Good morning, I`ts a beautiful morning this morning blue sky and sun at the moment , probably wont last but there`s nothing we can do about the weather. Unlike our bodies at least we are all trying to make our bodies healthier now. Keep thinking positive and you will be a non smoker.

Got to go now Gas man due to service boiler. See you soon.

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  • Good morning Jillygirl, same here gal, its a beauty of a morning 8-) 8-)

    How does it feel to be smoke free for 6 months ?? all that money you've saved too :) :) just wondered when do you actually become an ex smoker ? :o you have a nice day and will speak later :) :)

  • Good morning Pete, When I went to the hospital He asked if I smoked , when I told him I`d quit for 6 months now he wrote on my file Ex smoker.

    Suppose its official now. You have a lovely day. We are off for a ride out not decided where yet. 8-) see you later. xx

  • Hi John, I think your right I would imagine its like addiction to alchol. Good question for Emjay.

    Hope your days gone well , enjoy your smoke-free evening. :)

  • morning peeps,another week done and alls well,have pondered about the same thing( when someone becomes a non (ex)-smoker) and how to go about saying it,so for me i now consider myself a non smoker,as i prefer that to the idea of merely abstaining witch doesn't sound permanent enough,hope that makes seance,anyway you all have a good smoke free weekend :)

  • Hi Ken, Hope your ok. I agree non smoker sounds much better. I never thought 6 months ago I would be having this sort of conversation. Yep! definately non smoker is best.

    Take care and enjoy your weekend. :)

  • Had a lovely day out in the dales. Pete you would be jealous as we went roundn the black sheep brewery. very intersesting. What have you been up to . anything good. ? :)

    Sue are you ok, thought we would have heard from you , or have the gremlins attacked your computer. :)

  • Hi everyone,

    I've had another busy day, been scraping the wallpaper of the living room, if i don't it will never get decorated, another job for hubby on his days off :D :D

    I'm thinking the same as you Jillygirl, that smoking is like addiction to alcohol

    hope everyone has had a great smoke free day :)

  • So glad your ok. Don`t mind wallpaper scraping , but dont like hanging it. like you say job for hubby. :D :D

  • Too true :D mind you I'd rather have been on your day out, it sounded lovely :)

    awe well i might get one tomorrow, if i'm lucky :D :D

  • You make a point of it, it will do you good. and hubby too. Work can wait. :)

  • Think I will :) even if it's a walk down to the sea, and feed the swans, actually that sounds quite nice when i think about it :)

    still have some gremlins, but it's just the number of posts there are eg, the home page say there's 5 posts when there is more, but i can live with that :D :)

  • Yeah I have gremlins too they dont really want to bring the site up on a go slow.

    Just got to be patient. flippin things. nearly as bad as those white sticks we used to have. :O

  • Hi Sue, as for you having gremlins again, hmmm not sure about that, because i have to keep changing from one page to another for this site to update, i just think its the site gal, slow slow quick quick slowwww if you know what i mean :o :(

  • At least it will help you improve your patience :D :D I could do with that myself :D :D

  • Will be back in a mo, away to have a shower, think i need one after all that hard work :D :D

  • Where`s our friend


    better not be still making that legless table, or is it him thats legless? :D :D

  • And for your information, the legless table is fixed, and so am i :P :P

  • Hey Jillygirl do you want to borough my spear ------------------> cus i will throw it to you if you like :D :D

    PS dont bend over when i throw :D :D

  • Size of my posterior you couldnt miss. :D

  • Posterior - hmmm whats one of them then ????? :D :D

  • backside to you commoners. :D

  • Ha ha ha ha ha, just fell head first off my chair, just cant fault you gal, you are '' ace ''

  • I think ex smoker is better :P :P

  • Huh you've all gone now i'm on here :( do i smell or something, cus had a shower this morning, perhaps smell of guttering :o but am not too bad, i dont think :o :o

  • Oh! stop moaning ! we are here. would we leave you erm ? nah. :P

  • Bet you flippin would, if you had half the chance :P :P

  • Hi Pete, just had my shower and got a cuppa, how you doin today?

    I'm cream crackered after all that stripping :D :D :D

  • Sue dont get him excited. :P

  • Tooooooooooooo late :P :P

  • now then Sue -- i hope your hubby knows you've been strippin :D :o

  • he does,he's gonna have to put the wallpaper up :D :P

  • Now thats a let down for Pete. :(

  • Nooooooo i like decorating its therapeutic :D :D

  • hope i spelt that right :P :P

  • I can do that :o :| and i can paint, so there :P :P

    But on one condition, you keep me fed & watered :) :)

  • It's a deal, hope you like stews and lasagnes' :)

  • Just luv em gal :P yum yum

  • Do you have lager up your ways ????

  • loads of lager, all kinds, which one do you like :)

  • A cool wet one :) :)

  • I erm think i like the last one better :P :P :P :P

  • some on the third pic, just can't remember the names, and can't read thel labels :D :D

  • Sue you dont need to know there names, cus you just pop the tops off :) :) and i will do the rest :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D i read that wrong, thought you were asking me if i liked them, so went and cleaned my glasses :D :D :D

  • yes gal know just what you mean, cus am the same :D :D

  • no prob then :) just pick which type

  • Making me dizzy all this confusion. so gonna be boring and make a cuppa. see you soon. :)

  • I need to read slower :D :D, and with a light on :D :D

  • enjoy your cuppa Jillygirl :)

    I know what you mean, i keep forgetting to post down here all the time, gonna try to do it from now on, if i forget just kick my posterior :D :D :D

  • Sue & Jillygirl, am so so sorry Ladies, i should stick to posting on the leave a comment blog

    Once again am so so sorry :( :(

  • Hey wer`e all as bad. back about 9.00 . xxxxxx

  • :P :P

  • It's okay Pete, you don't need to be sorry, i forget too :) :)

  • Rite going to do a bit of clearing up, and put things away, back in five :) :)

  • Night night Ladies, eyes are shutting, so got to go to my bed :) :) luv ya loads, and i will always be here for you :) :)

  • nite nite Pete sweet dreams :) luv ya too :) :)

  • gotta go Jillygirl, am really tired

    nite nite sweet dreams :) luv ya :) :)

  • Nite nite you two luvs ya. :)

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