stoptober.

    If you stop smoking and stay quit for 28 days you are five times more likely to stop more good. With everyone’s support and advice on here we can all do it. 8-)

    What’s everyone else been up to?

    Speak soon.

  • Hi Emjay and Jarvo

    just back from the town so gonna get a cuppa in a minute,.and boy do i need it :D

    feeling not to bad today, just keeping hold of positive thoughts, and keeping my hands busy

    headache has gone thankfully :), i should be used to them by now :D :D

    hope you both have a great day :) will chat later :)

  • Hi Jillygirl,

    hope you don't get a cold and it's just shouting :D :)

    You have an easy day :) will chat later :) x

  • Hi Emjay and jarvo lovely to hear from you both. Yes I had a good weeks holiday thanks. , did miss you all though. Well been to hospital I feel as though the consultant there had a free 2 hours thats how long I was there with him. To cut a long story short yes I have arthritus but still not sure what form. Had some more blood tests, x. rays and got to wait and have an ultra sound scan. Apparently the blood test shows abnormality with the liver so he is checking on that first. If that doesnt show anything probably a C.T. scan. Anyway he didnt think it was too serious , just has to work out what treatment I need. So it`s watch this space.

    Back to the no smoking regime, he asked if I was a smoker I felt so proud when I told him I was an ex smoker and have been smokefree for nearly 6 months. :) He wrote on my file in capitals EX SMOKER. He congratulated me and said it will be certainly beneficial when you have arthritus.

    So after a long day I will wait for Sue and Pete to get back on site. :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, sounds like you've had a long tiring day, sorry you have arthritis, and hopefully there's not a problem with your liver, how did you manage to get 2 hours with the consultant, lucky to get 5 mins at my hospital, even if you need longer, glad you did though :)

    You should be proud of yourself Mrs EX SMOKER, that's brilliant, :) :)

    hopefully one day i'll join you :) x

  • Hi Sue , thank you love. I am sure you will be calling yourself an ex smoker before christmas. I know you can do it . I think you are doing great, its not an easy journey but you`ll get there. Yes 2 hours I couldnt believe it. and whats more he was really dishy looking. ( can dream cant I ?) (ok I`m too old then :( ) obviously not as good as our Pete. :D :D

  • Hi Jillygirl, i love seeing dishy doctors, and yes you can dream with me, we're not too old :D

    I've seen women way older than us follow doctors round the ward :D :D but yeh, not as good as our Pete :D :D

    I'll be an ex smoker, i'm determined this time, which is why i got the inhalator, if anything like that happens again i'll use that instead, hopefully i won't need it though :)

  • You do realise Pete`s got a fan club now. 2 of us ! :D :D


  • :D :D :D so he does, so are you the secretary then :D we'll need to get more members, maybe Emjay will join :D :D

  • Now we`ve started something havent we?

    Daughter just arrived so back in about 45min.

  • So we have :D :D

    I'm sure Andi will join when she get's back :D :D

  • I think all this fame has gone to his head. :P going to call back later.


  • Ha ha ha ha hey is that Andi i can see running :o :)

  • I fear it might have done :D :D

  • Hi everybody

    Sue i'm glad that your feeling a bit better today gal :) hmmm know what you meen about paying bills :(

    Jillygirl, am so sorry to hear that you have arthritis gal, but am sure a couple of tablets will help you :) ha ha you'll be rattling when you go skipping with your Grand daughter :D :D sorryyyyyyyyyyy as for this here fan club you've started for somebody called Pete, will there be any lager in it :o :|

    That pic looks a bit like me, but he's more handsomerrrrrrrrrrr than i am :D

  • Jillygirl as for that dishy looking doc you met today, am sure he was a lot more dishier looking than me gal :) :) but hey it dosnt matter how old you are :( you can dream if you want tooooo cus i do !! if i see a nice bit of stuff :o ;)

  • Hi Pete, glad your ok. hope you didnt work too hard. Glad you like the fan club, sure emjay will have something to say about that.

    Here you are then . :P


  • See you in a bit, got some crumpets for supper. XX

  • Hi Pete, how's you today?

    hated paying the bills but enjoyed the bar lunch i had after :D :D

  • Not too bad for a Monday Sue thank you for asking, hmmm a bar lunch eh, that just takes the pain away abit dosnt it :) :)

  • It sure did Pete :) didn't have any alcohol though, didn't want to sing all the way home :D :D

  • sorry Pete heres yours


  • What more could a man want - a glass of lager and a bit of crumpet :D :D

  • ok signing off now tired. nite nite everyone luvs ya. xxx

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, you try to have a sleep in tomorrow, do you hear gal :o you dream about that dishy doc you met today :D :D luvs you too gal xxxx

  • nite nite sweet dreams xx

  • Nite nite Sue, sweet dreams to you too gal, and i hope you have a good nights sleep too :) a luvs you too xxxx

  • Nite Pete, sweet dreams luv ya too xx

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